Global Warming Freezes America

A huge weather system covring much of the USA. Associated Press reported:

Winter storm brings much of America’s heartland to a standstillWeather system stretching across third of US brings snow and freezing conditions from Texas to Maine.


Photo: Associated Press

A huge winter storm, described as the worst in decades, has brought much of America’s heartland to standstill, closing airports, main roads, schools, colleges and government officies.

The streets of Dallas, Oklahoma City and Tulsa were deserted, and more snow and freezing temperatures are forecast.
To mark the severity of the storm and as a celebration of the accuracy and infallibility of climate scientists who not long ago were telling us snow was a thing of the past Boggart Blog’s music correspondent is rush releasing a cover of an old Gene Pitney hit with appropriate new lyrics:

I was only twenty four hours from Tulsa,
Only two hundred yards from my home…

The Flight From Freedom

Oil Shale Salvation
Recent discoveries of huge gas and oil bearing shale deposits in the USA, CAnada, Russia and under Britain’s territorial waters as well as off the Falkland Islands and in the Antarctic are raising false hope of an early end to the energy crisis and food price inflation. What is the reality of these new oil and gas reserves, do they really offer the economies of the developed world salvation and a return to business as usual.