The Great Recovery Illusion

On the BBC television political discussion show last night, in which a panel drawn from the political, media and academic communities field questions from an audience drawn from the general public, a panellist who I assume was a conservative was squawking about how well the UK economy was doing, citing that unemployment had fallen again in recent months and was now down to levels last seen before the dotcom crash in 2000.

An audience member was quickly on his feet to point out, to applause from the whole audience that the figure was misleading as people in zero hours contracts and part time jobs are classed as ‘in work’ to get them off the statistics. The young man could also have reminded the programmes studio and television audience that people who are out of work for two years are reclassified as ‘not economically active’ and removed from the unemployment register. Even if these people would love to work and are eager to grab any reasonably well paid job available, they are not counted as unemployed.

Then there are the lost legions of the partially disabled, the thousands encouraged to sign up for toytown degree courses at tenth rate colleges and universities. and don’t get me started on the non jobs in the public sector, the equalities offices, gender awareness councillors and so on.

This manipulation of statistics to create a false impression of economic – if not health then only ‘feeling-a-bit-off-colourism’ is not only going on in Britain and among our EU colleagues. With every months employment statistics from Washington, Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge return to one of his favourite themes, the the recovery in the US waiter and bartender economy.
Every month, if we look back, we see Washington claiming the U S economy has created stupendous numbers of ‘new jobs’ (I’m not sure but I have the impression a lot of these are just a case of hiring a replacement for someone who retired, but changing the job title slightly.

Overall however, due to population growth via immigration, in Europe and North America the proportion of the whole population actually in work is regularly hitting new lows. We live in an era of universal deception.

The Jobless Economy

Politicians, economists and others with an interest in talking up the economy to get us all spending and taking on debt and mortgage loans again may rave about recovery. With our industrial base so depleted where will the jobs come from that we need to lead a recovery?” They may call it fiscal prudence, we call it loonytoons economics…

No Jobs For The Masses In The New Economy Despite University Education
No matter how leaders like David Cameron and Barack Obama try to talk up their economies or assure voters the jobs market is improving, growth returning and unemployment will soon start falling, the truth is change does not equal progress and forcing the pace of social change has only masked the true depth of economic and social problems. One of these is unemployment and particularly joblessness among the young. Even a universdity education does not provide a guaranteed career path.

The Real Story Behind Obama’s Job Creation
Last week’s announcement by the U.S. labour department that the American economy had created 216,000 jobs in March was seized on as cause for celebrations by sychophantic Obamessiah cultists desperate for something to praise “The greatest human being who ever lived” for. Obama cult inhouse newssheets The New York Times, the Washington Post reported that …

The 99ers: Death Of The American Dream.

The 99ers are a new social class created by the economic recession in the USA. This new demographic, not one the advertizing industry will be interested in are jobless people whose unemployment benefit (job sekers in UK parlance) benefit has run out and thus who have dropped off the unemployment statistics. But even for people who are not 99ers times are hard scross the pond …

British Workers Compete With Immigrants For Jobs

The main controversy in today’s news stories is the response of Work amd Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith to the citicisms made by the Archbishop of Canterbury about the government’s handling of the long term unemployment problem.

More Graduates, Less Graduate Jobs by Xavier Connolly

All the while Labour were in power they kept muttering about the knowledge economy as if simply having attained a University degree was a marketable asset. In reality were were spending fortunes on educating people to be call centre clerks, shelf fillers and burger flippers. Now the coalition must find a way to deal with the problem of having too many graducates in areas that offer no jobs.

Jobless Benefit Claimants rise in October
Once again, in a welter of obfuscatory statistics we learn that while the overall number of jobless people has fallen the number claiming jobseekers allowance as risen. Though presented as good news by the government this can only mean more people have gone past the time limit for claiming jobseekers allowance and been transferred to income support, claimants of which are not included on the figures.

Graduate Unemployment Reaches A New High News that there are 70 applicants for each graduate vacancy as this years University output start the soul destroying business of seeking jobs cannot have cheered anybody. But what are te reasons for this disastrous state of affairs. Could it be anything to do with governments pushing University for all to mask the true extent of our declime as an industrial nation?

No Real Jobs In The New Economy

Gordon Brown’s Labour government and the failing Obama administration in the USA, feeling power slipping through their fingers, are trying to lull people into a false sense of security with claims the ‘green’ and the ‘digital’ economies will restore prosperity. This as a blatant lie, nobody needs a PhD in economics or Social Science to understand that the “new economy” of green businesses and digital commerce will destroy not create real jobs…

Minimum Wage Folly A Return To Speenhamland?

The minimum wage is meant to alleviate poverty and resolve problems with unemployment but as Ian R. Thorpe shows, as with all the cure all, politically correct social engineering wheezes dreamed up by the “progressive left” every time a minimum wage scheme is implemented it achieves the opposite of what is intended…

The Real Unemployment Figure

New unemployment figures released yesterday show unemployment fell by 0.1% in the three months December to FebruarY. Contained in the figures was a statistic that undermines government talk of an economic upturn. This is the number of people in work. Headline unemployment has fallen the number of people in work has also fallen. What’s going on?

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Nice Work If You Can Get It

This is a satirical report on as US Federal job creation program from The New Yorker:

Sixty-four unskilled workers will report to new jobs in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday as part of a federal jobs program that provides employment for people unable to find productive work elsewhere.

The new hires, who have no talents or abilities that would make them employable in most workplaces, will be earning a first-year salary of $174,000.

For that sum, the new employees will be expected to work a hundred and thirty-seven days a year, leaving them with two hundred and twenty-eight days of paid vacation.

Some critics have blasted the federal jobs program as too expensive, noting that the workers were chosen last November in a bloated and wasteful selection process that cost the nation nearly four billion dollars.

But Prof. Davis Logsdon, a University of Minnesota economics professor who specializes in labor issues, said that the program is necessary to provide work “for people who honestly cannot find employment anywhere else. Expensive as this program is, it is much better to have these people in jobs than out on the street,” he said.

Borowitz is referring to the newly elected congress members who will be taking their seats this week. Reads will be pleased to learn that the UK government has not been left behind in its efforts to create new jobs for useless fuckers the otherwise unemployable. And unspecified number of people fortunate enough to have been selected for a similar scheme in the UK will take up their positions in early May.

Stunning Explanation For America’s Unemployment Epidemic: Obesity

obesity causes unemployment
This man is a qualified Personal Fitness Adviser but no gym will employ him

Pundits agree that The Federal Exchange(The Fed), the US equivalent of The bank Of England, no longer has any idea what it is doing, or where it is steering the American economy, as exemplified by the Chairwoman’s response that she has little “confidence” in the Fed’s current set of forecasts (because one can be wrong only for so long about the economy before one indeed loses all confidence in one’s abilities to say sooth and thus be the economy’s soothsayer). Apart from being clueless about what is happening in the economy the Fed has no idea how or why unemployment – as massaged as it may be courtesy of tens of millions of Americans dropping out of the labor force – is as high and as structural as it is.

It appears however there is something far more structural with America’s long-term unemployment problem, something not even the “smartest academics in the Harvard Business School room” can diagnose. Surprisingly, earlier today Gallup Research reported one factor that may be contributing to America’s unemployment malaise – the same problem that is the reason for the insolvent US welfare state coffers: obesity.

According to Gallup, Americans who have been out of work for a year or more are much more likely to be obese than those unemployed for a shorter time. The obesity rate rises from 22.8% among those unemployed for two weeks or less to 32.7% among those unemployed for 52 weeks or more.

Well I guess when you are too fat to wipe, there’s no chance of you holding down a job as a shelf stacker, still less a burger flipper. And as for walking fifteen miles a day as an order picker for Amazon, the less said the better.

What kind of people are breeding out there?

I’ve had a very sore shoulder this week which has meant a lot of sitting around. As my wife is a television addict sitting around with her means I see some very strange things.

One of the strangest popped up on the Jeremy Kyle show this morning.

No, not Jeremy himself, he’s strange but not Premier League strange.

The person I’m talking about, a young man who introduced himself as ‘mad dog’ athough he looked to be about six and a half stone wet through has had a dog’s face tattooed over his human(ish) features.

If you recall Young Kenny the character in Peter Kay’s Phoenix Nights who had a Tiger fasce sprayed on but used car paint sprays instead of face pain, the effect was similar but a lot less professional.

But this is not facepain or even car spray which would wear off eventually, the guy had had it tatooed on. Like with non tattoo ink pushed under his skin with a needle. And it looks shite, (have to say though it’s a pity he couldn’t afford surgery to get a set of long, floppy ears attatched.)

It could be a ruse of course to beat the coalition’s plans to get the long term unemployed into jobs, who is going to employ a guy with a cold, wet, black nose. I’m exaggerating, his nose was not cold and wet but the tip of it was black. Anyway he thought the look was cool. Obviously he has not understood that old age is not an option.

Oh sorry, I almost forgot to mention the most thrilling part. Mad dog has never had a job. We, you and me, paid for his tattoo.

And there’s worse, he is a father.

What kind of people are we allowing to breed out there? One day there might be more of them than us.

War On Council Non Jobs
Local authorities around Britain have hired an extra 180,000 workers since 1997, with the total number of town hall workers not employed in traditional front-line roles now standing at almost 750,000, according to ministers in the coalition government. The government is highlighting the figures at a time when local authorities …

When Your Best Mate Or Even The One You Mate Is A Robot.

Sometimes we stumble over something that reminds us how crazy the modern world really is.

Just last week the Boggart Bloggers were ranting against the stupidity of NuLab’s big idea to bully the gainfully unemployed into jobs that do not exist. In a contracting economy the idea is stupid and pointless, right?
And even more so when we hear the news that is coming from the annual conference of The International Federation Of Robotics. This jolly band of nerds and coneheads are predicting that a decade from now human / robot hybrids will be common (hey, don’t be too hard on the geeks, they’re scientists OK, we can’t expect them to know a hybrid is the product of a reproductive act between members of different species, like when a horse and a donkey have sex and produce a mule.)

The coneheads also predict that in the same period robots will make forty per cent of the workforce redundant – as if there were not enough chavs wandering the streets already. Scariest of all the pearls of nerd wisdom though is their confident prediction that our primary social relationships will be with robots. According to one presentation to the conference: “There are millions of people out there who for one reason or another cannot establish relationships with other human beings.”

Feel free to yell “speak for yourself, freak” if you feel the need.

“Now we see people talking to their dogs, in the future they will talk to their robots, robots are capable of being more compatible partners than humans or dogs,” said Spanish robotics guru Antonio Pelaez. Is he we wonder trying to suggest that robots, not having minds of their own will always agree with you?

A British futurologist, David Levy, take the obsession with robots right over the top when he predicts that by 2050 humans will routinely choose robot partners for romance and sex.

Erm……that comment about coneheads not understanding what hybrid means. Would you ignore it please.

The Wisdom Of Crowds Is Anything But
I want a robot servant finds the gendering of robots slightly creepy
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