Biggest U Turn In The History Of Left Wing Hypocrisy?

(caption)  Muhammad overwhelmed by fundamentalists
(bubble) It’s hard to be loved by idiots

Shortly after the terror attack on the offices and staff of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, Nick Lowles, a director of far left campaign group Hope Not Hate has performed an outrageous u-turn on the group’s position on the content of Charlie Hebdo which often satirizes religion and fundamentalist Islam in partiular. Following the barbaric attack with resulted in the deaths of twelve people yesterday including the magazine’s editor and its top cartoonists Lowles tweeted:

“@hopenothate offer their sincere condolences and solidarity with the staff of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo”

In a statement on their website yesterday Hopenothate posted:

“Charlie Hebdo is well-known for its often satirical cartoons and articles, some of which caused deep offence to some. However, there is absolutely nothing which can then be used to justify such horrendous killings.”

In stark contrast however in 2012 Lowles was writing on the group’s web site that the staff and publishers of magazines such as Charlie Hebdo “know full well that an incendiary video, poster, cartoon or burning will create a reaction from extremists across the world.

“Last week there was the Innocence of Muslims video. This week we have a French satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo, publishing obscene cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad. Next week we will have Pam Geller’s outrageous “savage” posters.

“These Muslim haters know that any stupid stunt is going to cause a reaction, and probably a violent one at that…. The Muslim haters know that the images of Islamists attacking buildings and murdering people only reinforce the view of some that Islam is a violent and intolerant religion….”

“These extremists don’t speak for anyone except themselves and if the mainstream majority – of all faiths and none – don’t speak up soon and isolate the extremists then the downward spiral of violence and extremism will continue.”

That’s a bit different from expressing “solidarity” Mr. Lowles.

As this blog has always said, when someone describes their views as ‘left wing’ think to yourself, ‘hypocrite’.

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Web Links Penalised – I Told You Google Were Evil

Boggart Blog has always said Google are evil, “don’t be evil, that’s our job,” is the corporate motto. Which is why they see nothing wrong with manipulating search results and introducing ‘penalties’ for ehat they say is manipulation of search results but which in fact is for the purpose of manipulating search results for Google’s benefit.

If your site is doing too well and is not making any revenue for google (i.e. buying traffic via the adwords system) you could very well get hit. The latest Google scam is imposing a penalty on sites that used guest bloggers to boost their content.

Apparently even if you are reproducing a public domain document of undoubted quality by a well known philosopher or writer who work is acknowledged to be of the highest standard, Google may see it as spam content. And if somebody’s site is hit with a penalty for such content, it can cost the owner their livelihood.

Read more about how Google cheat web users and web site owners in the article below from Web Pro News. And then ask yourself why do we put up with these evil shits.

Google Has Reputable Sites Afraid To Link Naturally

By: Chris Crum | Staff Writer, Web Pro News

And the freaking out continues….

As mentioned in a previous post, Google has reignited the link removal hysteria by going after guest blog posts. People who have written guests posts on other sites over the years are now rushing to have their links removed just in case Google doesn’t like them, and decides to penalize their sites. Who can blame them when Google is in fact penalizing sites for guest posts?

Have you tried to have any links removed since Google started cracking down on guest blogging? Would you seek to remove all guest post links if Google were to give you an unnatural link warning? Let us know in the comments.

This may have been a perfectly acceptable practice for years on the Internet, but Google has now decided that it doesn’t like it much, and is making people pay.

Of course the message has been that guest blogging for SEO is bad, but high quality guest posts for editorial purposes are just fine. The problem is you’re leaving it up to Google’s judgment, and that might not be the same as yours. Because of this, people are also wondering if they need to put nofollows on all guest blog links.

The thing about this is that some might argue that high quality guest posts should be counted as a signal of quality in a person’s favor, and by extension in their site’s favor through a link. That can provide encouragement for some to write these posts. But Google is probably looking at that as a “link scheme,” even if it seems perfectly legit to everybody else.
Econsultancy, a respected digital marketing and ecommerce resource site, announced (via Search Engine Roundtable) that it is “taking a safety first approach. That means adding nofollow links in the bios of guest bloggers”.

Continue reading Google Has Reputable Sites Afraid To Link Naturally at Web Pro News

Men No Longer Hitting On Jordan

It was quite a surprise today to learn that 85% of the people who visit the website of Jordan (aka Katie Price) are women. A disturbingly high proportion are in fact young women hoping to pick up some tips on how to become a professional tits out for the boys model. These girls see the pneumatic Ms. Price as a role model whose example will guide and inspire them in their quest to make £millions by getting unfeasibly large breasts, a botox face and a trout pout.

Of the men who do hit Jordan’s page most are looking for older pictures when the plastic passionella looked slightly human. Not many men are interested in Miss Chavvy (2009 version).

There is a valuable lesson for Jordan wannabees in that. Blokes are not that turned on by the idea of feeling up sacks of silicon or kissing collagen hard lips. There is no warmth or allure in a botulin smile no matter how much its owner is being paid for revelations about her body functions in OK magazine.

Go down the road Jordan has taken and soon the only men available will be Peter Andre duhalikes.

You have been warned.

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