Swedish Municipalities cut services to Swedes to cover cost of taking in migrants

Eight out of ten civic authorities in Sweden will have to slash basic public services provided to residents who have paid their civic taxes for years in order to offset the astronomical cost of taking in, housing, feeding and caring for thousands of uneducated, illiterate, unemployable, welfare-dependent migrants.

The survey found that 46 percent of authorities reported they have had to draw up plans to drastically reduce disability services, while half said that they would be forced to make serious spending cuts in individual and family care to save money, SVT News reports.

Göran Eriksson, the city manager of Bengstfors, a small town in Western Sweden told SVT that his municipality would not be able to fund the increasing costs of social services and welfare programs for immigrants without help from the federal government. Costs are increased due to the fact that many of the migrants refuse to learn even basic Swedish and interpreters hve to be employed.

Bengstfors faces a 2.4 million budget deficit for the current financial year and hopes to decrease that deficit by slashing social services and maintenance costs.

“The situation is strained, and we now are forced to take some effort after the council has decided on a new budget for 2020,” said Eriksson, adding “I think there are two reasons. We have been generous and received many new arrivals, but basically, it is also a demographic problem. We have an aging population and the municipality is shrinking.”

To reduce the cost of supporting Sweden’s continuing acceptance of overwhelming numbers of immigrants, state organizations tasked with promoting for migrant integration will be merged with those focused on welfare and employment. Money budgeted for subsidizing healthcare for schoolchildren and preschools will also be slashed. Street light usage is to be reduced by 20 percent and snow plowing will only occur when large amounts of snow are on the road.

Back in Voice of Europe reported that the city officials of Bengstfors had reached out to the federal government for a financial bail out because the municipality was facing bankruptcy having taken in too many welfare-dependent migrants.

Stig Bertilsson, a local politician of the center-right Moderate Party, explained the problem to reporters, saying: “Costs in municipalities that have received new arrivals have continued to be substantial even when government revenues have stopped. This creates a large negative hole in the municipal cash register.”

As Charles Dickens’ character Wilkins Micawber would have said, “Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen pounds, nineteen shillings and six pence – result happiness; annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure twenty pounds and sixpence – result misery.

Denmark Gives Large Bonuses To Get Migrants To Work – How Is That Fair To Danes

Doner Kebab shop in Copenhagen: When will Danish government subsidise kebabs to create more work for immigrant kebab stuffers? (Image source)

In a move that tells us much about what is wrong with the politically correct Cultural Marxism that dominates European politics, the government of Denmark has announced a plan to persuade migrants to work for a living instead of claiming state handouts by offering companies 40,000 kroner to hire them.

This new plan for migrants is part of the ‘integration basic education’ plan that hopes to get migrants working so they are not as huge a drain in the Danish welfare system as they are becoming more and more in places like Germany and Austria. It is difficult to see any logic behind that, surely it is no more expensive to pay out doles than to employ people who have no skills and cannot speak the national language to do nothing. How many office cleaners and kebab stuffers does a small country like Denmark need?

The programme announcement follows the leaking to Danish media of figures showing non-Western migrants made up a startling 84 per cent of all Danes on welfare. Migrants currently cost the government around 1.1 billion pounds every year.

TheLocal.dk reports the new programme aims to get migrants into short-term jobs at an apprentice salary of around 50 to 120 kroner an hour. This is the equivalent of around 12 pounds an hour which is almost double the current wage for British apprentices who are paid a minimum of £6.70 an hour, although that will increase to £7.20 in April.

The migrant jobs will last up to two years and they will also be offered 20 week courses to increase their skill development and further their education. The companies that participate in the scheme will also be eligible for a bonus of 40,000 kroner (£4,179), if the migrants remain employed for the two-year term of the contract.

The Danes will also pay for accommodation for the migrants who take part, making sure that they are able to live close to their employer or at least in the same city or town. Relocation and transportation costs will likely also be paid for by the state.

This is just another example of the wrong headedness of political elites, it will do nothing to help integrate new immigrants into Danish society, but by sending out the message that foreigners are given special treatment and their interests are prioritised over those of local people it will encourage more to come and thus make the crisis worse.

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£1 Billion Migrant Bill:Remain Campaign Rattled As Welfare Spending Soars


David Cameron with Europe’s three Presidents (which should tell you all you need to know about how bloated EU bureaucracy is; ‘Gaulieter’ Martin Schultz, who says public opinion is irrelevant; Donald Tusk who says the European Council with veto and deal that benefits Britain; and bottom, Jean Claude Drunkard, President of the EU commission who has brandy for breakfast

The UK welfare system is expected to pay out more than £1 billion to unemployed European Union (EU) migrants, government data has revealed. The figure does not include spending on the estimated 1 million plus non-EU illegal immigrants in the country. The findings will come as a major blow for the campaign led by David Cameron and supported by most of the Labour party (and even Jeremy Corbyn a longtime opponent of the EU is supporting ‘In’ although in a very lukewarm way) to keep Britain in the EU. Supporters of the ‘Brexit’ campaigns have argued that they demonstrate what anti – EU campaigners have wanted for a long time, that there is an urgent need to reclaim control of our own borders.

This news will be particularly hurtful to the IN campaign because one of their main (though entirely dishonest) arguments is that being in the EU brings our economy net benefits.

In 2013/14, British taxpayers forked out a whopping £886million for unemployed EU migrants living in the UK, and a further £814 million for EU migrants in work, according to a government paper. Ironically, it was released in support of a dossier entitled The Best of Both Worlds, which aims to make the government’s case for Britain remaining within the EU.

In the foreword to the report, the Prime Minister David Cameron wrote: “Our special status gives us the best of both worlds. We will be in the parts of Europe that work for us – influencing the decisions that affect us, in the driving seat of the world’s biggest market and with the ability to take action to keep our people safe.”

But the government was not keen to release the report, and Mr Cameron’s own MPs have ridiculed him. Philip Davies, MP for Shipley told The Express: “It’s amazing we’ve got some figures at last, but one has to question how reliable they are. He’s right; with the supposedly politically neutral civil service having backed IN (bigger bureaucratic empires, bigger jollies for civil servants) the figure could well be deliberately understated, and the issue has been misreported by mainstream media and the ultra globalist BBC.

“It’s quite clear that immigration has gone up recently so the figures must be well over a billion pounds now, even by the Government’s own estimates.

“At last we are laying bare the huge cost of being a member of the EU. The changes the Prime Minister has negotiated are trifling – the only way to restrict benefits to EU migrants is to leave the EU.”

The eye-watering figures, and the failure to renegotiate a better deal have led to a number of pro-Brexit politicians warning that the only way to take control of immigration from the EU, and the welfare payments that come with it, is to leave the EU. It is also the only way to limit the flow of illegal immigrants into the country after they have illegally entered the EU through countries that cannot or choose not to enforce border controls.

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Everything You Need To Know About The Greek Crisis.

Those people who think I have suddenly become a right wing extremist because I have been supporting UKIP’s anti – EU, anti – Global Government stance and their resistance to the political mainstreams war on European cultures by be surprised to know that I was hoping for the Greek General Election to deliver a convincing victory for ‘extreme’ according to the Euronazis in Brussels and their friends in mainstream media) left-wing party Syriza.

The point is Syriza, while not actually anti – EU (and their are few anywhere who are totally against the European nations sticking together to form a powerful trading bloc against global hegemony by the USA, or the rapidly emerging counter USA bloc led by Russia, China and Iran. What Syriza are against is not simply Brussels imposed austerity as you will read and hear, but the surrender of the elected Greek Parliament’s sovereign powers to unelected EU bureaucrats.

But what gave impetus to the rise of Syriza from a fringe Marxist group to a party of government. And what pressures led them to form a coalition with a right wing party rather than any of the pro – Brussels groups of the soft left?

Anybody who does the Greek debt arithmetic (and it sometimes seems that nobody in Brussels, Berlin or the British media actually does – or can,) knows that Greece cannot repay its external debts, now around 170% of GDP, without a level of pain that is simply beyond the tolerance of democratic societies’. Furthermore, because of rules imposed by Brussels on members of the Euro single currency system in relation to welfare, immigration and financial policy, even with interest rates at or close to zero per cent, Greece could not repay existing debt as fast as it needs to borrow new money to stay afloat.

So the voters in Greece have elected to end their humiliation by the ‘Troika’ (EU/IMF/Capitalist Bankers) punitive austerity programme, by voting for a party that promises to unilaterally write off a large part of the debt.

It is widely believed (thanks to misinformation from Brussels and misreporting in mainstream media) that Greece’s bailout by the Troika, to the tune of 226 billion euros, was mainly aimed at keeping the bankrupt Greek state afloat, maintaining its basic operations and paying the salaries of its overpaid, skiving public workers.


The bulk of the bailout money actually went to the country’s banks and foreign creditors, mostly French and German banks. In other words, more than 80 per cent of the bailout funds were used to indemnify, either directly or indirectly, the financial sector (both Greek and foreign) against losses incurred due to their irresponsible lending to bad risk clients. Neither the Greek state nor it’s people saw any tangible benefit.

What happened in Greece is also what was done in South America Eastern Europe. Disaster capitalism. Setting in train a deliberate policy aimed at bringing entire countries to their knees by first encouraging debt by making cheap money available, then imposing predatory conditions, and then using the ensuing chaos and smouldering ruins to take full control over their political, economic and social systems.

The oligarchs supported by the bureaucrats of the Troika were not expecting the likes of left-wing Syriza Party, libertarian UKIP, or right wing groups like France’s FN or the Sweden Democrats to offer voters a way to defy the globalist oligarchical power grab. It will be interesting to see what attempts the EU will make to overturn this vote or what punitive measures will by inflicted upon Greece as a Nazi / Soviet style warning that the new mood of defiance should not spread to Rome, Paris, Madrid, Lisbon and others.

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