Let Children Starve Rather Than Eat Meat Say Veggie Fascists


Pupils at a new school are only allowed to eat vegetarian lunches and are banned from bringing in their own food. The veggie policies at The Swan School in Summertown, Oxford, have been criticised by parents, one of whom said her daughter ‘came home hungry’ after the academy opened on Monday.

The Oxford state school has a completely vegetarian canteen and pupils have no alternative but to eat the hot meal on offer, although there are a couple of meat or fish options available for snacks during break time.

ANOTHER Mum who did not want to be named told tabloid paper The Sun: ‘The only thing about this school is the vegetarian food – my daughter came home today very hungry. I’ve heard that a lot of children were very hungry as well – there should be option at dinner time [to] eat meat, I’ve never known a school to be like this.’

Options on the Swan School’s menu include lentil lasagne, minted pea and feta frittata and Quorn sausage and potato bake. Headteacher Kay Wood said the main reason to serve vegetarian meals is to serve better quality for the same money, reduce carbon footprint and allow students of all faiths to sit together

Parents were made aware of the vegetarian policy prior to admission and the menu is believed to be a first for an Oxford state school.

She stressed the decision to provide vegetarian meals ‘isn’t a judgement of people who eat meat or an attempt to make our students vegetarian.’

Ms Wood added: ‘Packed lunches are not banned because the students might bring in meat – we don’t allow them because we want all the children and staff to eat together and engage at lunchtime. Which suggests to us they are as dead set against individualism as they are against healthy lunches for teenagers. Authoritarian wankers.

But Veggie fascism is not confined to Britain. In France, a new law has just been passed requiring all schools to offer at least one fully vegetarian lunch
day per week. But how long to we think it will stay at one per week? Until Monsieur Macron next thinks a bit more virtue signalling with help prop up his abysmal poll ratings?


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The Empathic Chickens Are Coming To Empathise With You.

Domestic chickens display signs of empathy, the ability to ”feel another’s pain” that is at the heart of compassion, a gobsmaking scientific study has found. The discovery has important implications for the welfare of farm and laboratory animals, say the researchers.
Chickens Can Feel Each Other’s PainI’ve just completed a month of veganism which I agreed to do this after an challenge on this blog from a passionate advocate of the vegan lifestyle. How did I get on? If you want some detail, you can listen to an interview that I did on a local radio station by clicking here, but in essence, I had a challenging but enjoyable month. I even ended up recording a vegan video recipe for the Veggievision website.

Veganism is an extreme form of vegetarianism; not only is meat banned, but so are all food items derived from animals. No milk or dairy products, no eggs, and not even any honey.

A comment on Wedderburn’s article says:

I am not Vegan but Vegetarian. For me its simple logic that mass slaughter of animals is morally wrong. No one drilled this in to me. Im not a member of any animal rights organisations. I just dont eat meat because I know the majority of animals about to be slaughtered will experience absolute terror, and well I like animals. From the moment they are born to the second they are slaughtered their lives are spent in perpetual misery. Surely anyone with even the smallest amount of intelligence (or empathy) could see this is wrong.

I believe a lot of people bury the idea that Cows, sheep, pigs dont feel, dont think, and dont matter way back in the recesses of their minds. They wont let the moral side through because if it meant stopping their meat eating ways they think it would mean inconvenience in their lives.

Now I am not going to argue against anyone being vegetarian on principle, their moral choices are entirely up to them. My reservation about the meat trade is not the eating of animals, we did not get to the top of the food chain by being nice to our predators back in the days when our ancestors knuckles dragged on the ground. I do have a prpblem with factory farming though and so my wife and I pay more to buy from a local butcher in a small village in order to make sure the animals have not been kept in darkness, fed hormone enriched feeds and brought to preternatural physical maturity as the products found on supermarket shelves have.

OK they still get killed and eaten. But before humans were atound how many vegetarian, animal rights supporting lions and wolves were there in the world?

Pete Wedderburn’s vegan experiment is all very well but did he faithfully follow these rules: Source no food that has been grown, transported, processed, sold, in any circumstances where meat-eaters or meat-eating has played any part.

Switch off your fridge too, walk naked, take no transportation, move out of your house, live in a field being careful not to crush any insects.

Only plant materials to make clothes assuming land could be devoted to growing things not required to food.

Those would be conditions of true veganism.

The variety and quantity of plant material needed to build and sustain the Human body would be huge, particularly through childhood and where hard physical labour is required – which would be so in a Vegan World – and where the most concentrated and readily digestible protein source, animal or fish flesh – are not available. Given that most vegans are Warmageddonists who would shut down the oil wells and coal mines at the drop of a hat we would have no tractors, 4 x 4s, quad bikes or steam engines to do the hard graft. Horses or Oxen tamed to the plough would be anathema to vegans as it is exploitation of animals.

So it would be back to spades, hoes and weheel barrows, (did you hear about the American tourist who thought a Dutch hoe was an Amsterdam prostitute?) very labour intensive food production, lots of water requirement, and many hours spent eating, chewing and digesting. This was fine in the neolithic era when there were probably less than ten million humans in the enture world. Seven billion of us squabbling over scraps of land on which to grow lentils presents a nightmare vision of an unsustainable future however.

Veganism is a self-indulgent lifestyle – like its family member Environmentalism – only possible on the back of a normal, omnivorous Human existence. I have nothing against vegans, I am self indulgent in different ways and they have as much right to their beliefs as anybody. The evangelical vegans who write in The Guardian (where else) that to impose veganism by law is the only way to save the planet are as crazy as scientologists however.

Had Veganism been viable in evolutionary terms, then Mankind would have evolved as such because it is much less dangerous than going out to kill a Woolly Mammorth or a Giant Aurochs armed with aonly a thick stick. And if such a lifestyle were so successful the Third World, mostly vegetarian though not by choice, would be thriving, instead it is not, because its cannot grow enough plant food to feed itself effectively.

Do we really need scientists to tell us animals can empathise with one another. Is this not absolutely obvious to all? Sure, animals can empathise, the biological academy are resistant to the idea of morphic resonance but the real world evidence is overwhelming. Anyone who has kept dogs or cats or any other pets will be aware they communicate on levels not available to us. Anyone who has watched a flock of starlings or shoal of fish behave as one single creature will know something is going on that defies logical explanation.

So, question: Given that the work of biologist Rupert Sheldrake on Morphic Resonance suggests that plant life like animal life has a morphic field, can we be certain that carrots do not scream in pain when ripped forcibly from the earth or that cabbages feel nothing when we cut through their stalks?

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Fish Science Says They’re Smarter Than You Think.

At Boggart Blog we have often made fun of scientists, not always fairly I admit but if life was fair it would be intolerably boring. The aforementioned scientists unfortunately have only themselves to blame. Their penchant for running to the press with stories they just have not thought through properly provides us with comedy material so rich it cannot be ignored.

We also get the feeling a lot of this science is not much more than propaganda aimed at furthering the “one world” agenda of the “progressive left.” The intention is to produce societies comprised of people who all look alike, dress alike, behave alike, think alike, eat alike and would not have the imagination to ever question authority.

The New World Order or Big Brother as this agenda is affectionately known to the well read would like us all to be Vegans because all those cow farts are pumping the greenhouse gas methane into the atmosphere. Also we suspect they have caught on to the 19th century idea that meat in the diet makes people feisty, rebellious, independent of spirit and much more likely to question orders. Thus all week they are publishing reports describing the horrors inflicted on animals by the food production industry. Today it was the turn of fish.

We have previously reported on mouse science, projects aimed at showing mice, because they can be trained to earn snacks by pushing buttons with their noses are the equals in intelligence to humans. We have also reported on science involving cows, sheep, chickens, deer and crocodiles (which can be taught to speak we’re told) and ostriches. All these are as smart and at least as sentient as humans and should be grated equal right with humans, especially the right not to be eaten.

As not being on the menu is one of the rights we humans hold dear we wonder if anybody plans to tell the lions and crocodiles about our rights?

We must leave that fascinating question for another day and move on to fish science. In order to persuade us not to eat fish scientists working for the Politically Correct Thought Police are performing the mouse trick on our aquatic friends. One much acclaimed peer reviewed academic paper sets out to explode the myth that fish are stupid and only have a three second memory span by revealing these newly discovered scientific facts from a recent study:

Fish build complex nests.

Fish make decisions individually and form monogamous relationships, (honestly hony, it wasn’t what it looked like, I squirted my sperm over your eggs but the current got hold of it and carried it down to where that rainbow trout girl with the big fins laid hers,) hunt co – operatively and use tools (have you never seen a fish wielding an axe or turning a screwdriver?)

They recognise each other as individuals and keep track of who is to be trusted and who is not (yeah, I can believe that, I was walking by a stream near where a guy was fishing with a lure only last week when two trout popped their heads out of the water and one said to the other, “See that little metallic fucker with a line attached to his dorsal fin and a hook protruding from his belly. Don’t trust him, he’s working for the humans.)

Fish form complex social hierarchies and vie for social status. The also (and remember we are quoting from the peer reviewed scientific journal Fish and Fisheries here, even Boggart Blog could not make up stuff this insane,) use Machiavellian strategies of manipulation, punishment and reconciliation.

Fish have significant long term memories (so how come they keep swallowing the bait) and are skilled in passing on knowledge (so how come they don’t tell each other how to recognise the bait?) through social networks (no self respecting fish would be without a Plaicebook or My Scales page.)

Fish even have what the paper’s author calls “long standing cultural traditions”.

Unless you are terminally gullible all of this should tell you a lot more about the scientists who wrote the paper than it does about fish.

EU To Reform Disastrous Fisheries Policy?

Heather Mills McCartney On A Mission

It had to happen. Ubermentalist Heather Mills has managed to put herself back in the public eye. This time instead of slagging off Paul McCartney, waving her leg about or talking about milking rats to feed the world’s poor she is hanging onto the shirt tail of former US Vice President Al Gore was he wages his war on carbon emissions from his floodlit mansion in Tennessee, his private plane or one of his gas guzzling Limos.

It would be petty and mean spirited of us to mention that Gore is a billionaire and over sixty just as Paul McCartney was a billionaire aged over sixty when Heather Mills caught his attention by involving herself in one of his favourite charities so we won’t mention it.

It would also be petty and mean spirited to mention that Al Gore’s wife, the oddly named Tipper, is also well past the first flush of middle age and her looks are fading. OMG, if Al is seduced by the Geordie Gold digger and divorces his wife will she be Tipp-ex.

I digress. In support of Mr. Gore’s efforts to stop us destroying our planet by burning the carbon that by right of wealth is his to burn, Heather Mills this week popped up on a daytime TV show promising to show us how to make a really tasty meatless chicken curry. It sounds more appetising than rat’s milk yoghurt but only marginally.

In order to help Al stop us all polluting so he does not have to downsize his lifestyle, Heather is on a mission to turn us all into vegans.

Meat, she babbled as she mixed and sprinkled, is the second largest cause of global warming. So let’s see, that would be second after electricity production, petrochem, domestic heating, transport, deforestation, construction and politicians windbaggery. I guess arithmetic, like sanity, was never Heather’s strongest point. But who need maths when you have big tits.

So on went the demonstration and Heather’s running commentary on the joys of meatless chicken curry. I don’t know whether the presenters were too polite or too busy suppressing their giggles to point out that if it ain’t got chicken meat in it, it ain’t chicken curry.

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Karmic Carnivores

Continuing on the same theme as yesterday’s “Compassionate Vegetarians” post we bring you today the concept of Karmic Carnivorism.
In response to a rant last week about how we must all become vegans if we are to save the world, a man of about my age (i.e. born post World War 2 when meat was still rationed and thus a committed carnivore) defends meat eating and demolishes the assumed moral superiority of vegans by raising points such as is it more morally justifiable to eat meat than vegetables when we consider that herbivores eat living plants while vegetables and fruit bearing plants are the only truly innocent life form on the planet? why are vegans so keen on salad when eating raw leves enables them to consumes thousands of microsopic creatures? and – (GET THIS EVERYONE)Should vegans swallow after fellatio as they are committed to never put any animal product in their mouth?


Heather McCartney Vegan – She’s pulling your leg.

For a long time criticism of the McCartneys was a media taboo, Paul is such an all round good guy and ayway we are running out of Beatles much too quickly. And to attack Heather, suggesting she might be a publicity hungry gold – digger was to attack Paul. Since the marriage break – up however, the tabloids have declared open season on H Mills – McCartney. This gives Boggart Blog an chance to bring to you an exclusive report of a conversation that took place on the patio of the McCartney home and was overheard by Jenny Greenteeth as she was lurking in a ditch on the estate. Jenny recalled the exchanges verbatim while under hypnosis.

Heather, come ‘ead, its lunchtime an’ Stella’s in the kitchen warming up some of R.Linda’s vegan lobscouse. D’y’ fancy some or wha’

Howway man, vea – gan lobscouse, gerroutovit, ah’m on a low – carb diyet. Ah’m gaan hav’ some raw beebeh see-al.

Yer norravin baby seal again are ya, yer’ve ‘ad a lorra baby seal this week.

Whyaye man, its me favo. The eskimos knaw a thing or twa aboot foo-ad.

Burrit doesn’t fit our image chuck, not with me owning R. Linda’s vegetarian ready meals an’ all that.

Image be buggered, weez at hyem man, giower workin’ yersel’.

Well OK chuck, but could yer tek the ‘ed off, I ‘ate to see them big sad eyes starin’ up at me from the plate.

Howway yer big nancy. Did yer say Sstella’s in the kitchen (SHOUTS) Hey, sparrasankles, are yer gerrin uz some scan?

Stella (off):
Are you addressing me?

Haad yer gob wi’ that posh talk lady, Ah’m yer mam noo ye knaw. Gi’ me ony lip an’ ah’ll clatter yer lugs.
You will never be my mother, you’re just a gold digging slag who has her claws in R. Da’.

Paul, are you gaan kick her arse or am I…..Right, yer coppin’ oot as usual. You lady, ootside noo. If ah want tae eat a seal bairn I’ll feckin’ eat one.

Though titty, there’s none left. The only rotting carcass in your fridge is a chicken.

Fine, ah’ll have a leg.

Don’t talk to Stel like that. Listen chuck, there’s something I’ve been gorra say, in this family we are committed vegetarians. We take vegetables seriously.

Yer kiddin’ man, I knaw yer didda single wi’ Michael Jackson but that wez years ago.

No, vegetables as in food.

Howway man, yer divvn’t caal that mung bean shite food dee ye. Meat is propah scran.

Me an’ R.Linda both believed we have no right to make living creatures suffer for our benefit.

Heather: Dee yer mean yer stoppin’ mekkin records then, pet?

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You are in a small hotel in a remote part of Wales. It is Sunday, the pubs are closed, the nearest KFC or Pizza Hut is fifty miles away. There is only one other guest in the place and he looks like the kind of person who would have a freezer full of dead heads in his kitchen. Worse than that, he is wearing those awful lycra shorts favoured by cyclists and a helmet that makes him look like a penguin that walks backwards. Worse still, on his garish lycra top he sports a “meat is murder” badge… Read the full post of Lost Weekend

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