Election fraud allowed to take place in Muslim communities because of ‘political correctness’, report warns

Election fraud has been allowed to take place in Muslim communities because of “political correctness”, a major report finds as it calls for unprecedented reforms to the British voting system.

In a report commissioned by the Government, Sir Eric Pickles, the former Conservative Cabinet minister, today warns that the authorities are in a “state of denial” and are “turning a blind eye” to election fraud.

He said that there is evidence of voter fraud “especially in communities of Pakistani and Bangladeshi background” but that the cases have been ignored because of “over-sensitivities about ethnicity and religion”.

Sir Eric warns that “challenging issues” over community cohesion should never be an “excuse” for failing to “uphold the rule of law and protect British liberties”.

Lutfur Rahman with supporters after being elected Tower Hamlets Mayor

Lutfur Rahman with supporters after being elected Tower Hamlets Mayor Credit: Nigel Howard

Sir Eric’s report makes a series of recommendations to Theresa May, the Prime Minister, and calls for people to require identification when they are voting and for police cordons around polling stations to prevent intimidation.

He also calls for officials at polling stations to be banned from speaking any language other than English and says that it should be made a criminal offense to attempt to influence someone to vote for a candidate because of their religion … READ MORE >>>


LABOUR’S SHAME: Brown’s Government ‘Urged’ Police Not To Investigate Muslim Grooming Gangs
The Former North West Chief Prosecutor alleged that the Home Office, under Gordon Brown’s Labour Government, ordered police to ignore grooming gang claims in 2008. Nazir Afzal, told the BBC that in 2008 the Home Office sent a circular email to all police forces calling on them to not investigate the sexual exploitation of young girls in towns and cities across the UK …

Electoral Fraud Scandal In Peterborough By – election Being Covered Up?
Thanks to Politicalite’s groundbreaking exclusive coverage of the crooked Peterborough By-Election so far, the Daily Mail have picked up on our story and have revealed a fresh incident of alleged electoral fraud being investigated by the Police …

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Electoral Fraud Scandal In Peterborough By – election Being Covered Up?
“>Death of Democracy

Brexiteer Crushed Remainers’ bid for new Brexit vote with their own words

Remain diehard, the loathsome liar – I mean lawyer – Gina Miller and Brexiteer dan Hannan.

Veteran anti EU compaigner and prominent Brexiteers Daniel Hannan MEP dismissed Remainers’ calls for a second referendum on membership of the European Union pointing out it was made clear by both sides before the vote that “this is it”.

As an estimated 100,000 protestors took to the streets in London on Saturday to pressure the Government into granting voters a say on the final Brexit deal agreed with the European Union leading Brexiteer Daniel Hannan dismissed their demands insisting the 17.4 million of Leave voters took precedence over the 100,000 anti-Brexit protesters.

Speaking on Channel 4 News, Conservative MEP said Hannan said: “Why not make it the best of three, or the best of five? Or make it a regular test like the cricket, you know? We could do it every few years. Or a World Cup.

“I mean, it’s wonderful to have people engaged in politics, it’s no small feat to get 100,000 people out on the streets but 17.4 million is a lot bigger than 100,000.

“More people voted Leave than have ever voted in British history.”

Other Remainers tried the line that there should be a referendom on the final exit deal, by disingenuously claiming nobody voted to leave the EU without a deal. In fact there was no mention of an exit deal in the referendum campaign, people who voted leave did so unconditionally.

Brexit-supporting Fishermen Worried May Will Sell Them out After ‘30 Years of Torment

British fishermen fear Theresa the Appeaser May will sell out their industry to the EU, as Brussels negotiator Michel Barnier courts their European rivals in Denmark. It is outrageous, but typical of the Euronazis approach to negotiations that Brussels is making promises to EU member states about what they will be allowed to do in british territorial waters…

Trump Gets Tough after EU Threatens Taxes on Jeans, Bourbon, and Harley-Davidsons

U.S. President Donald Trump is adopting a tough on the European Union, after the Union’s unelected leaders threatened to impose punitive tariffs on leading American brands in retaliation for his attempts to protect the jobs of American steelworkers. “So now we will also impose import tariffs,” threatened Jean-Claude Juncker, the president of the unelected European Commission, at an event in Hamburg, Germany.


Brexit-supporting Fishermen Worried May Will Sell Them out After ‘30 Years of Torment
British fishermen fear Theresa the Appeaser May will sell out their industry to the EU, as Brussels negotiator Michel Barnier courts their European rivals in Denmark. It is outrageous, but typical of the Euronazis approach to negotiations that Brussels is making promises to EU member states about what they will be allowed to do in …

Liam Fox Savages Labour’s ‘Betrayal’ Brexit Plan with UK in EU Customs Union
We’ve said it before and its certain all of us will say it again. If you lumped the whole of the parliamentary Labour Party together, they would just about equal the intellect of a retarded five year old suet pudding. Why would any sane person want to keep us in the EU customes union, which …


Europhile Tory Patten brands votes like Brexit ‘appalling and a sin against parliamentary democracy’
Former Conservative Cabinet minister ‘Lord’ Chris Patten has spoken of his ‘horror’ over Brexit and warned the EU was ‘devouring’ his party as Remainers rage, raged against the dying of the Europe projects hoping to block the flagship EU bill during the first day of a marathon 48-hour debate. Long time Europhile and elitist meritocrat …


Corbyn Comes Out: UK Can’t Stay in EU Single Market After Brexit
He’s been a lifelong opponent of the unemocratic, protectionist EU who has been held to ransome for a year and a half by the rabid remainmers in his party. now at last Jeremy Corvyn has come out of the closet and said there can be no half – arsed, half – in, half – out …


Why Brexit: A Reader Explains
In answer to the question “Why Does Britain Want To Leave The European Union” posed in a comment thread (in one of our other locations) a reader gave this explicit answer which is worth sharing as widely as possible. Why does the United Kingdom want to leave the European Union? David Reardon, M.A. International Relations …

Could Italy’s Banking Crisis Drag Down Mario Draghi?
The latest banking crisis in Italy risks focusing scrutiny on the leadership of both the Bank of Italy and Italy’s financial markets regulator Consob. The decision to give the central bank’s current Chairman Ignazio Visco a fresh six-year mandate despite his having presided over one of the worst banking crises in living memory …

Why does the United Kingdom want to leave the European Union?
I worked for the European Commission, the administrative branch of the EU governing bureaucracy for several years, though I was not an official but an external consultant. On the way to my office in the Batement Jean Monnet in Luxembourg City every morning I would pass a large plaque, The words etched on it described the vision of Monnet, Coudenhove – Kalergi, Robert Schuman, Paul – Henri Spaak and others, of a Europe in which there were no French people, no Germans, Italians, Dutch, Belgians and eventually, as the community expanded, no Britons, Spaniards Portuguese, Greeks, Austrians, Swedes etc., only Europeans,

Brussels Foreign Affairs Chief Mogherini Still Wants Turkey to Join EU

EU foreign affairs chief Federica Mogherini said in Malta on Friday that accession talks with Turkey have not been halted, following a Turkish referendum that gave President Erdogan dictatorial powers. Despite this rejection of the democratic principle all EU members are in theory expected to uphold, Mogherini still wants the predominently Islamic middle eastern nation, to join.

Scottish Referendum Vote Rigging Scandal Goes Mainstream

Just over a week ago we mentioned that the almost inevitable complaints about electoral fraud in the Scottish Independence Referendum were starting to emerge. There was plenty to arouse suspicion about the vote, not least the huge margin by which the No campaign won after waging the most inept election campaign ever and when the final opinion polls taken only a few days before the vote showed Yes and No almost inseaparable, momentum having been with the yes campaign for several months.

The Inevitable Claims That The Scottish Vote was Rigged Are Gathering Momentum

Still, I was happy the Scots were staying with us and so did not follow up on the early rumours. FFS, if the Scots had left the UK the price of Malt Whisky could have rocketed and Osborne might have decided deep fried Mars Bars are a luxury food and taxed them.

The story went quiet for a while but has now re-emerged in mainstream media, with American magazine Newsweek running a story about claims that thousands of uncounted yes votes have been found in a bin.

It’s no surprise that there are rumours of jiggery pokery when you consider what happening with referendums on EU integration in France, The Netherlands and Ireland and the hushed up allegations of widespread abuse of the postal votes system in British elections. There is now no such thing as a fair election in the free world, the war on democracy started with scaremongering propaganda and the invention of threats to national security but it looks as if there are no lenghs to which the establishment will not go to maintain control.

The powers that be were never going to allow the UK to break up, to do so would strengthen the claims of Catalonia and the Basque region in Spain, Corsica and the Languedoc in France and the Lombard League in Italy amonst others. Belgium would split in half and many other nation states would fragment.

The big push from the corporate / political complex is for ever bigger superstates, not the balkanisation of the entire planet. Civil disobedience is going to be the only answer.

The Inevitable Claims That The Scottish Vote was Rigged Are Gathering Momentum

No one on the Boggart Blog team or even at The Daily Stirrer actually expressed an opinion on which way we wanted the Scottish independence vote to go. That’s because none of us are Scottish and didn’t have a vote, nor did we have an opinion.

We all love Scotland for different reasons and would hate to see our countries divided but were all aware that whichever way it went would be divisive. And we were all aware that with the EU and USA absolutely dreading the break up of the UK there was no way the Yes campaign would be allowed to win. Even if the Scots had voted Yes, somehow the result would have been overturned (remember the Irish referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, which itself was just a rehash of the European Consitution thrown out by referendum in France and The Netherlands anyone?). Which explains why the No vote looks like it will turn out to be more divisive in the UK than a Yes vote might have been.

After Allegations Of Indyref vote fraud – Petitions gain traction for recount

Scots wha hae when votes were rigged

A petition demanding a recount in the Scottish independence referendum has been signed by over 150,000 people after videos purporting to show evidence of vote fraud went viral on the internet in the aftermath of last week’s referendum vote.

Several video clips appear to show sporadic examples of potential vote fraud, feeding into existing suspicions that the British establishment was prepared to go to any lengths to prevent Scotland from gaining independence from Westminster. After the alleged vote fraud videos went viral, online petitions popped up, with tens of thousands rushing to advocate a recount. Scroll to the bottom of this City AM page to see a video which shows several examples of alleged cheating

A change.org petition started by Scottish voters demands “a revote of the Scottish Referendum, counted by impartial international parties.” Can’t see them getting one but it indicates there is a lot of bitterness in the wake of the vote that will last for a long time.

The petition has been signed by nearly 90,000 individuals. A separate petition which demands an independent enquiry into vote fraud allegations has topped 62,000 signatures.

A comment posted by the person who started the petition, appealing for an end to the hate attacks, was posted on Facebook.

A personal word.
by Kirstie Keatings
Petition organiser

I would like to respectfully ask that people stop contacting me on my facebook regarding this petition just because they don’t agree with it. I am merely the one who started this petition, not the voice behind it. For that, you should look to the (currently) 81,000 signatories, as it would be nothing without them. If there is no truth to the evidence of vote rigging then you have nothing to fear, do you? Let democracy take its course and do not harass anyone to do with this petition or its subsequent groups and rallies.

WTF? What is happening to free speech in our country? Kirstie is right about the evidence or lack of, and she has a right to her opinion and to express it even if she is wrong about the vote rigging.

Global institutions and individuals including David Cameron, corporates and major banks pulled out all the stops to sow fear about independence after polls suggested it was moving towars a Yes vote. When George Osborne, Danny Alexander, Ed bollocks and Gordon Broon agree in their predictions of economic doom, it can’t get any more insane than that.

The elite onslaught against secession employed at least two strategies. The first involved threats and “for your own good” lectures. US Senator Mr. Magoo John McCain even sugggested that Scottish independence would help terrorists (what, by arming, funding and training them like the Obama administration has?)

The second strategy involved pleading and begging, which, of course, betrayed how truly fearful the West’s ruling class is of secession.

The threats that focused on the Scottish monetary system were particularly telling. The very last thing that govt’s in London, Brussels, or Washington, DC want to see is an established Western country secede from a monetary system and join another in an orderly fashion because if that happens it will allay fears about the Russian / Chinese / Iranian bit to replace the $US as the global reserve currency and encourage Eurozone nations to quit the European Single Currency system.
Political secession is bad enough and is a constant worry for the bureaucrats who run the EU which not only hopes to expand Europe into the middle east and north Africa (or create a superstate, Eurasia as George Orwell called it in ‘1984’) but also establish itself someday as a perpetual union governed by a totalitarian bureaucratic dictatorship with no Get Out Of Jail cards on the board. A successful withdrawal from a major global currency, even if to join the EU monetary system later, would imply that countries have monetary options other than being absorbed wholesale (and permanently) by the EU.

When we get a vote of an independent England I’m voting ‘Yes’ although I’d rather see us split four ways with Anglia, Mercia and Wessex becoming a federal province of Europe and The Danelaw joining an economic union with Scotland, Ireland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden. We might become an economic basket case but at least WE’D KNOW HOW TO THROW PARTY.

East Ukraine Votes For Independence: Turnout Reported "Off The Charts"

News just in from Ukraine (via Zero Hedge):

The most significant geopolitical event of the day is the east Ukraine independence referendum taking place in various cities across the region, less than two months after the Crimean case study which saw the region split away from Ukraine and join Russia, despite the fervent warnings by Kiev and the west that the result of the “rigged election” would not be accepted by anyone. As it turned out then, it only needed to be accepted by Russia which promptly took over the Black Sea territory. Today’s vote is a carbon copy of what happened in Crimea, with the locals almost certain to vote in Independence from Kiev (even over Putin’s “objections” who has managed to distance himself from the vote if quite willingly will accept its outcome), followed by another vote that annexes east Ukraine (and subsequently Transnistria) to Russia, promptly followed by the adoption of the Ruble as the regional currency.

So they voted for independence from Kiev, no surprise there, next week they will vote to apply for membership The Russian Federation. Off the Charts however, what does that mean. Has the devilution campaign emulated the electoral success of Barack Obama’s 2012 campaign by scoring over 100% of the vote in some areas?

Scottish Referendum Bias Row – Boggart Blog Exclusive

The question to be asked in the Scottish independence referendum is at the centre of a row as the electoral commission ruled the wording was biased.

Alex Salmond’s preferred wording for question for the Scottish independence referendum was rejected as “biased” by the independent watchdog that will oversee the vote today.

Boggart Blog can bring you an exclusive preview of the question Mr. Salmond is holding out for. It reads:

Do you want Scotland to become fully independent of the perfidious Sassernachs, or do you want us to send Wee Mental Davy, Psycho McPhee and their mates round to discuss the issues with you.

The Voting Dead (series 2)

One of the bizarre features of American politics is that due to some cock – eyed interpretation of a clause in their beloved constitution people turning up to vote on election day are allowed to carry guns but are not required to carry any proof of identity.

This has led to some bizarre results over the years because a common practice that is said to have begun in Chicago in the Al Capone era involves dead people voting. Yes, forget the black and hispanic demographic, the corporate professional demographic, the over 60s demographic and the multi – gun – owning, pickup – truck – driving, Jesus loving, burger chomping demographic, it’s the zombie demographic that swings elections in America. The practice spread from the windy city and now goes on in every marginal constitution with officials at all levels of government from Senators and Congressmen down to local dog catchers and parks superintendents having to canvass the voting dead to ensure victory.

Quite the most insane election result of the November 6 election was in one of the Florida St. Lucie constituency where the election of a congressman produced a total turnout of 141% of the electorate according to some sources (most of them on Twitter it must be said).

That would mean people who last cast a living vote in a year that richard Nixon was elected had turned out to help choose their congressman. But is it unreasonable to expect that an election official might notice that a prospective voter had grey, decaying flesh, moved is a strange jerky way, stank a bit and stopped on his way to the polling booth to eat the security officer.

The Saint Lucie constituency BTW is still counting votes a week after the election.

Such political enthusiasm is only dreamed of in Britain.

Zombie Apocalypse

The AV Vote

I haven’t been able to get excited about the AV vote. The Yes campaign totally screwed up and allowed their opponent to get away with making it seem complicated.

Also both sides managed to be so boring nobody cares.

So I guess for the rest of my life I will carry on being faced with the cjhance to vote not for who Iv want to represent me but to vote against the candidate I most don’t want to represent me.

As somebody quite famous once said, “If voting changed anything, they’d abolish it.”

It looks like we have.

The Politics Of Embarrassing Diseases

Yesterday we reported on the imminent changes to the way we elect our government and how Nick Clegg’s obession with developing his plan for Alternative Votes (AV) will help him take over the world is causing him to morph into Frank Sidebottom.

Today we can bring you news of Labour’s proposed alternative to Alternate Votes. Somewhat surprisingly as they had 13 years in power and did nothing to address the problems with the outmoded first past the post system, since being ousted Labour have become very enthusiastic about electoral reform. They have in fact become very enthusiastic about anything that will stitch up the Lib Dems and prevent there being any coalitions in future.

Labour do not like Frank Sideb… Nick Clegg’s idea for AV. They would prefer a system called STV.

If that means Sexually Transmitted Vote I’m all for it but I can’t decide if I will be voting for Caroline Flint (Labour) or Nicola Blackwood (Conservative)

caro-flint nicola-blackwood

Caroline Flint (Labour) and Nicola Backwood (Conservative)

More humour every day at Boggart Blog

Who Is Nick Clegg Morphing Into?

I’m getting seriously worried about Nick Clegg. There was always something of the arrested adolescent about him but recently his performances had taken on the aura of a young lad who doen’t have many friends and spends too much time alone in the shed at the end of his Mum’s garden.

Nick is not shaping up like a deputy Prime Minister at all. Deputy Prime Ministers, according to Parliamentary precendent, are supposed to punch people and eat pies.

lord-of-the-piesA Typical Deputy Prime Minister

Young Nick however is more interested in working out world domination schemes on a piece of paper. Yesterday he stood before Parliament and revealed how he plans to put the Great back in Great Britain using only the Alternative Vote referendum, a photograph of Mrs. Merton, a plastic lettuce and a replica of The Queen’s teeth.

Nick’s plans are big on ambition but a tad short on detail. Detail like how he is going to get a nation of people who know all politicians are crooks and liars and can’t be arsed voting in a General election that will affect their income, how much tax they pay and whether they have any jobs, electricity, gas or water to turn out and vote for a change in a voting system they don’t take part in anyway.

Nick has not spent a lot of time on trivia like that. He’s very enthusiastic about Alternative Votes and assumes every one else is too. So he sits in his Mum’s shed every day and works out how his army of Alternative Votes will advance into Labour heartlands like Timperley and win an overall majority for the Lib Dems.

Now who does he remind you of in this new photo?

Nick Clegg looking pensive as he contemplates electoral reform.