Workers of the world Unite… to beat the Left

from The Currant Bun, 5 July 2021

THIS morning more than a million letters carrying Unite logos will drop on doormats across the UK.They will offer union ­members a chance to choose their new general secretary.Please don’t throw them in the bin.You have in your hands nothing less than a chance to save British democracy.

This vote will decide if ­Parliament can field a real Leader of the Opposition — a viable alternative to the Tories — or a puppet tied to the purse-strings of hard-left extremists. It would set Keir Starmer free to change Labour Party rules, kick out terrorists’ friend ­Jeremy Corbyn and shunt ­deputy leader and arch-rival Angela Rayner on to the back benches.

All this would be possible under a new general secretary ready to fight for members’ rights instead of plotting non-stop political mayhem.

outgoing Unite General Secretary Len McCluskey
Picture Credit: The Sun

The ballot follows “Red Len” McCluskey’s decision to retire early as the most powerful ­figure in the Labour movement and its biggest cash donor from Unite’s deep pockets.

By-elections come and go, but this little-noticed contest will affect the shape of Britain for decades to come.

Unite members form the backbone of the UK economy in shipbuilding, construction and trucking, including the Sun’s famous White Van Man. Indeed, many members are Sun readers, Brexit supporters and Red Wall Tory converts in the Midlands and the North.

They are being offered three candidates — the Socialist Workers’ Sharon Graham, Communist Party-backed Steve Turner and moderate Gerard Coyne, who almost beat Red Len last time round.

Coyne is fighting for pay, pensions, shop floor rights and working conditions — and immigration controls. Continue reading >>>


Labour Scourge Of Tax Avoiders Is A Tax Dodger? WTF is going on?
We have often made points about the hypocroisy of the left, particularly those lefties, but surely Margaret Hodge (nee Oppenheim – the diamond people) is the undisputed champ of left wing hypocrites. As a senior Labour MP Margaret was always eager to condemn tax avoidance. Unfortunately like most self righteous Labour millionaires she did not practice what she preached.

Britain’s Racist Future:Labour Set To Throw Selection On Merit Out The Window
With four weeks to go until a General Election that could change the face of Britain forever, the Labour Party, which hopes to be elected to govern this great and proud nation, has unveiled a set of policies that would make minorities into privileged castes and relegate the white Working and middle classes to the status of second class citizens.

Once We Respected Red Cross Because The Did Good Work. Now They Promote Politically Correct Tyranny.
The cancer of politically correct thinking has spread throughout British public life. Probably the most perfect illustration of how out of touch the new elite, the Meritocracy (who only merit a kick up the arse) have become with the lives of ordinary people is the politicisation of the institutions of government, local government, education, the law and now even the charity sector. Read what happened to a charity worker who dared to have his own opinion on a gay rights issue

Ed Miliband Sounds Like A ‘Public Schoolboy’ Says Traditional Labour Voter.
With two and a half months still to go until polling day, the election campaign is well and truly underway. Ed Miliband kicked off Labour’s effort with what could turn out to be his bigotgate monent, as he stopped only a nanometer short of telling an aircraft electrician that ordinary people were not intelligent enough to understand politics and should stick to talking about the soaps.

Pink Van Woman In Trouble Again
The Labour Party deputy leader, Little Hattie Harperson, the paedophiles friend, cannot to anything right at the moment. Hattie has of course always been an electoral liability on a par with the racist posh boy Chukka Ummuna, a hot tip to replace Ed (Bacon Sandwich Man) Miliband until Chukka, in a rare moment of honesty said he believed all white people should be killed (or something like that)…

Has ‘Hampstead Socialism’ Lost Labour The Working Class Vote
When a traditionally left wing publication like The New Statesman turns on The Labour leader you can be sure the party is in bigger trouble than anyone involved with it is ever going to admit. This blog has been saying for years Labour is now more elitist than The Conservatives, the party of lawyers, academics and media luvvies. …

Game of Groans: David Cameron and Ed Miliband will be torn apart as the election nears
Will Dave or Ed be Prime Minister after the 2015 general election or will a sicteenth centry witch fould up the best lain schemes of mice and men. 2015 could turn out to be the Demdike Man election, not through macick, but metaphor. The Witch of Pendle representas a communitity and culture that has been abandoned by the self righteous, politically correct concensus politics of the bourgeois establishment. Are the working and middle classes about to strike back.

Derbyshire Chief Constable Claims He Was Forbidden To Arrest Former Labour Minister Or Search His Home”>South Yorkshire Police Commissioner Shaun Wright Finally Resigns Over Rotherham Child Abuse Scandal
Police chiefs blocked a paedophile probe into a top politician 25 years ago, one of the country’s most senior officers said yesterday. Derbyshire Chief Constable Mick Creedon was serving as a detective sergeant in Leicestershire when allegations surfaced against Labour MP Greville Janner in 1989. Mr Creedon said he was ordered to limit his inquiries into the MP, now Lord Janner of Braunstone.

Miliband Promises Same Old Shite – Not A Word About Action Against Paedophile Sex Gangs
Labour leader Ed Miliband’s keynote speech at the Labour Party conference woyuld have to be the best speech of his life if he hoped to be Prime Minister after next years election, the consensus of opinon said. Ed’s friends and opponents awaited the speech with very different hopes and expectations. in the end as Ed dodged the bg issues, the economy and debt, law and order, immigration and Europe, it was probably his enemies who were happier.

Rotherham child sex abuse scandal: More victims identifies, more cover ups exposed.
What immigration has been to the Conservative so the Child Sex Cover Up scandal is proving to be for Labour as the party gets set to tear itself apart. With similar scandals due to be exposed in Rochdale, Bradfor, Oxford and other big towns, the Rotherham case is gathering momentum. So indirectly it looks as if immigration and fear of being called racist will be the downfall of both major parties.

Sex Gangs Operating In The Child Care System – Why Didn’t People Come Forward.
The predicable response from many politicians since the Rotherham Child Care sex scandal blew up in the faces of the smug, self serving establishment has been to feign surprise and say, “But why didn’t people come forward sooner?” The fact is that as we saw in the Jimmy Savile scandal, people were coming forward, people were voicing suspicions and they were insulted, ridiculed and humiliated.

Miss Whiplash Call Girl Agency Owner has compromising picture of Cameron and Osborned, People’s voice alleges
The allegations of senior members of the coalition government having been involved in activities involving drugs, prostitutes, gay sado masochism and sniffing bicycle seats while members of the elitist Bullingdon Club at Oxfor University should have been enough to consign them to obscurity. But the new ruling elite seem to think such degeneracy is a qualification for leadership.

How Little Hattie Harperson and he leftie friends fell in love with paedophilia
A look at the fascination with paedophile rights and the sexualisation of children that seems to have a powerrful grip on left wing politicians in the UK’s Labour Party and Obama’s Democrats in the U.S.A. Trying to pass of the sexualization of childhood as a human rights issue is beneath comtempt.

Ken Livingstone’s Policies Are As Dodgy As His Tax Returns With Easter over the focus for news shifts (we hope) from the middle east, the Eurozone economy and and the decay of western society to the campaign to be elected Mayor of London.With Conservative Boris Johnson opening up a significant lead his Labour opponent Ken Livingstone, having seen a desperate big to woo the Islamist vote backfire as it alienated many white voters while not …

Milliband: Labour Will Demand Equal Rights For Toothpaste.New Labour leader Ed Milliband pledged at his press event relaunching the party under his leadership that Labour will look after the “squeezed middle.” The press, broadcast media and the world of politics have been speculating about what this means. Only Boggart Blog can bring you the exclusive, Ed was talking about family values, sibling rivalry and toothpaste.

Sleeping With Conservatives
Could You Hug A Tory asks a feature in The Guardian some time ago. Several typical Guardian writers describe their feelings of fear and loathing when, purely in the interests of science of course, they hugged prominent members of the Conservative Party. Me? Sex is non political. The last thing I worry about when a woman I fancy smiles at me is her politics

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London’s Future?

This article, by Theodore Dalrymple, first published in Law and Liberty is reproduced by this Not For Profit site under fair use terms in the public interest, as the chaotic failure of our government to deliver the democratic decision to leave the European Union (Brexit) has revealed the chasm that has opened between the ruling elite and the nation they govern is now insurmountable.

I Have Seen London’s Future and It Is Caracas


Important (for good or evil) as Brexit may be to the future of Britain, it is not without its importance for the European Union. Indeed, it was always essential for the Union that Britain’s departure should be an economic disaster for Britain: for if it were not, why have a union at all?

It was therefore entirely predictable that the Union should drive a hard bargain with Britain, even a bargain economically harmful to itself, provided only that it was worse for Britain: for the self-preservation of the European political class is at stake. In the European Union politics always trumps economics.

In Britain too, political considerations were uppermost in the minds of those who voted for Brexit. They saw in the European Union a Yugoslavia in the making, led by a megalomaniac class without effective checks or balances. But now they are increasingly apprehensive of the economic costs of Brexit.

And the economic auguries for Britain are indeed poor, though not only, or even principally, because of the European Union’s hostility. The fact is that Britain is unlikely to be able to take any advantage of life outside the European straitjacket because its own political class is itself in favour of straitjackets that are no better, and quite possibly worse than, the European ones. The present Prime Minister, Theresa May, is very much a statist, indistinguishable from European social democrats, and the leader of the opposition, Mr Corbyn, who might well be the next Prime Minister, is an unapologetic admirer of Hugo Chavez. It is hardly to be expected that foreign investors will place much trust or confidence in an isolated country whose next government might very well weaken property rights, impose capital controls and increase corporate taxation in favour of supposed social justice. It would not take very long to turn Britain into a northern Venezuela: a Venezuela without the oil or the tropical climate.

Moreover, Britain already has many weaknesses and few strengths. It has a huge and persistent trade imbalance, because it does not produce enough of what the world wants and cannot easily be made to do so; it has a large national debt, about the same size as that of France, but without a highly functioning infrastructure such as France’s to show for it; its household debt is among the highest in the world. For many years, its economic policy might as well have been presided over by Mr Madoff; its social policy has been to smash up all forms of social solidarity or support for the vulnerable that do not pass through the state. The destruction of the little platoons has been very thorough: most large ‘charities’ in Britain are now dependent on government rather than on private funding, and hence are in effect departments of state.

As if this were not enough, Britain has enormous cultural problems, perhaps only to be expected in a country in which more than fifty per cent of children are born out of wedlock and twenty per cent do not eat a meal with another member of their household more than once every two weeks. A dangerously high and perhaps unsustainable proportion of the population is unfitted for productive life in a modern economy, having attained an abysmally low educational level despite (or because of?) considerable state expenditure. This section of the population is not merely indifferent to refinement of any kind – intellectual, aesthetic or of manners – but actively hostile to it. Similarly, it is not merely not anxious to learn, it is anxious not to learn.

This explains why Britain has persistently imported labour from Eastern Europe to perform tasks in its service industries that ordinarily one might have expected its large fund of indigenous non-employed people to perform. The fact is, however, that though these tasks require no special skills, they did require certain personal qualities such as reliability, politeness, and willingness to adapt: and these the eligible local population lack entirely. No hotel-keeper, for example, would consider using British labour if he could get foreign.

Perhaps nothing captures the levels of personal incompetence and lack of self-respect in Britain than the fact that young men of the lowest social class are about half as likely to die in prison as they are if left at liberty. In prison, though adult, they are looked after, at least in a basic way, and told what to do. They are no longer free to pursue their dangerous and crudely self-indulgent lifestyle, in which distraction is the main occupation. In prison they receive the health care that, though it is free to them under the National Health Service, they are not responsible enough to seek when at liberty. In short, they do not know, because they have never been taught, how to live in a minimally constructive fashion, though they were certainly not born ineducable.

No doubt other comparable countries have similar problems, but none (at least, none known to me) has them to anything like the same extent. These problems do not originate from Britain’s membership of the European Union, nor will they be solved by exit from the Union. They can be solved only by something more resembling a religious revival than by any likely government action. But expecting a population to bethink itself while simultaneously being offered political solutions that require no effortful cultural change is unreasonably optimistic. And politicians are unlikely to be frank about the problem for two reasons: first because alluding to the deficiencies of their electorate is probably not the best way to get elected, and second because it downgrades the providential role of politics, which politicians are understandable reluctant to do.

As if this were not quite enough, the hold on the country’s intelligentsia of statist solutions to practically all problems is still immensely strong. Nowhere is this more evident than in its attitude to the National Health Service, the establishment of which it almost universally regards as having been a great achievement, perhaps Britain’s only great achievement of the twentieth century. This is despite all the evidence that it has not been egalitarian in its effect, as it was originally supposed to be, or that almost all Western European health systems are superior to it. The fact that all Western Europeans regard it with at least disdain, and more usually with absolute horror, does nothing to shake the British intelligentsia’s faith in the essential goodness of the National Health Service. The only perceived problem with it is that it underfunded: the same problem as with all other government services. In the struggle between rhetoric and reality, rhetoric always wins.

The population by and large follows the intelligentsia, and the politicians follow the population; but the only economic advantages to Brexit would be the possibility of a nimbler, less regulated and bureaucratic economy. There is now no prospect of this. Therefore, I have seen the future of London, and it is Caracas – or very might be.


“The European Project Was Always Bound To Fail” – Europe Abandons The Union

After Brexit European Union Moves To Abolish Free Speech!
While European citizens are increasingly at risk of arrest for “hate speech” and “xenophobic remarks” (both terms for which there is no legal definition in any state of Europe,) the law does not apply equally to all Europeans, the ruling elites it sems can say what they like about whom they dislike.As I have previously mentioned (elsewhere if not here), in the mid 1980s I spent some time working for the European Union. It was not a long contract, I could have embedded myself and spent ten years picking up big fat freelance contractor fees for doing very little. The incessant meetings, consultations, steering groups, committees, policy documents and blah blah blah were driving me insane. In the end even the lovely and equally married Marie Dondelanger could not keep me in Luxembourg, which BTW is a delightful place to live and work.

My experience was similar to many people with a ‘doer’ mindset who have been involved with the EU’s bureaucratic machine and its culture of not doing but counting and measuring, documenting, regulating and planning.

The European project was always bound to fail. Europe is a continent riven by geographic and cultural barriers. It has spent two millennia not only indulging in massive and constant internal wars, but also keeping written records of them, informing each generation of all the times their forebears were wronged. Over the centuries, great empires have risen and fallen, leaving behind distinct groups of people with different histories, languages and cultures and enough chips on their shoulders to power a Google data centre.

Any project attempting merge these diverse economies and cultures into one centrally controlled, bureaucratically governed superstate over the course of just 70 years was doomed from the outset. It would inevitably encounter insurmountable levels of nationalistic resistance, both pragmatic and emotional, and eventually the project would implode. That is where we now find ourselves.

Crises proliferate, and though they all have different outward appearances each stems from the same underlying issue: Human beings value their national and regional identities over the supranational dream. The sovereign debt crisis and repeating Grexit scares, born of the introduction of the euro in 1999, have exposed Northern Europe’s unwillingness to subsidize the south. TheBrexit referendum, scheduled for June, can trace its roots to the 2004 enlargement of the European Union, which unleashed a wave of Polish and east European migration to the United Kingdom. Meanwhile, amid the ongoing immigration crisis, national leaders are appeasing their populations by bypassing European rules and re-erecting border controls to stem the flow of refugees across their territory.To be fair here, the EU rules on free movement were never meant to grant people from outside the Union free access through its borders or free movement within the EU.

In all of these situations, the same factors are at work: The driving forces within Europe are national in nature, and member nations will ultimately put their own interests first.

Today’s problems were both predictable and predicted.  Having identified the flaws in  a system is one thing however, to propose ways of fixing those flaws without introducing new and even more serious flaws is quite another. And after many years tickering around the edges, the EU’s flaws have become terminal.

There are still many different ways that the demise of the European Union’s current form could come about. For example, the project could unravel via market forces, as it nearly did in 2012 when investors tested the commitment of the core to save the periphery and found it to be (barely) willing to do so. Or a disaffected populace could elect a nationalist party such as France’s National Front, which could either lead the country out of the European Union or make the bloc so unmanageable that it ceases to function.

Perhaps the most likely scenario at this point would be for the European Union to survive as a ghost of its former self, with its laws ignored and stripped back to the extent that it holds only a loose grip on its members.

When Britain joined in 1974 after a referendum, those of us who voted for the EU were led to believe our country would be joining a free trade association. In fact, as I was reminded every morning on the way to my office in the Baitment Jean Monnet, by a large stone plaque in the lobby, the original vision in the years that followed World War Two, the intention was always to dissolve the sovereign nations of Europe and by geographic expansion and economic integration to create a single European state.

After Brexit European Union Moves To Abolish Free Speech!
While European citizens are increasingly at risk of arrest for “hate speech” and “xenophobic remarks” (both terms for which there is no legal definition in any state of Europe,) the law does not apply equally to all Europeans, the ruling elites it sems can say what they like about whom they dislike.

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EU HoldsBack New Regulation For Fear Of Strengthening Brexit Case


The unelected leaders of the EU in Brussels are smothering discussion of new pan – European laws that would impact the United Kingdom and all other member states, increasing the amount of money they have to contribute to the EU budget and transferring yet more sovereignty to Brussels. The Bureaucratic Dictators fear fear that if details of their ‘power grab’ plans become public knowledge it will influence the British referendum on membership of the European Union.

In an article for, Brussels correspondent Tara Palmeri details how post-Brexit, there may well be a deluge of onerous legislation dumped on EU member states, fuelling fears of a “Brussels Time Bomb”, an extension of bureaucratic control over supposedly sovereign nations that would lead to more ‘out’ votes and the break up of the Union.

Officials are reportedly saying in private that key EU initiatives which may be “controversial” have been shelved to assist Prime Minister David Cameron’s campaign to keep Britain in the European Union. The legislation will include a €20bn increase in the EU’s budget (which we have known about for some time), new rules on the freedom of movement that will deny member states any control over their borders, and will impose the supremacy  of the European Convention on Human Rights – a deeply unpopular, sovereignty-stripping treaty.

“There’s a kind of a deflection of attention to some issues,” Mercedes Bresso, an Italian MEP from the Socialists and Democrats group said. She added the referendum was causing a “delay in some debates,” admitting: “Now is not the moment to create more problems.”

“These proposals can be discussed after June without creating too many difficulties,” a French official said, adding: “In fact, it would be more problematic if we had to negotiate under the pressure of the U.K.. So, in a way, it protects the other member states as well.”

“Everyone knows this is not a good time because of the problems with the U.K.,” said Pedro López de Pablo, spokesman for the European People’s Party group in the Parliament. “The Commission has been very cautious on all of these things. Nowadays we’re in a public opinion environment that everyone attacks the European Union.”It is not just in Britain where Brussels bureaucrats’ mission is in trouble of course. Public opinion in France, Austria, The Netherlands, Italy and several smaller nations has swung against the EU in recent years and even in Germany, the wanna be European hegemon (surprise!) the public are becoming very lukewarm of the European integration project.

What is possibly the most revealing comment about Brussels EU power grab ambitions came from Polish MEP Jan Olbrycht who is also a member of the EU’s budgets committee. He said: “They don’t want to open the Pandora’s box before the referendum”.


£1 Billion Migrant Bill:Remain Campaign Rattled As Welfare Spending Soars
The UK welfare system is expected to pay out more than £1 billion to unemployed European Union (EU) migrants, government data has revealed. The findings will come as a major blow for the campaign led by David Cameron and supported by most of the Labour party …

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Should Britain leave the EU and or remain and surrender even more of our national sovereignty to the unelected bureaucrats in Brussels. The campaign to keep us in the EU, led by Prime Minister David Cameron, has become know as Project Fear, the Europhile having only scaremongering argument to back their case. At the moment, due to the immigrant crisis caused by the Shengen Zone open borders area and ‘open doors’ immigration policy …

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First they came for the Anglo – Celts … And I Did Not Speak Out

(via Graham Lear)

This what we at UKIP have been saying for years and if it does not frighten you then I am afraid you are all devoid of common sense.

Remember this video when you have to vote in the coming referendum on whether we stay in the European Union.

Remember also that in the last couple of years THIS European Union has foisted on everyone in these magnificent islands that we call home over 3,000 new laws that affect everyone of you.

By what authority have they managed to do this? They have managed to do this by the collusion of the very people that you voted for in the last General Election just last week. Tory, Labour, Lib Dems.

The only political party that does not and has not colluded with the European Union is the one party that all political party’s in the UK have ridiculed and that political party id UKIP. The same UKIP that 4 million very wise citizens of the UK voted for. All the rest of the citizens voted for the ones who have given over our freedom to the ones who would enslave us all.


You Need A Degree In Stupid To Work In The Public Sector


Above is a picture of the house Clare Lally and her wheelchair bound disabled daughter occupied courtesy of her local council. Leave aside the PhD in Stupid required for any public services administrator to off a house in such a location, with three flights of stairs from street level to the front door, to a disabled person, there may be mitigating circumstances, such as the bureaucrat having had their brain removed in order to be admitted to the UNITE union.

Once the bureaucrats had accepted Clare had a genuine need the council sprang into action and did what public service administrators excel at – they went from moronic to downright idiotic and built a 10-level ‘slalom’ wheelchair ramp from the street up to the house at a cost of £40,000.

The winding 60-metre path is like a marathon obstacle race for Clare every time she takes bulbar palsy sufferer Katie out.

Clare and Katy’s house with the ramp.

Pictures: Wikimedia Commons.

Clare told the media: “There must have been a better solution. The council could have gone about the whole project in a more sensible way.”

As if making life physically hard for Clare was not bad enough, the council have made the single Mum a target for the anti social behaviour of wanks on Planks skateboarders. The multi level ramp outside Clare and Katie’s home has proved to be like catnip for a ginger Tom to them.

The council are now being as obstructive as only public service union members can be. “More than my job’s worth to fit a gate with a secure lock at the bottom” said housing department spokesperson Jock MacTwat, “The skateboard wheelchair ramp is the only option, it’s building regulations see”.

“We weren’t fighting for a skateboard park – we just wanted to improve Katie’s quality of life.” said Clare. “What they have built is something which I would never have expected a local council to do. We have to open our blinds and look at it every day.”

West Dunbartonshire Council leader Cllr. Angus Atory said, “We offered this family a penthouse flat in a tower block with wonderful views across the Clyde but Clare refused it because the lifts have not worked over a year. Such ingratitude is quite frankly unacceptable. Does she not understand our priority is finding good quality housing for rent asylum seekers from Africa, Asia and East Europe and then we have a request for $10 billion from the organisers of Clydebank and Dumbarton Gay Pride festival. These are the really important items on our budget.

Having acknowledged Clare and Katie feel intimidated by nuisance skateboarders, council officials have refused to install a lockable gate to the ramp, citing health and safety concerns. ‘More than my job’s worth to approve a gate on the ramp,” said Jock McTwat “It would have to open outwards and so block the public footpath.”

Every other house on the road has a gate that swings outwards. Boggart Blog asks are the local council officers up for an award for most stupid, obstructive public servants or is such stupidity their normal state.

Disabled and independent

Those Who Can’t Do, Teach. Those Who Can’t Teach Join The Union

Government proposals for rigorous grammar tests on eleven year olds are an attack on teachers a taeching union has said.

Sticking closely to the agreed policy of public sector unions which states that it is a human rights violation to ask any public sector employee to get some effing work done, The NASUWT (National Association Of Shitheads, Under – achievers, Wankers and Tosspots obviously thinks that asking todays teachers to do the job they are paid for, i.e. teach children basic stuff, is well out of order.

A teaching union has condemned plans that will see all 11 year-olds tested on the proper use of apostrophes and the difference between nouns, verbs and adjectives, saying the proposals amount to an attack on teachers.

Chris Keates, the General Secretary of the NASUWT, the largest teachers’ union, said the plans were part of an “entirely unjustifiable campaign to denigrate the commitment and professionalism of teachers”.

“Imposing a wholly unnecessary additional high-stress test on schools has nothing to do with ensuring that teachers can support all pupils to reach their full potential as writers,”

Writers? So providing we do not teach them to read, spell or put full stops and commas in the right places these untutored illiterates will all turn into little Shakespeares?

Obviously the NASUWT approach to teaching children their native language is to take a million pupils, sit them in front of a million computers and wait for them to produce the Complete Works.

Maybe what is needed to sort education out is for somebody to attack NASUWT members … with baseball bats.

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Europe, Europe, Uber alles

Watching a discussion about Britain’s attitude to the EU on Newsnight last night I pricked up my ears when one pro – Fascist superstate integration speaker asked why the British always take such a negative view of the European Union’s efforts to destroy national sovereignty and traditional cultures.

“Vy cannot you look at ze possitiv zhings to come out of ze EU,” she asked.

The negative things we focus on apparently include the £40 million a day our membership costs us, the single currency shamples, interference in our democratic processes by unelected bureaucrats in Brussels, mass immigration from former communist nations with basket case economies, draconian employment laws that discourage firms from hiring because they are not allowed to sack anyone, crazy human rights laws that prevent us from kicking out terrorists who want to kill as many of us as possible, attempt to destroy our financial services industry and really crap cheese.

And the good thing we gained from EU membership to balance all these.

Better food,
Good wine,
Paternity leave,
Cheap flights.

OK, the first two are largely a matter of personal preference and anyway were available before we joined the EU.

Paternity leave? So so, but we got along fine before it became an entitlement.

Cheap flights? OK but it’s a bit hypocritical to include this in support of an organisation that wants to shut down the oil industry.

On a serious note, the pro fascist superstate integration brigade always try to make out britain is the only place where there is strong public opposition to a fascist superstate further integration but we should not forget Denmark and Sweden also declined to join the Euro, Angela Merkel is currently resisting pressure for Germany to buy up the debt of Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal because here coalition government would fall apart if she gave in, the Dutch elections in September will see s big swing to the right and in France a laft wing “let’s get our hands on Germany’s dosh” candidate might have won the Presidence but one in 5 voters voted for a nationalist.

Cameron’s EU Deal As Worthless As Neville Chamberlain’s ‘Peace In Our Time.’?
Opinion polls show Britain is evenly divided on the question of whether to leave or remain in the EU, though it has been suggested up to 10 million other voters, many of them women, have yet to make a decision. How they cast their vote will shape the future of the world’s fifth largest economy and the EU itself.

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Europe Says Eff U To Democracy

Only the Bureautwats of Brussels would be unable to see the joke in calling their new financial integration treaty the F U treaty.

But in their defence the Brussels mafia are as unfamiliar with humour as they are with what constitutes democracy. Ireland used to have exemplary rules on the implementation of neo – Fascist assaults on it’s sovereign powers by the Eurotwats. The Irish constitution stated that there must be a referendum on any new measure that affected it’s sovereignty. It also provided for the distribution of a summary of each side’s case to every household and a fair allocation of broadcast time. In order to get the Nice Treaty (a slightly disguised version of the Lisbon Treat which the Irish rejected) ratified by the voters, these rules were altered, basically making it a civil offence to tell the truth about what the new rules would be to Irish sovereignty. All Irish referendums, not just those on new EU federalist laws, are now conducted in a biased way.

The F U treaty (or financial stability pact as the BBC like to call it) poses two questions. First, are bank bailouts right in principle? Ought taxpayers to rescue financiers from the consequences of their incompetence? Second, even if they are right in principle, is it fair for Ireland to be stuck with the bill for propping up the entire European banking system?

The case of the pro Federalism, Pro-Treaty Forces is to say: ‘Never mind the bollocks, if you vote “No”, the E U will not lend your crippled economy any more money, so F U.

Ireland is the only country allowed a referendum. All other nations only require the vote of their Parliament to ratify a treaty that will effectively make their nation a province of Greater Germany. And politicians are such weak self indulgent creatures it is easy to guarantee their support by videoing them taking bungs or in compromising positions with prostitutes procured by Dominique Strauss Khan Associates Ltd.

If you think this is just anti New World Order hyperbole, look at this website a supposedly a factual resource funded by the Irish government. It is so extreme, so blatantly biased it even makes BBC Radio Four’s Today Programme look fair and balanced. counterproductive.

Why should Irish voters rely on their government, deeply in thrall to Brussels, to interpret the the ‘Stability Treaty’ for them when the clue is in the name.

Eff You.

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Doctors may withhold treatment from patients with "green lifestyle issues."

A few weeks ago an item on the BMA’s website linked to the “Doctors against climate change” group of the doctors’ trade union. This body of medico-environmental socialist – utopians stated:

“The Earth’s climate is rapidly approaching a threshold beyond which there are likely to be major and irreversible changes. As a member of the Climate and Health Council we support the call for healthcare professionals across the world to take action to limit climate change.”

At first this seemed like the kind of left wing bullshit pseudo – liberal, crypto – fascist political activists fart out all the time. These people get so much taxpayers’ money thrown at them, it appears it can afford to waste big chuncks of it on propaganda campaigns in support of the left’s rapidly growing herd of sacred cows.

It turns out however, that some Stalinist bullies General Practicioners actually try to implement such dicatatorial nonsense. Now stepping daintily round the global warming argument (because if you don’t know by now it was a scam you are FUBAR and I haven’t time to waste on dogmartists) we must ask WTF are these doctors up to? Like most of you , I suspect, Boggart Blog has always thought a GPs job is to treat people’s ailments, not impose oligarchic collectivist political agendas on them. Climate change campaigning should be left to tree hugging weirdie beardies.

A body whose members are paid by us taxpayers for supposedly making us better, have no business spending our money on saving polar bears or worrying about rainforests. And they should certainly not be harrassing little old ladies. Remember the furore when Gideon (George) Osborne was accused of harrassing little old ladies hmm? Evil Nazi posh – boy, the left called him. So why no outcry when a bunch of Khmer Rouge sympathisers who work as GPs start picking on that same protected species?

Mrs Avril Mulcahy (83), it is reported in today’s Daily Telegraph, Mail, Express, Liverpool Echo and Currant Bun (Ask Jeeeves search results) has been struck off her Family Doctor’s list, “in order to mitigate her green travelling issues”. The practice, where Mrs Mulcahy has been a patient for 30 years, sent her a letter:

“Our greatest concern is for your health and convenience but also taking into consideration green travelling issues. Re: Carbon footprints and winter weather conditions, we feel it would be advisable for patients to register at surgeries nearer to where they live. We would be very grateful if you could make the necessary arrangements to re-register at another practice”.

Note that “but” in the first sentence, which reverses intent of first clause. The practice’s “greatest concern” is for Mrs Mulcahy’s welfare, “but” it isn’t, actually, because we are lefties and our primary concern as always is advancing our control freak agenda.” These self righteous twunts are more concerned about her “carbon footprint” and her selfish, politically incorrect desire to carry on doing what she has done for three decades through her few remaining years than about her health.

Why not tell her to move out of her comfortable home and check into a concentration camp for geriatrics sheltered community when the envionmentally friendly accomodation features no heating or hot water and no faciiities for prepating hot food or brewing up. This could be justified by saying “Our greatest concern is for your comfort and well being BUT our egotheistic self righteousness demands that we stomp on your environmentally irresponsible lifestyle. Don’t you care about the planet you child mudering old cow?”

Wouldn’t it be nice to hear that doctors concerned about the effects of CO2 on the planet, instead of bullying old ladies were working on an anti flatulence pill because fart gas is mostly CO2. Or they could just shut the fuck up because all their whining and carping is just useless hot air.

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