Privatization of Water as an Owned Commodity Rather Than a Universal Human Right

water privatisation argentina
What water privatisation has mean in Argentina

Not so long ago, towards the end of last year, I used the words of John Lennon to provide a perspective on the psychopathic views expressed by the CEO of one of the world’s leading food processing companies. Lennon said, “Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives. I think we’re being run by maniacs for maniacal ends and I think I’m liable to be put away as insane for expressing that. That’s what’s insane about it”

He spoke the truth of course and what’s worse, when he died in 1981 things were a lot less insane that they are now.

I used that quote in a short blog post highlighting a statement made by the boss of Nestle who was expressing the view that water cannot be owned by everything and must be privatised so greedy, fascistic corporations like the one he runs can profit from it. (See the blog post with video)

The question of when water becomes property is one that nobody has yet attempted to answer. The US Government has already taken to jailing people for collecting in barrels rainwater that falls on the rooves of their home and outbuilding, for building ponds on their land to collect rainfall and for allowing farm animals to drink public property from streams and lakes.

We did warn of what was on the way, everything the increasingly tyrannical administration of The Emperor Obama are doing in violation of the US Constitution and The Geneva Convention was detailed in the policy document released by the United Nations under the title Agenda 21 which promises the abolition of private property. Well Obama may be leading the race to fascism, but we and our EU partners are being dragged that way too.

It will be interesting to see how our infallible, omnipotent leaders plan to seek restitution from the Sun, when our star’s rays cause rainclouds, or government assets of surface water to evaporate, thus destroying valuable resources the government planned to license to corporate water merchants when the vapour had condensed enough to fall to earth. They are still working on that one, meanwhile the idea that water is not a naturally occurring thing but an economic asset is taking hold.

from News Beacon Ireland

Join the resistance now, before the shits demand the skin off your back.

Agenda 21: Wyoming welder faces $75,000 a day in EPA fines for building pond on his property
Agenda 21 may not have gained much traction here in Europe yet but it is forging ahead with its agenda of seizing control of private property and abolishing individual freedom in the USA where the fascist excesses of The Emperor Obama and his tyrannical administration are at war with the people. Think I’m exaggerating? Fools…
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That’s just taking the piss out of taxpayers

A drinking water reservoir that serves Portland, Oregon’s population of 500,000 was shut down and drained recently after a 21-year-old man was caught having a slash in it.

According to, officials took the Mount Tabor reservoir offline and dumped its more than 7.8 million gallons of drinking water after officials observed the man relieving himself into its waters, an act that he could not deny as it was recorded by video surveillance cameras.

Though a pint of peepee among around 65 million pints of water is approaching homeopathic levels of dilution and therefore is hardly a threat to the city’s water supply, and with the reservoir being situated in open country surely worse things have found their way into the water, Portland Water Bureau Administrator David Shaff decided to drain the reservoir as a political move, hoping his prompt action will impress the voters.

As the action will cost taxpayers upwards of $400,000 to fully remediate it might turn out to be politically counterproductive. When asked about this strange decision, Shaff admitted that draining the reservoir has nothing to do with science but immediately conjured up images of people drinking pee so as to justify it.’

Don’t know what the fuss is about, Hindus and Buddhists drink their own piss as a diet supplement, preverts pay good money to drink other people’s and Africans have no choice but to drink water from very small pools that very large elephants have pissed in. And how many of us have at some time drunk a can of supermarket own brand lager?

Peruvian Scientists Reinvent The Wheel

Peru’s University of Engineering and Technology (UTEC) was about to open the applications for the period 2013, so they needed to get students’ attention.

Lima, the capital of Peru, and its surrounding villages such as Bujama are located in the coastal desert region. In this region many people suffer from a lack of clean and potable water.

“Here in Bujama district most of us draw water from the well. It’s not nice and it’s polluted,” said Francisco Quilca, a Bujama’s district representative.

The rain in this region is almost zero, but its atmospheric humidity is about 98%. Inspired by this (and by a nice big research grant from a United Nations agency), the University of Technology and Engineering (UTEC) built the first billboard that produces drinking water out of the air. The billboard which displays public information has unique technology that captures the air humidity and turns it into drinking water. The head of UTEC described it as a gigantic breakthrough in water purification.

He told the media, “Each generator captures the air humidity and from there it goes to a reverse osmosis system. Each tank stores about 5.28 gallons of water. These 5 generators purify the vital liquid and its total is gathered in one tank,” said one of UTEC’s engineers involved in the project.

Fuck me, what an amazing scientific breakthrough. They’re reinvented the dehumidifier. I know Peru is a bit backward but FFS this is a University we are talking about, you’d think somebody had hear of the kind of machine my dear old Mum had in her flat until we sorted the damp problem out.

D’you think the United Nations would give me a grant if I said I had come up with this idea for arranging a couple disc on an axle fitted to a box with handles. I call it a wheelbarrow and I’m sure nobody has thought of anything like it before.

A Comedy Of Errors At The Theatre of Dreams

I have to say I was tempted just to leave the title, it sums up my visit to Old Trafford yesterday quite beautifully.

Firstly I was aked to remove the bottle top from my newly purchased bottle of water.

Good grief did they think I was a terrorist?

No, they thought I might actually be able to do some damage hurling my bottle top towards the pitch from my position in row 236 of the stands.

So having established base camp we attained the summit of Old Trafford whereupon I noticed in my exertions I now only had a third of a bottle of water left, the rest having been slopped out as we juggled with ice picks, crampons and belaying ropes on our ascent up the North East Face of the football stadium.

At which point I did of course throw my nearly empty bottle away in disgust, managing to knock off a stewards high vis jacket and soak several tiers of Scholes’ Rooneys’ and Giggs’ into the bargain.

The pies from the stand one level above base camp proved to be completely inedible, the filling looking like it had been deposited there by our latest kitten, Bascule, but made much better missiles, even coming in aluminium trays that could then be scrunched up into a firm ball, thus giving superior aerodynamic qualities to the plastic bottle top.

A further weapon in our arsenal was the stadium bought burger, which flew like a frisbee, but had the added benefit of a coating of flour on the surface of the bap which was dissseminated during flight causing irritation to the eyes of all those within three feet of its trajectory.

But enough of the over zealous officials, ooh just an aside here I got told off at the swimming pool the other day for leaving a trail of water from the poolside and into the changing rooms. Not quite sure how you are meant to keep the floor dry when you’ve just emerged fom 100,000 cubic metres of water, but there you go and yes you have guessed correctly, I do now make sure I take the scenic route through the changing room to my locker, a good cozzie can hold up to a gallon you know. tee hee.

Anyway back to the comedy ogf errors. Yes in true Shaklespearean fashion Man U players seemed to be confused by the similarity of the chaps in yellow to those of their team-mates in red and kept on giving the ball away every time they got near the goal. I find myself today with a rather painful wrist which I can only put down to RSI from slapping my hand to my forehead whilst yelling “Oh good grief!”

Still they managed to score in the end and it was a great day out, not actually been to Old Trafford since 1968, it’s changed a bit!

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Womens’ Legs Are Destroying The Planet

Now that everybody except the kind of people who insist Apple gadgets are great technological advances for humanity rather than toys to amuse the simple minded has come to the understanding that the role of carbon dioxide pollution in driving climate chaos is about as significan as a flea bite on an elephants arse, we turn our attention to other threats to the human race (and I’m not talking about Torchwood here).

CO2 pollution was about creating an excuse to impose massive carbon taxes. Now that avenue of income generation is all but closed to governments they must seek other ways to steal from us or like Gaddafi simply say “Give me all the money or I’ll send my goons to kill you”.

Water shortage is one threat nobody likes to talk about. We are dragging water out of the bowels of the earth (how Bear Grylls is that?) polluting it with chemicas and shite and dumping it in the sea faster than nature can replenish it. And as those of us in new properties with water meters are already paying through the nose there isn’t much scope for generating extra revenue through taxes.

Thus the powers that be must try to scare or shame us into using less.

This is the reasoning behind a report out today which estimatates that 50 billion litres of water a year are being wasted by women shaving their legs.

This seems a tad on the low side to me. I asked the Boggart Blog technical team to run an investigation and they found that my daughter’s leg shaving related activities used around 49 billion litres each month.


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Great News For Climate Science Fans.

After the Copenhagen fiasco many people wrote off the Cancun conference held this week as a waste of time, space and huge carbon footprints.

But from Cancun comes news of what is probably the greatest breakthrough yet in the fight against global warming. Delegates including some of the world’s top climate scientists (those people who like to tell anyone expressing scepticism about their science “If you are not a scientist yourself you can’t understand science.) have signed a petition calling for the banning of one of the greatest contributors to global warming.

Dihydrogen Monoxide, a chemical used in all the most polluting industrial processes as well as in power stations, food preparation and many other activities has so far escaped the attention of people campaigning against carbon.

A group of activists at Cancun have taken their campaign to the conference and made the delegates aware of the dangers this chemical compound poses. As soon as they were made aware of the problem the delegates and scientists could not wait to lend their names in support of a total global ban on the use of dihydrogen monoxide (chemical symbol H2O)

As for us poor punters, if water (H2O) is banned we’ll just have to drink beer.

How stupid must those people who tried to diss climate science feel now? Trust the scientists, they’re always right even when they don’t know what they’re talking about.

See the anti-H2O campaigners in action.

Another example of the uselessness of scientists came up earlier at Cancun when a “climate scientist” delivered a paper warning how much sea level would rise if an ice shelf off Antarctica breaks away from the main ice cap and floats north into warmer climes where it will melt.

Have you spotted the first year science the scientist didn’t know.

That’s right. Sea ice, floating ice, displaces water so as the ice shelf melts sea levels will not rise one millimetre.

Isn’t science great? It lets you be wrong about everything and still be right.

Water Bottles At Dawn

Remeber when you were young, if you were thirsty you went to the tap and drew a glass of water? Unless of course it was Thursday or Friday when the Corona man had been, in which case there would be two bottles of intriguingly bright fizzy pop.

At school you got a bottle of milk at morning break, frozen in the depths of winter, warm as the school year neared its end in the height of summer.

Lunchtime, the dinner ladies filled huge metal jugs from the tap and walked around pouring out glasses of water for anyone who wanted them.
Back home you might get a glass of squash to put you on till teatime when you had a nice cup of tea and finally perhaps a glass of milk to go to bed.

Adults had pretty much a similar pattern, only they drank tea or coffee at elevenses and probably had a nice Morning Coffee or Digestive biscuit to go with it.

Then we had a weird revolution in our drinking habits. We were urged to drink more water, offices began to install water coolers, people started buying water in plastic bottles, and walking about drinking all the time.
School children were allowed to bring bottles of water into the classroom and keep them on their desks continually flipping open the sports caps and sucking at them like babies, all the bloody time.

At the end of the day the bottles would be discarded and Mum would provide a fresh bottle the next day.

People partaking in sport had the ever present bottle of designer water and would break off from their activity to glug down a half pint of Evian. I’ve even seen people stop swimming to take a drink from their bottle on the side of the pool, and although I am no Becky Adlington I am usually the fastest person in the pool, knocking in the lengths one-and-a-half to two times as fast as the other swimmers, without even breaking a sweat.

Professional sportsmen take every opportunity to grab a drink, well you can understand it with the endurance athletes, marathon runners and road racing cyclists who are making a sustained effort for an hour or more, but footballers and rugby players, every tine the match is stopped there they are, gathered round the trainer having a drink. I couldn’t believe it when we went to watch Leeds RUFC, these former stalwarts of sporting excellence who used to play 80 minutes of gruelling rugby, battling through oceans of mud with a ball that weighed half a stone before it got soaked through, whose clothing was made of thick, heavy cotton and boots of the sturdiest leather, who would stop play after forty minutes to have half an orange before resuming the game after a breath catching 10 minute break at the most.

Not anymore. Every time the ref blew for a scrum or a line out, which disappointingly was about every five minutes, the waterboy was on the pitch, dispensing drinks to all and sundry from his little carrying tray of plastic bottles.

How did we fall for this? Civilisations have waxed and waned over the centuries, great artistic, architectural, logistical and engineering feats have been achieved without the aid of plastic bottles of designer water.

Did Michael Angelo take so long doing the Cistene Chapel ceiling because he kept stopping to have a swig from his bottle of Pelegrino?
Did the Egyptians only manage to build one great Pyramid because they also had to transport gallons of water along with the huge blocks of stone?

Would democracy have been founded in Ancient Greece if they had never managed to get a decent discussion going because someone needed a quick slug of the H20?

Would the history of the modern world be radically different if Hitler had a) kept his troops well watered and b) disrupted the bottled water supplies to the rest of Europe?

But at last, we appear to be recovering from this bout of superior hydrocephaly, sales of bottled water have fallen by 9% over the last two years. Restaurants are happier to provide a jug of tap, and the punters are happier to ask for one.

Indeed the bottled water industry is preparing to fight back, it has created a new body, the Natural Hydration Council, a consortium of the industries bigger suppliers, to try and stem the flow of people turning their back on this over hyped, over expensive commodity.
Taking the industry in a slightly different direction the NHC is trying to make a niche for itself in the soft drinks markets. It argues that bottled water is a soft drink, just like Coke, Tango, Pepsi et al.
The only difference is that you can’t get a glass of coke from the kitchen tap virtually free.

The Greenness of Livingstone’s Lav.

The news that it is over a year and a half since London’s Mayor “Red” Ken Livingstone last flushed his toilet after having a wee made the Boggart Blog team suspect we smelled a conspiracy.
Where p[oliticians are concerned nothing can ever be taken at face value so what could lie behind the Mayor’s attempts to turn himself from Red to Green (or to be more accurate, yellow?)
Could it be he reckons on attracting the senior citizen vote by making his home smell of piss?

Ken Livingstone – Beacon of Islam or Bonfire Of The Vanities

Pissed off.

At Boggart Blog we are naturally always very interested in water because boggarts are dependent on H2O for their existence. So whenever we hear about water shortages we pay special attention. The strange thing is, we can’t see any shortage. So it must be a scam.
The Boggart supreme council have discussed this and we reckon “they” have a plan to make nasty greeny – brown stuff come out of taps so we will all be forced to rush out and buy bottled water when we are already paying for our tap water. Now there is nothing wrong with tap water (except around London.) Tap water is pure and clean and very good for you (except around London) so why do we want to rush out and buy natural spring water from the volcanic hills of Ruritania which is more like London tap water than London tap water is like tap water from anywhere else.
The problem with Ruritanian natural spring water from the volcanic hills is that ten million volcanic sheep have pissed in it. OK, so it has been dribbling down through volcanic rock (which is full of sulphur and shit) for a thousand years but is thousand year old sheep piss any better than fresh sheep piss.
London water is all recycled of course, so ten million people have pissed in it quite recently. Including Pete Doherty.
But back to the scam. If there is a so much good water coming out of the taps why are the water companies trying to panic us into buying bottled water.
Well it may just be a coincidence but most of our public utility companies that supply water to our taps are owned by French companies. The same French companies as supply expensive diluted bottle sheep piss to supermarkets.

You will be happy to know Boggart Blog has assigned its entire team of Boggart undercover underwater investigative reporters to monitor water scams throughout the summer.