Poldark star: Obsession with topless Aidan Turner is ‘sexist and undermines the show’

BBC’s Poldark costume drama series main female suporting actor Heida Reed has said the national obsession with her co-star Aidan Turner’s well formed torso is reverse sexism. Reed added that she’s a supporter of international movement ‘Free The Nipple’, which sees women baring their breasts on social media to prove that men and women should both be allowed to be walk around topless.

Ross Poldark gets em out for the girls
Ross Poldark gets em out for the girls.

Turner, who plays Ross Poldark and numbers a Vampire named Mitchell (Being Human), a Hobbit (or dwarf perhaps) named Killi (The Desolation of Smaug and The Battle of the Five Armies) and Dante Gabriel Rosetti (Desperate Romantics) among his credits, has attracted millions of viewers to the hit BBC drama every Sunday night and his regular topless appearances on the programme have made headlines.

Icelandic actress Reed, who appears as Elizabeth, the wife of Poldark’s useless cousin said “I think there should be the same standard for both sexes when it comes to things like this.”

Well us lads might be all for Poldark’s female characters going topless so long as its Eleanor Tomlinson (Demelza Poldark – left) who gets ’em out for the boys and not the frigid, simpering Elizabeth who has all the sexual allure of cabbage soup.

And FFS don’t mention that women might actually like seeing the body of a physically attractive a male, oh no! Women are just so far above that kind of thing, a puritanical spinster who has never worked in a factory or large office might think. To suggest women might like to look at attractive men and enjoy a little fantasy as much as men like seeing attractive females is unthinkable. Because that could mean women are guilty of sexism and lets face it, sexism is racism!!!.

By the way, how is it, the human race hasn’t become extinct yet? Could it be anything to do with the fact that most of us (the ones whose genes we want to survive anyway) like a bit of totty?

Do these whining, emotionally constipated women ever take a break from their screeching to actually think about what they are saying? “Free the Nipple” campaign is about inequality, apparently. Women should be allowed to walk around topless because men are free to do so – but half naked women on Page 3 of The Sun or in lad mags like Loaded or Nuts are male chauvinist piggism? Appreciation of the male is “reverse sexism” – not being able to get your tits out in church or the supermarket is “gender inequality”. Typical double standards from the hypocritical left.

It’s hard to know whether feminists are surreally stupid, so shallow they’d evaporate on a warm day, or simply so full of hatred for all things male they have lost their reason.

And while they are screeching about ‘equality’ do they ever stop to think that in a truly equal society, lefties would be constrained by their own ‘hate speech’ laws to stop spouting irrational shite like this?

BBC scandal – Breast beating, politically correct broadcaster has links to gangters, banksters and the arms trade
As news leaks out from the inner sanctums of the BBC about cronyism and corruption in the corporations management structure, people are starting to wonder if the Clarkson fiasco was engineered to deflect attention from the way the BBC has been infiltrated by corporate business, and the linked issue of political bias in its news coverage of the election campaign.

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The Person Next To You Could Be A Vampire. Vampires Are Real Says Professor

Britain has ?subculture? of 15,000 vampires, says Dr Emyr Williams, a psychology lecturer at Glyndwr University in Wrexham.

A psychology lecturer at a British university claims the UK’s vampire population of some 15,000 vampires and is carrying out an scientific study of their lifestyles. Could there be any substance in what he says? Read to the end of the article to find out.

Dr Williams, a senior lecturer at the north Wales university, wants to discover more about Britain’s vampire subculture, following the surge in popularity of films and TV shows about vampires. Now hand on all you sciencehead types, this bloke is a scientist and a university lecturer so he can’t be wrong can he?

Well you people have told be often enough scientists are very clever people and the only reason some of their work seems ridiculous to me is because I’m not clever enough to understand how science works.

The thing is my career was in business so I understand how people’s minds work and I didn’t get where I am today without recognising a con when I see one. In my not so humble opinion this guy is scamming the dumb fucks who run the University of Usedtobeapoly (Wrexham branch) for research grants.

The professor says vampires are not a myth but live and breathe a set of laws and ethics while meeting regularly all over the world, including the UK.

He is carrying out what is believed to be the first online academic survey in the UK of people who say they are vampires aimed at gaining a better understanding of vampirism.

Dr Williams said that while plenty of work has been done on the phenomenon of vampirism before, it has never really been approached from an academic perspective?.

Where the professor is finding his vampires he does not say, but we have an idea where the research is focused thanks to this archive picture of a former Prime Minister:

tony blair vampire?
Easy to recognise despite the fangs and reptillian tongue

He’s not the only suspect of course, Boggart Blog would cheack out the whole of the Westminster political community. After all WTF other reason could they have for wanting to let all those Transylvanian virgins into the country? Self interest is paramount as usual.

Help for humourless lefty who will want to yell “Monsterism”: See, the joke here is that the big row in the Euro elections campaign was over how many Romania migrants we should let into the country. Now we all know that politicians like vampires are parasites (bloodsuckers). and Transylvania is a region of Romania where vampire are said to come from. Geddit?

Vampire’s Grave Opened In Italy

There are many legends and superstitions concerning vampires. The blood drinking faction of the undead seem to have been busy all around Europe from the medieval era until the 1930s when they all moved to Hollywood or Pinewood. Most of the superstitions centre on how vampires can be deterred, killed and interred. The way the corpses of supernatural manifestations should be disposed of in order to stop them becoming undead again is of utmost importance.

Some examples of vampire lore are just silly. The belief that garlic will repel a vampire for example ignores the fact that garlic will repel anybody if we are less than assiduous about dental hygiene after eating it. The legend that iron will repel vampires fails in the same way as anybody who has been hit in the face with a shovel or old fashioned frying pan will testify. In some parts of Europe vampires were not very bright and it was simply sufficient to steal one of a suspected vampire’s socks in order to ensure the unfortunate ceature spent the rest of eternity looking for the missing item of hosery and never left the grave to trouble local virgins.

In other places putting a coin in the vapire’s mouth is believed to do the trick. The vampire swallows the coin when trying to rise from their coffin and their fellow vampires have not yet learned the Heimlich manouvre.

Legends also show vampires to be very anally retentive. For this reason in Germany poppy seds were put in the coffin of a suspected vampire and on revitalising the monster could not resist the urge to count and grade the seeds which kept them busy for along time.

All these methods are proved because people they are used on never acually return to the realm of the living as vampires. What more proof could anybody want.

In Britain and Ireland the coffin of a suspected vampire would be lifted out of the house through a window which was then bricked up as everyone knows vampires can only re-enter a house the same way as they left. In Shropshire when I was young every child knew (because the rustics delighted in telling us) that some old houses had bricked up windows because a vampire had once lived there. It was nothing to do with the pernicious window tax, levied on the number of windows a house had of course. The tax persisted from the seventeenth to the early nineteenth century. It’s abolition marked the end of The Dark Ages :))

(As an exercise readers can work out which parts of the above paragraph might be true)

One of the most persistent and popular superstitions is that a vampire can only be killed with a steak. This may well be true, but only if the steak is from Heston Blumenthal’s restaurant.

Perhaps the most bizarre of all “stop the vampire” techniques came to light earlier this week. It was reported in the news archaeologists excavating a sixteenth century graveyard in Italy opened one of the graves to find the female skeleton had a brick between its teeth. After consulting folklore experts the archaeological team concluded this proved the woman was suspected of being a vampire.

Apparently it did not occur to them that maybe she just liked chewing bricks.

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Sexy Sam’s Supernatural Shenanigans Shock School.

Do vampires only exist in horror stories, or are they in fact (fx: portentous chords) Teachers of the Night. How would you feel if a vampire fan was working in your children’s school and was teaching your little darlings English and Drama? Would you shrug your shoulders and say “so what?” Or would you be Horrorfied! (more portentous chords.)
Well Boggart Blog is written by creatures of the uberworld so we would be quite pleased that our place in the multicultural society was being recognised at last. But at St. Christopher’s Church of England Secondary School in Accrington the Christian parents are up in arms (well some of them are anyway)
Busty blonde vampire loving teacher Samantha Goldstone has been suspended from her job pending an enquiry after a group of parents from the evangelical (aka pompous, self righteous prig) wing of the C of E protested about her “lurid personal website” on Myspace.com even though it was written under a nom de plume. The site has now been taken down so I cannot point you to it.
Glamourous Sam (36) commented (sorry about the tabloid style but this story really does call for it) is a published novelist and poet and used the site to promote her work.
Asked about her suspension from her teaching job due to allegations that she is unsuitable
to teach in a Christian School her solicitor commented: “let’s face it, if she looked like Miss Marple nobody would have batted an eyelid.
Despite the small minded small town bigotry shown by these parents, the pupils have rallied to support Samantha, saying she is an inspirational teacher and makes learning fun. Boggart Blog has seen a photo of Ms Goldstone and she looks fun and not in the least sinister.
Fun is a proscribed word to evangelical Christians of course. So once again we are faced with the consequences of losing a good person because of the determination of a self righteous few to impose their moral prejudices on the world. Only evangelical Christians could ever be silly enough to take vampire stories seriously.
But perhaps there is a negative influence that needs purging from the school syllabus because it promotes ignorance and superstition. I think people usually call it The Bible and it always causes trouble when it gets in the wrong hands.

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Fangs for the story Sam
Stunna Sam - not a dangerous fang about her