Infant Kiev? Schoolboy Maryland? Children for lunch!

Sometime the fringe websites I tour every day to bring you the most startling and thought provoking news items throw up some unexpected treats.

Like this story:

“Tales of Black-Eyed children have been circling the globe since the late 1990′s and they are not your ordinary loving children, they are downright terrifying.

These demon children are the result of a breading program between the Alien/Nephilim (Satan’s offspring) and human women, resulting in a hybrid which has a human body that cannot be distinguished from a true human being, other than when they choose to flash you their wicked black eyes. They have the ability to network their minds, they can read your mind, and they can read your emotions. They have also been known to shape shift and become invisible or morph their bodies into something else.”

A “breading” program for children? Kinderschitzel? That’s what I want for my lunch. But what will these crazy chefs come up with next. Infant kiev?

Breading children (this link is provided for verification only, the story is insane)

For a better link (to the works of a seriously good poet – ahem) try this: Beautiful Children (with no love in their eyes)

Willy Watching Online?

The owner of the some of the world’s most heavily used pornography websites has been extradited to Germany after being arrested in Belgium on suspicion of tax evasion

Fabian Thylmann, a reclusive 34-year-old German who lives in Belgium, is in a Cologne police cell after his extradition last week.

Thylmann’s company, Manwin, owns several internet sites including YouPorn, which is modelled on YouTube, and Pornhub which are among the most popular websites on the planet. Manwin has offices in Luxembourg, Britain, Germany, Canada, Cyprus and the United States.

But what caught our attention about this case was the name of the German prosecutor who handled the extradition: Alf Wiliwacher.