Bear It And Grin

There’s stupidity, there’s carelessness and there is ineptitude of such monumental proportions that is borders on genius. Now I would be the last person to assume someone who has to take a job dressing up as a Disney character was not very bright. The person could have a hundred very good reasons for accepting such employment.

On the other hand, the kind of person who signs up for the job and then fails spectacularly to live up to the job description probably deserves no sympathy. Even so we have to feel a little compassion for this dork.

bear willie

It wouldn’t be inappropriate to ask “What was he thinking because he obviously wasn’t.

Get That CV In The Post, Boy!

Boggartblog is pleased to announce that it has found the perfect replacement for disgraced Sky Sports presenters Richard Keys and Andy Gray.

After supping a few pints 18 year old Jake Beaumont walked into his local Maccyd’s, slapped his willie on the counter and told the young lady assistant; “I want to go large!”

Get that CV in the post, boy, the job’s as good as yours!