Yellowstone Grumbles, La Palma Rumbles – What can we do?


Volcano warning: Canary Islands panic as earthquakes hit La Palma – 40 tremors in 48 hours

FEARS of a volcano erupting on the Canary Islands has sparked panic as the Spanish archipelago was hit by more than 40 earthquake tremors in just 48 hours.

Daily Express

La Palma was rocked by more than 40 seismic movements of low magnitude and intensity between 1.5 and 2.7 on the Richter scale, according to the data of the National Geographic Institute.

The biggest earthquake, recorded at around 1pm on Saturday, had a magnitude of 2.7 and took place in the area of the Natural Park Cumbre Vieja, 28 kilometres deep.

The second largest quake, of 2.6, took place at 1.23pm on Sunday in the same area, while the third quake erupted at midnight on Monday, reaching a magnitude of 2.1, according to the Volcanological Institute of the Canary Islands (Involcan).

The earthquakes from the huge Cumbre Vieja volcano have sparked panic across the Canary Islands, with volcano experts pulled in to examine the unusual seismic activity.

Threat Of Devastating ‘Supervolcano’ Eruption At Yellowstone Is Greater Than Previously Thought

Scientists from the US Geological Survey who breezily informed the public that there’s “nothing to worry about” with regards to the Yellowstone caldera, a supervolcano that should it erupt could cause potentially hundreds of thousands of deaths, should be eating their words.

Since about mid-July, the earth beneath the volcano has been shifting in a sign that magma could be rushing into the caldera’s main chamber. Since then, there have been roughly 2,500 small-scale earthquakes recorded near the volcano, the largest stretch on record. Previous estimates had assumed that the process that led to the eruption took millenniums to occur.

The same estimates that USGS based their warning on.

As the New York Times explains, the Yellowstone caldera is a behemoth far more powerful than your average volcano. It has the ability to expel more than 1,000 cubic kilometers of rock and ash at once, 2,500 times more material than erupted from Mount St. Helens in 1980, which killed 57 people. That could blanket most of the United States in a thick layer of ash and even plunge the Earth into a volcanic winter.

And if these two blow together, there’s only one thing we can do …



Scientists Blame Ancient Goddess For Volcanic Dust

We have often taken scientists to task here at Boggart Blog for the way they are trying to put their irrational faith in reason, logic and order into the place a religion. Our barbed-tongue-in-cheek comments have provoked some furious responses along the lines of:

“How dare you question and ridicule science and scientists. We are tireless seekers after truth and can in no way be compared to the superstitious and gullible people who cling to religious faith. You ignorant Boggart Bloggers obviously do not understand science or you would realise our science is immortal, invisible, ineffable and infallible.”

Right so. But in that case what are we to make of a story I found today that reports scientists suspect there is a link between the volcanic eruption in Iceland with all its attendant disruption and climate change (Scientists call for research on climate link to geological hazards ). One of the theories put forward is that the huge amounts of volcanic ash being belched out and projectile vomited into the upper atmosphere are nature’s way of stopping heat reaching the earth’s surface and causing more global warming.

This is on a par with the theory floated when the Large Hadron Collider kept breaking down that the future was reaching back into the present and sabotaging it which became known as the ‘some poor deluded fool has been taking Dr. Who a tad too literally’ theory.

Just think though, after years of telling us Gaia theory was just the incoherent babbling of spaced out hippies are these scientists really trying to jump on a bandwagon that is obviously gathering momentum the way they did when after sneering at climate change warnings for twenty years they suddenly jumped on the band wagon as soon as they thought there were research grants, awards, book deals, fame and glory to be had.

When you look at it like that climate scientists make used car salesmen look like paragons of moral rectitude.

Either that or these people are further out of touch with reality than Scientologists.

For the sake of balance we must report that Islamic Teologists in Iran have blamed scantily clad women for the recent spate of seismic activity and weather related catastrophes. So, the earth goddess Gaia and Lady Gaga, its six of one and half a dozen of the other.

A Farce Of Volcanic Proportions It sems the same scientific method was used in deciding to ground flights as was employed in setting the safe limit for alcohol consumption. If you haven’t as clue just make something up.
Climate Change Deniers Deny Nothing
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More humour every day at Boggart Blog

Volcanic Dust and Divinity

The could of dust heading towards us from Iceland has caused a lot of trouble. Apparently this stuff is lethan to aircraft flying at high altitude. It is sensible to have grounded all flights but what of those in the air when the cloud was identified.

We take you live to the flght deck of a 747 en route to Heathrow over the pole from Tokyo. The co – pilots are Jeremy Carruthers from Berkshire and Orville Rantermeyer, a native of Hicksville USA.

My God Orville

How many times have I asked you not to take the Lord’s name in vain? I’m a freaking Chstian you insignificant piece of shit.

Oh for … fuck’s sake, I’ve just heard from air traffic control we are flying into a cloud of volcanic mit and should divert to the nearest safe airport to avoid catastrophic engine failure. That would be Gander, Newfoundland from our current position.

Gander, us, now? That’s over fifteen hundred miles from here. We don’t have enough fuel on board.

But if we fly on we could suffer engine failure and crash.

I guess we have to put our faith in the Lord.

I’d rather put my faith in the RAF, there must be a base in West Scotland, or a US airfield in Greenland.

I say we fly on. (sings) My eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord…”

We’re getting some dodgy readings on the instrument panel. I don’t like this.

Rantermeyer: (swithches on PA system)
This is your captain speaking. We are flying into a cloud of volcanic mist which many cause mechanical problems. Don’t panic,there is nothing to worry about but aftere fastening your seatbelts I’d like you all to join me in a prayer..

Prayer, for G…sorry. Oh no, the red lights are coming on, number one engine has shut down, number two is on fire, number three is overheating and number four is losing power. We’re fucked, we’re fucking fucked, what can we do?

At times like this I always ask myself what would Jesus do?

I think in the circumstances he’d probably shit himself.

It’s Official – Everything Is bad For You.

A Boggart Blog in depth analysis of recent news stories has thrown up some surprising results:

Having too much sex is bad for you; not having any sex is bad for you;

the recession is is turning us into comfort food guzzlers; the recession is causing some people to cut back on food so much they are becoming malnourished;

one or two alcoholic drinks contribute to a longer life; just one or two drinks a day will turn you into a rabid alcoholic with a liver the size of Siberia;

fat is evil, totally evil, any fat, anything in fact that you can taste will cause your arteries to fur up, your kidneys to burst, your brain to become custard, your knees to turn to jelly and your tongue to grow to big for your mouth, (Jamie Oliver eats way too much fat); fat is an essential part of your diet and even hard fats like lard and beef dripping if taken in moderation are not really harmful.

Fast food is bad for you, home cooking is bad for you unless you are fully conversant with all the bacteria that lurk in fresh food.

To understand what is a normal diet and lifestyle you must first learn New Labour Newspeak (NuLab Nuspeak), how can you be on message if you cannot understand the message. When we put it to a major fast food chain that their main product is just lips and arseholes, connective tissue, chemical colouring and flavouring and horrible greasy unhealthy shite a spokesperson for the chain asked Boggart Blog : “are you referring to our high quality, affordable meal options,”

Options? You can eat horrible greasy shite or horrible greasy shite in batter. Where’s the option to have a nice fillet steak with a butter drenched baked potato and salad? That would be an option in Boggart Blog’s dictionary.

The government of course would rather we are lentil casserole made without chilli or garlic so it did not taste good. Lentil casseroles are the epitome of healthy, joyless eating. As Oscar Wilde said (or nearly said) “An excellent cook is someone who knows how to make lentil casserole but doesn’t.

It is not just food, drink and ciggies the killjoys want to scare us away from of course. Indulging in dangerous sports can cause permanent injury resulting in people becoming permanently incapacitated and ending up a burden on society. And why should the National Health Service expend valuable resources on treating people who injure themselves in pursuit of a few minutes selfish pleasure.

According to the government which always has one eye on costs and the other on jollies and privileges taxpayers money could be better spent on, and their tame scientists who will say anything required of them to get their names in the paper, everything is bad for us.

What can we do?

Is it wise to shun all the advice and carry on as we are?

Well to put things in perspective, if the supervolcano under Yellowstone Park USA blows as it is threatening to any time now, the volcanic winter will probably wipe out must life on earth. We don’t know the volcano will blow and if it does there is damn all we can do about it.

So maybe we should just carry on making the best of our life while we have one.

Scare stories abound simply because “It’s the end of civilisation as we know it,” sells newspaper and attracts viewers to television programmes while “there really isn’t much to worry about” does not. If you want to see both sides of the argument presented objectively have a look at Panicology by Simon Briscoe and Hugh Aldersley Williams. With chapters on salt, fat, binge drinking, asteroid hits on earth, vaccines, the credit crunch and diseases of most kinds it is the best antidote to Fear and Panic you will find anywhere. Apart from Boggart Blog of course.

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A Tale Told By An Idiot

Yellowstone Park Volcano – Fear and Panic – David Icke

Yesterday we brought you news of the seismic shuffle* going on under Yellowstone Park in the USA. Special thanks to the boy scientit who left a quickly removed comment explaining that we were idiots to believe reports of the imminent end of the world as scientifically there is little chance of the super-eruption happening. There are so many people out there who just don’t “get” Boggart Blog :))

Today we learned that former Luton Town reserve goalkeeper** turned religious cult leader David Icke has chosen to provide his followers with a detailed assessment of the risk. He says:

Magma would be flung 50 kilometres into the atmosphere. Within a thousand kilometres virtually all life would be killed by falling ash, lava flows and the sheer explosive force of the eruption. Volcanic ash would coat places as far away as Iowa and the Gulf of Mexico. One thousand cubic kilometres of lava would pour out of the volcano, enough to coat the whole of the USA with a layer 5 inches thick.

Well there we have it, if David Icke who once revealed that for thousands of years the world has been ruled by 12 foot tall shape shifting lizard men says that is what will happen you can bet he’s onto something.

Of course the something he is onto could be that spreading a bit of fear and panic was for cult leaders always a good way of getting the money rolling in.

*seismic shuffle – what a great title for a song.
** Icke’s former occupation is of no relevance to the story, we mention it just to give boy-scientists a clue as to how very very seriously we take this man.

David Icke – Yellowstone Volcano Wakes Up