US Billionaires Wealth Grows 20% During Virus Lockdown

I told you way back in March that something stank about this COVID – 19 pandemic. As was obvious right from the off this disease, a close relative of the common cold was not the indiscriminate, wholesale killers the official narrative tried to tell us it was. I wrote then that the incipient crisis looked more like a massive grab for power and control by the global elites.

Now, two minths later, with the economies of the world’s must succesful democratic nations all but trashed, evidence is emerging that proves I was right. Anyone among the sheep who rushed to call me a conspiracy theorist want to apologise?
??????????????????????????? I’m waiting ??????????????????????????
Oh well suit yourselves. Fortunately I backed the same horses as Bezos, Gates, Buffet, Ellison and Zuckerberg – with a lot less money of course but I’ve done very nicely thank you.

from RT

US billionaire wealth skyrockets to over $3 TRILLION during pandemic


US billionaire wealth skyrockets to over $3 TRILLION during pandemic
Over the last two months unemployment in the United States has risen to levels not seen since the Great Depression. However, US billionaires got even richer during the same period of coronavirus pandemic.


A new report by Americans for Tax Fairness (ATF) and the Institute for Policy Studies showed their fortunes soared by $434 billion or 15 percent during the nation’s lockdown between mid-March and mid-May. The billionaires’ combined net worth rose from $2.948 trillion to $3.382 trillion.

The top five US billionaires—Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Warren Buffett and Larry Ellison—saw their wealth grow by a total of $75.5 billion, or 19 percent. Together they captured 21 percent of the total wealth growth of all 600-plus billionaires in the last two months … (Continue reading >>> )

Living Within The Conspiracy

Kremlin Rejects US, EU Call To Free Detained Protesters

Only days after snap protests against Russian PM Dimitry Medvedev and government corruption  broke out across numerous Russian cities, leading to the detention of hundreds of protesters, the most prominent being  opposition leader Aleksey Navalny, the Russian opposition activist was found guilty of staging an unsanctioned rally, and will be fined 20,000 rubles (US$350) for his role in organizing  anallegedly illegal protest in Moscow.

The Russian protests, the biggest anti-Kremlin demonstration since 2011/2012, come a year before a presidential election that Vladimir Putin is expected to contest, running for what would be a fourth term.

The same court was due to hear later in the same session a separate charge against Navalny of disobeying a police officer.

The Russian opposition activist Aleksey Navalny

“Those [the event’s organizers] who claimed on the previous day in pseudoacademic language that the event was lawful and in no way violated the law – they were telling blatant lies,” Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Monday.

Navalny was detained by the police shortly after arriving at the anti-corruption protest in Moscow on Sunday. He was charged with violating a law on public gatherings.  Moscow police have confirmed they detained some 500 demonstrators.

Approximately 8,000 people were involved in the Moscow protest in, law enforcement officials reported. As the rally grew more volatile, police used loudspeakers to call on the protesters to disperse.

Protesters decided to to ahead in spite of failing to obtain a permit from the mayor’s office to hold a rally at an approved site. The authorities had suggested two alternative venues, which the organizers rejected. Similar rallies, some unsanctioned and others permitted by local authorities, were attended by thousands of people across Russia on Sunday.

On Monday the Kremlin rejected calls by the United States and the European Union to release opposition protesters detained during what it said were illegal demonstrations the previous day and accused organizers of paying teenagers to attend.

On Sunday, the U.S. and the European Union both issued statements calling on Russia to free detained protesters, but Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Monday such calls were wide of the mark. “We can’t agree with these calls,” Peskov told reporters on a conference call, saying the police had been professional and properly enforced Russian law.

The protestors demanded the resignation of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. Medvedev’s spokeswoman has called corruption allegations against him “propagandistic attacks,” saying they amount to pre-election posturing by Navalny, who hopes to run against Putin next year.

According to Reuters, which cites opinion polls, the liberal opposition, which Navalny represents, has little chance of fielding a candidate capable of unseating Putin, who enjoys high ratings. But Navalny and his supporters hope to channel public discontent over official corruption to attract more support.


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Secret Informant Played Key Role In Helping FBI Foil Its Own Terror Plot

Yes you read the headline right. Now see what you make of the story

On Wednesday in Washington, The FBI announced the arrest of three men it alleges planned to help the Islamic State, news intended to stoke fears that Islamic extremism is spreading to the United States.

“The flow of foreign fighters to Syria represents an evolving threat to our country and to our allies,” U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch said in a press release announcing the arrests. “We will vigorously prosecute those who attempt to travel to Syria to wage violent jihad on behalf of ISIL and those who support them.”

Omitted from the FBI statement however, is the role of a paid informant in generating the charges against the men. The intruction of this third party acted as a catalyst, turning a couple of fantasists whose ” terrorist plots” were on a par with the late Peter Cook’s character E L Wisty, founder and leader of the world domination society, into something even slightly believable. It appears that none of the three men had either the intelligence or the financial means to travel or support the Islamic State, without help from the FBI informant.

Abdurasul Hasanovich Juraboev, 24, and Akhror Saidakhmetov 19, are alleged to have made arrangements to travel to Syria, and also to have expressed willingness to conduct attacks in the United States “if ordered to do so” by the group. A third man, Abror Habibov, 30, was arrested in Florida and charged with helping provide financial support for their travel plans.

According to the criminal charges against the three, the FBI first began investigating Juraboev after he made postings on Uzbek-language social media sites in August 2014 praising the Islamic State and pledging allegiance to them. While these postings were made anonymously, Juraboev neglected to conceal his IP address.

When FBI agents visited him, he reiterated these violent and criminal desires, stating his willingness to kill President Obama if he were ordered to do so by any member of Islamic State, and also telling the agents he was willing to “plant a bomb on Coney Island if so ordered by ISIL”.

In the interviews, Juraboev also mentioned Saidakhmetov, 19, as someone who shared his basic views and desire to travel to areas controlled by the Islamic State. Transcripts of a recorded conversation between the two in mid-September show them apparently expressing their desire to travel to Syria via Istanbul, and trying to determine logistics of the trip.

Shortly after this, the FBI introduced them to a ‘confidential informant’, who “approached Juraboev at a mosque, while posing as an ideologically sympathetic individual, and met Saidakhmetov the same day.” The informant befriended the two men, who told him of their desire to go to Syria. According to the criminal complaint, the informant was paid for his services and was perceived by the defendants to be an “older and more experienced person.”

An experienced suicide bomber, that’s exactly the kind of mentor every aspiring terrorist needs.

Over the next several months the informant evidently developed a relationship of trust with both Juraboev and Saidakhmetov, even possibly moving into an apartment with Juraboev, and convincing both of them that he intended to travel to Syria and join Islamic State.

Saidakhmetov was arrested on Feb. 25 at JFK airport in New York as he arrived to board his flight to Istanbul. In the run-up to his arrest, he had also allegedly proposed a plan to gain control cockpit and “[divert] the plane to the Islamic State, so that the Islamic State would gain a plane.” Juraboev, not scheduled to leave for Turkey until March 29, and Habibov, were also arrested on the same day at separate locations.

After first making contact with Juraboev in August 2014, seven months elapsed until FBI agents the arrested the trio. During this time, the group stayed under close surveillance, and an informant was introduced who was evidently older and considered to be “more experienced” by the defendants.

It seems clear from the evidence (published on a whistleblower site only accessible to members – see our post on Little Nicky Machiavelli about the US government’s Ministry of Love site) that plans to actually commit criminal acts were only discussed after the introduction of the FBI informant.

A 2011 study conducted by US liberal news site Mother Jones and the Investigative Reporting Program at the University of California-Berkeley found that of 508 post-9/11 terrorist suspects actually charged with crimes, “Nearly half the prosecutions involved the use of informants, many of them incentivized by money,” with operatives being paid as much as $100,000 per assignment. Of the sting operations that resulted in terrorism arrests, nearly a third are believed to have been led by an agent provocateur in the employ of the FBI.

Well who’d have thought it, except me, Mike St Mark and a few million hard nosed realists with nasty, suspicious minds maybe.


Former FBI Chief Comey Caught In Another Lie, He Buried Evidence Of Spying On Trump
Evidence given in a congressional hearing revealed that former FBI director James Comey, recently fired by President Trump, seized and buried evidence that Trump was the target of government surveillance before he became president. Former FBI director Comey seized and buried volumes of information that demonstrated a wide-ranging government surveillance operation targeting Donald Trump before he became president …

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First Zombie Presidential Candidate – No Way!

I was astounded to read that the first Zombie to bid to become President of The United States launched his campaign today.

See the Zombie Party candidate on the campaign trail

Not astounded because I thought zombies were the stuff of urban myth and bad movies, but because for years I have been sure the last nine occupants of The White House have been zombies and the tenth was shot through the head which as evryone knows is the only way to terminate a zombie.

My Mark

Cameron Shoots Himself In The Face.

Shooting yourself in the foot is an easy thing to do. Shooting yourself in the face however requires a special talent for imbecility. Even former U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney could only manage to shoot his best friend in the face.

Prime Minister David Cameron, until this week, was doing so well in his handling of the increasingly one – way “special relationship Britain is alleged to enjoy with the United States of America. He had stated publicly and quite firmly that his government would not be as servile towards U.S. administrations as his predecessors Blair and Brown had been. He had explained the economic facts of life to Barack Obama who thinks the global economy runs on monopoly money. He had even let it be known that the coalition government were drawing up plans to withdraw British troops from Afghanistan by 2014. And he had distanced himself from BP and their attendant scandals thus avoiding the risk of bestowing credibility on Obama’s references to British Petroleum, a name that has been obsolete for many years.

So where did it all go wrong. Whatever possessed the usually surefooted Cameron to say in a speech to an American audience that in 1940, during World War 2 Britain had been the junior partner in the alliance against Hitler and his allies. At that time the Yanks were skulking across the pond pretending the war in Europe was nothing to do with them but content to let Britain’s colonial army in India hold the western front against the Japanese.

Diplomacy that’s why. Those dicks in the foreign office. Diplomats have the easiest life in the world. They sit around in luxurious mansions located in the most exclusive areas of foreign capitals scoffing Ferrero Rocher and smarming up to Johnny Foreigner. Want some preening, posing Third World tyrant to spend some of his IMF conscience money on British warplanes? Get a Diplomat to smarm up to the shit and tell him how admired his fascistic regime is in London. Want to persuade the dictator of some former Soviet republic who deals with political opponents by boiling them alive to sell us oil / iron ore / grain at knockdown prices? Send a diplomat to smarm up to him by saying his efforts to establish democracy in his land have impressed everyone in Britain.

That’s what the Ferrero Rocher scoffing oozemerchants do. Hardly surprising then that our people in Washington were getting a bit antsy. It is well known Obama is as petulant as a spoiled five year old when people do not worship him fervently enough and even worse when somebody disagrees with him. It was inevitable then when Cameron arrived in Washington having travelled by scheduled flight to JFK airport and rail from New York (another dig at Obama who orders up Air Force 1 and has a motorcade laid on to take him from his bedroom to the Oval Office) the boys and girls at the Embassy would be wanting a word.

“Look Dave” they might have said, “You’re going to have to smarm him. He hasn’t forgiven the British for clapping his ancestors in chains, throwing them in a slave ship and taking them from Africa to the British colonies in Kenya to work as slaves on the plantations or for engineering the Irish Potato famine just to persecute his Irish ancestors the O’ Bamas.” Big them up, they’re all emotionally needy. Tell them they won World War 2 and we were just their sidekicks. If you don’t smooth things over he might break off diplomatic relations and send us home and then we will have to get proper jobs and do some work. Smarm him and it will be right


Smarming the Yanks might charm the Yanks but to say that Britain was America’s Junior Partner when in fact in 1940 we stood alone against the mighty Werhmacht, we fought them on the beaches, in the fields, in the pubs and pie shops, the brothels and we never surrendered is the very worst thing a British Prime Minister could do in the eyes of the home crowd, particularly when Nick Clegg is his deputy.

It is always wrong to listen to the professional smarmers of the Foreign Office, they smarm for England, literally. They smarm when confrontation is needed. In 1939 such people told Chamberlain to smarm Hitler and we could avoid war. Look what happened next. If Churchill had gone to that meeting in Munich he’d have nutted the Kraut, if Nye Bevan had been their he would have kicked Hitler in the bollocks.

This had damaged Cameron’s premiership. Can he recover? Maybe, but only if at the next summit he slaps Putin on the head like Benny Hill used to do with a little bald bloke.

Obama, BP and the Lockerbie Bomber

Missing Me? Asks Bush

I instinctivly mistrust hype so was never swept up in the whole Obama thing. The guy had put himself up for a job that put his finger on the trigger of the biggest nuclear arsenal in the world and nobody was asking him the difficult questions.

Well some of us hard headed old sceptics were pointing out that simply not being George Bush did not qualify Obama for the job of President of the United States but most people seemed so besotted with the idea of a black man in the White House they forgot it is not skin colour but competence that makes a good President.

Americans have learned the hard way via Obama’s imprerious attitude, total ignorance of basic economics, solipsistic approach to domestic and foreign problems, contempt for the US Constitution and his attempts to turn the Presidency into a White house version of The Osbournes how true those observations are.

Still things are pretty desperate when someone is paying for digital billboards on main roads featuring a huge picture of a smiling George Bush asking “Miss Me Yet?”

They were on the case of the Bush poster over at The Times too and have provided the answer to who paid for the Bush Miss Me Yet Billboard

Some may find it tragic that the US Democrats found the only man in the world who could possibly be a worse President than Bush but it makes me laugh.

Nukes Versus Hot Dogs

Hot Dogs versus Nukes

During the US Presidential campaign of 2008 I regularly voiced the opinion that Barack Obama is a cretin and an imbecile. His stupidities were never remarked on in the media while those of Sarah Palin were front page news. Obama was acclaimed as a great intellectual by his supporters despite thinking the United States consisted of fifty seven states. The United States of Heinz maybe?

Few people believed at the time that Obama was thick, most went with the orthodoxy. Opinions are changing, but slowly. People have noticed he is barely articulate when removed from his autocue, that when asked an unscripted question he often seems lost for words and that when he says mathematics was not his strongpoint he means simple kindergarten sums are beyond him.

BO has now demonstrated he is not to hot on cultural diversity either. An order has gone out to American diplomats around the world that as a conciliatory gesture they should invite their Iranian counterparts to join the traditional July 4th celebrations for a barbecue feast of traditional American food, Hamburgers and Hot Dogs.

The burgers might be OK so long as they are made with halal beef but we wonder does Obama, unlike the stupidest contestant in The Apprentice last year, know the difference between halal and kosher.

Worse though are the Hot Dogs, ham-and-pork sausages in bread rolls. Inviting fanatical Islamic fundamentalists over to dinner and offering them a dead pig based snack is probably not the best way to “reach out” to them. Obama’s Hot Dogs could just as easily trigger world war three as all of George W Bush’s belligerence.

Good work Barack, keep it up.

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