Predictably, Krugman Flees the Scene

A while ago one of my readers took me to task for callingeconomics, krugman, wizard, economist Paul Krugman and elitist idiot and the scum sucking spawn of a pox whore’s scab louse (or something equally colourful).

“But you can’t say that about Krugman,” my reader said, “he won a nobel prize. And we know he’s very clever because he told us so, and he has a PhD.

I’ve always believed in what the Wizard of Oz said on the subject of clever, “You don’t need a brain, you just need a diploma.”

And Paul Krugman has enough diplomas to start a toilet paper factory. Sadly however it was his economic thinking that led American Democrat and Republican and British Labour Party governments to believe it was possible to fund ongoing prosperity by infinite borrowing, artificially inflating asset values to collateralise the debt.

It’s all smoke and mirrors of course, like Steinbeck’s monster, like Ponzi’s pyramid, the Krugman economy must grow because if it does not grow it dies. And when the lenders start to understand there will eventually not be enough money in the Krugman economy to pay the interest on accumlulated debt, they become very twitchy about lending more.

Only a complete cupid stunt would think that was a good way to run an economy. QED.

I’m not the only one who thinks Kurgman is a total wanker however. Read what The Daily Bell has to say about the ubiquitous bell – end. PheffingDee my arse.

Predictably, Krugman Flees the Scene

Here’s a preview:
As the West degenerates, as monetary systems fail, as war expands and the Leviathan produces endless, senseless laws and regulations that merely increase the destructive trends of globalism the Krugmans of the world have more and more difficulty justifying what is wrong.

Eventually, the cognitive dissonance becomes overwhelming and they attempt, finally and feebly, to simply jettison the vision they’ve been paid to vigorously defend. Here’s more on how Forbes puts it:

This is the world that Paul Krugman of the New York Times has defended for years. But in a column of August 24, “Galt, Gold and God,” he rails against an interest in the gold standard, which he attributes to Paul Ryan. Krugman lambastes Ryan, ironically enough, for an observation the latter made paraphrasing Keynes: “‘There is nothing more insidious that a country can do to its citizens,’ he intoned, ‘than debase its currency.'”

… Krugman would do well to dig into a classic: Goethe’s Faust, Part II. Scott Minerd, chief investment officer at Guggenheim, writing in the Financial Times recently, brilliantly called contemporary monetary policy “the ultimate Faustian bargain.” Paper money comes straight from Mephistopheles …

Prof. Krugman and his “plovers” have a propensity to dismiss their intellectual adversaries with infantile terms such as “derp.” It is easier, although lazy and louche, for Prof. Krugman to ignore the comments of world-respected officials, such as Herr Dr. Weidmann calling gold a “timeless classic.” Prof. Krugman chronically misrepresents marginal figures as significant. He sets up straw men for ridicule rather than grappling with proponents who make a rigorous case.

More on Kurgman’s big fail:

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Ghandi, Buddha, science tits and some common sense,

Recently I have found it hard to be amusing on this blog. The news being reported by mainstream media is a parody of what is actually going on in our world, and it is very difficult to parody a parody. Likewise when we try to satirise the antics of government supra national bureaucracy and corporations that are obviously telling us lies and we are then attacked by ‘useful idiots’ who are eager to tell us these same fascistic polictical and commercial organisations are wholly benign and we simply are not qualified to question them, the satirists task becomes impossible.

Earlier I was looking at a thread on an article about climate change which a science tit had claimed the notorious and totally discredited ‘hockey stick’ graph was right after all. One regular commenter in that forum who claims to be a science tit said, “The hockey stick was always right, the science is settled and only right wing nutters are interested in trying to pick at the theory until it unravels. A consensus of scientists agreed Mann’s hypothesis was correct and so it must be accepted as fact; that is how science works.”

Um, no it’s not actually. Science works by sceptics picking at the fabric of a theory until it unravels. If the hypothesis has any worth it does not unravel, then it can be considered a scientific fact.

I’m constantly reminded these days, when I encounter those people who wave their educational qualifacations at us or tell us “I’m a scientist,” as if that will put us in awe of their superior intellect as they parrot the propaganda of the govrnment – corporate alliance of a scene in The Wizard Of Oz (not my favourite film I hasten to point out)

Dorothy and her companions, the cowardly lion, the tin man and the straw man have arrived in Oz to ask the Wizard to grant their wishes. The straw man asks for a brain. The Wizard whose magic, as any fule kno, relies on smoke and mirrors, tells him, “If you want people to admire your intelligence you don’t need a brain, all you need is a diploma.”

how true those words have become in our modern, crazy world. Still I can take comfort from the words of Gandhi:

‘When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they can seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall. Think of it – always.’ ― Mohandas K Gandhi.

And if you want to discover the truth, The Buddha has some wise advice:

Believe nothing you hear or are taught without first testing it against your own experience and common sense.

Gary Trotter – Boggart Blog’s alternative boy wizaed

As most of you will know the final Harry Potter film in the series opened this week. If you can’t get tickets to see the show here is the Boggart Blog alternative Boy Wizard, Gary Trotter. In his quest for The Portal Of Pleasure our hero charts a hazardous course from childhood to adultery.

(each file opens in a new window)
Chapter 1 – Gary Trotter and his Magic Wand
Chapter 2 – Gary Trotter and the Chamber of Privacy

Chapter 3 – Gary Trotter and The Forest of Secrets

Chapter 4 – Gary Trotter and the Delta of Venus

Chapter 5 – Gary Trotter and the Spirit of the Shower

Chaper 6 – Gary Trotter and the Portal of Pleasure

Chapter 7 – Gary Trotter – The Phoenix Rises, Again and Again

Missed the Harry Potter opening. Read Boggart Blogs alternative boy wizard

If you could not make it to the opening of the new Harry Potter film, could not afford tickets or simply couldn’t be arsed there is no need to miss out altogether, you can read the adventures of Boggart Blog’s alternative boy wizard in the seven part sage Gary Trotter and the Portal Of Pleasure as it follows the boy wizard, his friends Ron Beesley and the orchidaceous Briony and the rest of the gang at Swinmemoles Academy for Young Wizards as they make the hazardous transition from childish spells and pointed hats to a far more grown up kind of magic.

Presented in seven short and easy to read instalments FGAry Trooter And The Portal Of Pleasure packs many more laughs to the page than J.K. Rowling’s stuff. Follow the links below to reasd each chapter:

Part 1 Gary Trotter and his Magic Wand Gary wishes for a magic wand and finds he had one all the time.

Part 2 : The Chamber Of Privacy Garry’s lack of experience at controlling the Magic Wand he found after his encounter with Slightly Legless Len leads to a problem for him. Fortunately the Head, Rebus Hubmlebore is sympathetic and soon finds a solution.

Part 3 : The Forest Of Mystery Helped by a zealous but stupid elf Garry finds a way to spy on his classmate Briony when he is in the girls shower. What he sees and what he learns from books stolen when he raided an Adult Buggle bookshop with the help of his cloak on inviibility only leave him more confused.

Part 4 : The Delta Of Venus Garry and had best friend Don hae fallen out over Harry’s private bedroom. Anxious to repair the rift Harry shares a magic secret with Don. Don is not as impressed as his friend had hoped however.

Part 5 : Lavender and Dragonmusk Deranged by lust Garry starts to take insane risks to be close to the object of his desire and finds he does not mind being close to classmate Briony either. His cloak of invisibility helps him achieve this aim but is he heading for trouble?

Part 6 : Garry Trotter and The Portal Of Pleasure Garry’s wild adventures under The Cloak Of Invisibility have landed him in a lot of trouble. Briony too risks expulsion from the school. Lust is the strongest of emotions though and they cannot resist sneaking away under the cloak of invisibility to be together. Little do they know their love affair will change their lives.

Part 7 : Garry Trotter and The Orders of The Penis: The poignant climax (oops, pardon!) to our tale as the lovers Garry and Briony find reality is much more magical than childish fantasies of wizards and spells.

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As the adventures of schoolboy wizard Harry Potter are in the news over at Machiavelli because some christian classroom assistant objects to the book’s “glorifying witchraft” (shows how much born agains know about witchcraft) it seems like a good day to remind you of Boggart Blog’s own serialisation of a novel about a boy wizard’s rites of passage. Find the first part of KJ Winglor’s novel

Gary Trotter and the Portal of Pleasure by following the link.

Did anyone manage to guess I’m really busy today?

The Pagans Are Back And The North Is Magic.

According to results of a survey released this week Britain is full of Wizards, Witches, Druids, Psychics, Aliens and people with supernatural powers including the ability to teleport people they don’t like to other galaxies.
This last category are very bad news for Channel 4, “Neighbours from Hell” has been a great summer schedule filler for years but will Neighbours to Betelgeuse ever catch on. I mean, the expression on some chavvy types face as he, his pit bull, quad bike and Burberry cap start to dematerialise would be priceless two, maybe three times but there isn’t much scope for plot development.
The survey was sponsored by the Sci Fi TV channel and supervised by Rev. Lionel Fanthorpe, editor of the Fortean Times website, psychic investigator, expert in “anomalous occurrences” and all round loveable eccentric (I wish there were more like him.) Its final report revealed that around 10% of Britons now believe in pagan gods, ley lines, psychic healing, precognition through the use of crystal balls, tarot cards etc., alien abduction and divining. This is more than regularly attend mainstream churches.
Region by region it turns out that Sussex is very psychic, Essex is full of witches (you can recognise them by the white stilettos) and the East Midlands is not very weird at all. Now why does that not surprise me?
Cornwall and the West Country scored very highly as one might expect but the top counties were all in the heathen north. Lancashire, North Yorkshire, Cumberland and Northumberland are populated by people who are off their heads it seems.
Which would confirm what we have always told you about the potency of our local beer. Drink the right stuff and the world fills up with engaging oddballs.

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