Nineteen Eighty-Four: Sweden’s Ministry of Truth to ‘Gender-Adjust’ History Books

the Swedish school system was traditionally one of the best in the world. Recently however it seems to be in a tail spin that will bring it to rest next to the Baltic Anomaly, the strange Millennium Falcon shaped thing that rests on the seabed.

baltic anomaly
The Baltic Anomaly (image source)

The probem is the education system has been taken over by the left wing lunatics of The Politically Correct Thought Police. After last September’s election which returned the left to power, new education minister Gustav Fridolin made a solemn vow to the voters that he would fix the Swedish schools in his first 100 days in office.

Those 100 days are now passed, and he failed miserably.

But he doesn’t want to talk about that, because now he believes that he has found the key issue that is to blame for all of Sweden’s educational problems: There are not enough female historical figures in the school books! Yes! It is the endless parade of kings, male inventors and social leaders that are corrupting the poor childrens’ brains and making them drop like rocks in the annual PISA rankings!

Now, of course historical figures like the Swedish equivalents of Boudicca, Queen Elizabeth 1, Joan of Arc, Catherine The Great, Marie Curie,  and so on should get their well-earned place in history. But since society has been a largely male-dominated setup since men first stood erect, there happen to be more males in the ranks of people who have done noteworthy things, leading armies, writing Hamlet, taking up pitchforks and cudgels against tyranny and generally getting themselves noticed (and killed) than women. 

Go back to Joan of Arc, who challenged the norm and the male stereotyp and got burned at the stake for the trouble. Stuff like that kind of discourages others from making waves.

So, even if every person in the book got the exact same allotted amount of text, the males would still come out ahead because we are testosterone driven. Think of little David challenging Goliath to “come and have a go if you think you’re hard enough.”

Or, as history should deal with facts, think of the men at Rourke’s drift. Historical facts are kind of troublesome that way, they’re full of men, because girls, dickheads that we are, we’ve always been willing to take the bullet (or arrow or spear) for you. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Fortunately, the truth is not an issue for a determined politician. So education Gauleiter Fridolin summoned representatives from the leading publishers of school books to his office, where he made it clear that future books will be “gender balanced”. Erik the Red will be Erica who is having the monthlies, King Rollo will be reinvented as Queen Rowena, Alfred Nobel will become Annafried and Bjorn Borg will become Bjork.

  The education department is the primary customer of text book publishers, so the salesmen were bending over backwards to accommodate Fridolin’s bold new vision.

“The gender issue is very important and we want to establish a productive dialogue with the National Agency for Education about this!” quipped Åsa Steholt, CEO of publishing house Gleerup after the meeting.

What strikes me as odd however is that the politically motivated rewriting of history is usually associated with very different forms of government than the liberal democracy Sweden’s deluded socialists think they preside over. Yet another political elite so propagandized while in the university system they are now totally and irrevocably divorced from reality?

Source: Sweden rewrites history – not politically correct enough

Lefties get clobbered again? Hysterical

Guardian columnist Jessica Valenti – smiling or preparing to bit the balls off a conservative male?

A blogger who is probably the most stupid leftie in this community once asked me did I know what ‘hysterical’ meant. Well he might like to brag about his educational qualifications but I’m the one who went to a really posh school and so is well acquainted with Latin and Greek. So I am aware that in the era of Hippocrates, the founder of scientific healing in the fifth century BC it refers to a disturbance of the womb. That was then, this is now however and colloquially in the twenty first century, hysteria means an extreme emotional disturbance.

For the sake of stupid lefties who assume that because I do not agree with their crackpot, collectivist political theories I cannot possibly have had a decent education, in this blog post the words hysteria and hysterical are used in the modern colloquial sense.

Left-Wing Hysteria Reaches New Heights as Jessica Valenti Claims ALL Republican Women Are ‘Anti-Woman’

The triumph of Republican Party candidates in the US Midterm Elections last tuesday has really caused the lefties to get their knickers in a twist. Our home – grown crop of Marxist idiots are even more hysterical about it than they were about UKIP pummeling the LabLibConsensus in the European Parliament elections.

Lefties of course can never quite believe that any intelligent people could disagree with their political pronouncements which really are based on economic and social policies that first failed in the 1920s and have failed in every decade since.

Thus left wing blogger Sunny Hundal (who is funnier that Frankie Boyle and all the fat, ageing, bald ex-comedians and token women on Mock The Week put together (only Sunny does not see the comedy in his babblings) took the opportunity to show what an utter arse he really is on the Daily Politics. He tried to belittle The Republican victory the by claiming the they only won because they got more supporters to the ballot box. He’s right of course, what’s funny is for all his claimed political expertise and intellectual superiority he does not understand that’s how elections work in a democracy.

The Guardian’s wankerati chipped in to the general hilarity. Jessica Valenti’s column went off on one over Republican women who are, in her words, “anti-woman”.

“Under normal circumstances, a triumphant woman standing behind a podium giving a political victory speech would thrill me to the core. After all, what feminist worth her salt doesn’t like to see a woman win an election?” Valenti stormed.

To Obamessiah worshipping American women and the pussy whippes sissies who agre with them out of fear, absolutely everything is about the right of women to abort their foetuses (modern colloquial usage again) any time up to 974 weeks into the pregnancy (think about it).

“When the winner is a Republican being a woman does not count – because your gender doesn’t make you pro-woman, your actions do. And the Republican party is not just anti-“women’s issues”; it is anti-woman,” Valenti raved.

She continued; “What I’d really like is for every elected woman Republican to explain to a room full of non-rich, non-white women why restricting abortion rights is a good use of our government’s time and energy, to tell them why their birth control isn’t a real medical need, and to discuss how women don’t really need equal pay or a fair wage because they need “real” choices.”

Honsetly, to hear or read these stupid bitches, one would think late term abortion is the only form of birth control available in the USA.

Such is her loathing for Republican women, who she clearly sees as quislings of the worst order, Valenti proffers the worst insult she can think of. To Valenti, female Republicans are worse than men. Well Democrat men are all girlie-men so I suppose she sort of have a point.

“In a way, female Republicans almost bother me more than their male counterparts. I can almost understand why a bunch of rich, religiously conservative white men wouldn’t care about the reality of women’s day-to-day lives – they’ve never had to. But throwing other women under the bus? For what? Lower taxes? Three minutes on Fox News in the 3pm hour? It makes me wonder what is wrong with you.”

I love the glib assumption that all the millions of black, hispanic and white working class males who voted Repubican because they believed there might be a better chance of getting a decent job, lower taxes so they can hope to pay down their debts, or they did not want their sons and daughters to die fighting The Rent Boy President’s illegal, ego driven wars, were on their way to the voting station, somehow transformed into right, religiously conservative white men.

But as I have said many times, clear, logical thinking is not a prominent item of lefties list of desirable personal qualities. In fact it come lower that tolerance, and a willingness to consider opposing views.


Death Of Democracy: Why We Can’t Get The Government We Deserve And Vote For.
In every election campaign, in the UK, USA, Canada, Germany, France etc. politicians spout about delivering ‘change’. And yet every government we elect, no matter what label they wear or what coulour the use on campaign materials, seems just the same as the last, making the same promises and mistakes. Ever wondered why?

Is a PhD In Stupid Enough To Qualify For A Career In Politics

I think we were all pretty much aware that ousted Tory MP Tim Yeo is a smug, self serving, rent seeking, expenses troughing, wind farm pirate and a piece of poo. But did you know that Tim has been chucked out by his constituency party even though he has a the highest qualification in politics, PhD in Stupid, for being totally out of touch with voters.

In an interview with the Daily Telegraph, Yeo showed that he holds voters in contempt and thinks he is far too elite, grand and important to ever consider the views of working class people. One has to wonder really how someone with those qualities was overlooked by Labour, her should have been a natural for their front bench team.

He told his invterviewer, “The Conservative Party is increasingly dominated by a “shrinking band” of members with “extreme” views on issues like Europe and same-sex marriage, an ousted MP has said. He continued,
“The party’s dwindling membership is leading it to take positions that are increasingly at odds with wider public opinion.

Mr Yeo’s critics said his deselection partly reflected his controversial business interests in the renewable-energy industry, but the MP suggested the move showed a wider trend within the party. Boggart Blog wonders what planet he lives on if he thinks “wider public opinion” is in line with his views.

Take same sex marriage for example, no sane person thinks that is important. I remember a leftie idiot here at who asked me did I think it was right to place restrtictions on human love?

No I don’t, that is why I supported decriminalisation of homosexuality in the 1960s. Unfortunately I am well read in social history while lefties only read Labour party propaganda. So while they scream the latest meme (poetry too, what great value Boggart Blog is 🙂 ) I know that marriage was never anything to do with human love and everything to do with trading women as chattels.

I always though we were progressing beyond that sort of thing. It is the years of sharing their lives (40 for Teri and me in a couple of weeks) that is about human love. But obviously Tim Yeo is not going to agree with that until someone gives him a bung (yes Tim I did say that, see you in court if you are willing to have your financial dealings exposed in forensic detail).

Yeo also thinks an overwhelming majority of us (except for those few Tory extremists who chucked him out) support abolishing UK Sovereignty and becoming a semi autonomous province of Federal Europe, dumping the £ in favour of the failed European Single Currency.

Mr Yeo also said some of his colleagues were “more concerned” about criticising the EU than winning the next election. He’s so thick and so detached from reality he thinks the Tories dwindling membership is because disenchanted Conservatives are all rushing to join the Lib Dems so they can support abolition of immigration controls, legalisation of paedophilia, the criminalisation of heterosexual relationships, making criticism of fraudulent climate science the equivalent of holocaust denial and reducing the role of parliament to rubber stamping rules issued by unelected Eurocrats in Brussels.

The idiot has never heard of UKIP. I told you he was out of touch.

The Liberal Demotwats

The Liberal Democrats or Lib Dumbs as they are unaffectionately known, having spent 50 years banging the drum for feminism and calling for summary justice and instant, painful death for any man who looks at a woman and raises an appreciative eyebrow, are currently tearing themselves apart over whether it is OK to be a sex pest if you are a senior Liberal Democrat.

The Senior Liberal Demotwat in question is Lord ‘Fatty’ Rennard, not an elected MP but a campaign strategist who many credit for the Lib Dems climbing from ten MPs to a peak of over 60. This is not quite fair as most of the Lib Dems advance from The Liberal Party ragbag of mavericks, nutters, equal rights whiners, and natural dissidents (a faction in which I was included for many years) to a bunch of CHIMPS (Completely Hopeless In Most Political Situations (h/t Chris Spivey – and let’s all try to get that acronym into the dictionary, it’s brilliant) who aspired to rule the nation while showing themselves to be a bunch of lying, cheating, time – serving cocksuckers who in a sane world would not be allowed within a million miles of power.

lib dem election strategistThe Lib Dems campaign strategy wizard Lord Rennard (allegedly)

All current mainstream political parties are dependent of hypocrisy of course, Conservative and Labour have been at it for years. Conservative hypocrisy I find less repulsive because it goes: “We hate you common little oiks but don’t mind pretending we care until we are re – elected. Labour hypocrisy involves pretending to care and wanting to make everybody equal, so long as voters accept that on the Labour farm, some of the animals are more equal than others.

In the late 1980s the most hypocritical and elitist fringe of Labour split off to form the Social Democrats. Their version of hypocrisy went: “We really really do care about you and want everybody to see that us guilt tripped elitists care, so you common little people must accept that intellectually you are infants and not capable of running your own lives. you must therefore be grateful when we patronise you.

That is the kind of hypocrisy the social Democrats, on merging with The Liberal Party, gave to the new party, the Liberal Deomtwats.

The Rennard scandal, which now threatens to derail Nick Clegg’s leadership, is a prime example of Lib Dem hypocrisy.

Quite recently the party has another hypocrisyfest typical of the politically correct left when they refused to sack Portsmouth South MP Mike Hancock, allegedly a serial groper. Portsmouth City Council / Mike Hancock

Now I personally don’t think what Rennard or Hancock allegedly did constitutes major crimes, they deserved a slap on the face from the ladies concerned and a slap on the wrist from the Party whips (such an unfortunate term in cases like this) but while Michael Le Vell, William Roach, Rolf Harris, Dave Lee Travis and others go on trial for similar offences to those mentioned in the allegations against Hancock and Rennard, not only do the politicians get a free pass to Pervesville, their oh-so-politically-correct party did not even ask them to resign over what, if the Lib Dems had any credibility left, they must surely regard as a crime on a par with genocide.

But Liberal Democrats have no credibility. As mentioned I used to be a member of The Liberal Party when it was the traditional home for freethinkers, mavericks and non conformists. But that great tradition of liberalism went out of the window when the part leadership sniffed a bit of power. Now the elitists dominate, the eccentrics have gone (to the blogosphere, the greens or UKIP – who are far more liberal than any party of the LibLabCon coalition.

You want to know what the Lib Dems stand for these days (apart from equal rights for sex pests and paedophiles that is?) Here’s a quick summary of the Lib Dicks main policy initiatives..

Liberal Democrats support immediate entry to the Euro currency.
Liberal Democrats want to let 58,000 criminals out of jail to serve their sentences in the comfort of their own home.
Liberal Democrats want an amnesty for all Illegal Immigrants and Unrestricted Immigration.
Liberal Democrats want Unilateral Nuclear Disarmament.
Liberal Democrats want Wind Turbines to be the sole means of keeping electricity and the lights on. No Nuclear, Gas or Coal fired technology.
Liberal Democrats want to make Drug taking legal.

NB Liberal Democrats broke their manifesto Pledge on a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, broke their pre election pledge on University tuition fees and have supported many Parliamentary bills that go against their published policy. This would be acceptable on grounds of expediency if they were not so fond of getting oin their moral high horse.

In other words they are the anti – British party, the party most eager to take us into a Federal European superstate (and get themselves cushy jobs in the perves and peedos paradise that is Brussels?)

Liberal Democrats say one thing and do another – and then blame The Tories or Labour. They are the most dishonest party in British Politics. Ah well, as the late, great Bernard Levin one said, “The least amount of power leads to the greatest desire to abuse it.

Von Rompuy Pumpy wants to shaft you through the back door
Boggart Blog Outs Paedo Politician
Why Do The Left Love Paedophiles
The New World Order Paedopolitics, politicians,

Even Satan Rejects American Lefties

Earlier this week I was following on American alternative news sites a story about womens’ rights “pro – choice” activists who advocate abortion up to 974 weeks into pregnancy chanting “Hail Satan!” in an effort to drown out a chorus of Amazing Grace at a rally of pro – life activists who believe contraception is murder, down in Texas.

It should be noted here that “pro – choice” in the USA means you can choose to abort your foetus or be branded a traitor to your gender who wants to thrust women back into medieval servitude, believes that God created the world in seven days, that prawn cocktails are an abomination before The Lord (thry may be right about that) and that wearing a wool sweater and cotton guzzies will damn you to perdition.

One commentator wrote “I’m guessing that after the Kermit Gosnell trial even the Horned Beast would view being associated with the abortion industry in Americas as bad publcity.”

It was meant it as a joke but, like all those conspiracy theories that have turned out to be true, it has become a re.ality

The UK Church of Satan Tweeted this after the story broke:

Unfortunate to see Satan’s name used in such a diabolical manner. Another example of what ‘Satanism’ doesn’t represent. #HailSatan

— UK Church of Satan (@UKChurchofSatan) July 3, 2013

Yep, it turns out that the UK Church of Satan is prolife. They later Tweeted, “Why wouldn’t Satanism be pro-life? What else is there? We are all free to make choices. Agreeable or not. Everyone is entitled to choice.” I wonder what Oliver Cromwell would think?

the horned beast
Mr. B. L. Zeebub, (above) a spokesperson for Hell said, “We don’t approve of lefties, there are far too many self righteous people in here already. We are in the process of reviewing our open – doors immigration policy.

I’m Too Sexy For My Shalwar Kameez

“I’m too sexy for my shirt, so sexy it hurts,” not me you understand, I’m well past it, but Right Said Fred in their 1991 hit “I’m too sexy”. For those too young to remember the video is embedded below.

Omar Borkan Al Gala, a smouldering poet, actor, and photographer from Dubai, who may or may not be too sexy for his Shalwar Kameez (I’ll leave that to the girls to judge) is definitely too sexy for Saudi Arabia where sex has not been invented yet. He has been deported by Saudi authorities who feared that he and a couple more alleged hotties would encourage the medieval Kingdom’s women to have impure thoughts.


The three men, all from the United Arab Emirates are said to have been removed from the Jenadrivah Heritage & Culture Festival in Riyadh because they were “too handsome”.

Women, and some men, across the world have been longing for a glimpse of the criminallly good looking men and the internet has identified Al Gala as one.

Omar, who appears to be wearing eye-liner in many of his Facebook glamour shots, (bet that goes down like a lead Zeppelin in Saudi) posted a link to an article about the deportation with the comment: “This is what written in newspapers in over the world :)”

Well you can’t blame him for blowing his own trumpet, especially when Saudi girls would be beheaded if they did it for him.

It isn’t proof but the post set off a stampede of speculation, which Al Gala has done nothing to discourage. Well why should he, the fame could earn him a fortune.

Right Said Fred – I’m Too Sexy

A Good Pair Of Pins On Her

A furore in the football world this weekend, when two arseholes, er sorry, commentators, Andy Gray and Richard Keys, made sexist remarks about a match official.
She was, of course, female.

Officiating in the Liverpool vs Wolves match Ms Massey fell foul of the male chauvanist pig, erm sorry, Sky Sports commentators, by not signalling offside as the first goal was set up, prompting Mr Keys to suggest that “somebody ought to get down there and explain the offside rule to her.”, before he slapped the rump of a comely stewardess, commented on her nice legs and asked what time they opened, fnarr fnarr, – probably.

His colleague, Mr Gray, added, “Can you believe that? A female linesman. Women don’t know the offside rule.” and then added in an aside to his sidekick that he bet she could handle 12 inches though, fnarr, fnarr, – or maybe he didn’t.

They then continued in their misogyny by commenting on another female official rounding it off with a dig at Karen Brady, Vice Chairman of West Ham, who had complained of experiencing “sexism at its rankest” in football.

Keys asked, “Did you hear the charming Karen Brady…complaining about sexism? Do me a favour, love.” Fnarr, Fnarr, no doubt.

Boggartblog spoke to local football commentator Arthur Grimshaw, a former player for Atherton Colliers who had this to say.

“Those comments were definitely out of order. You only have to look at the video replay and you can see she’s a pretty little thing, brightens up the touchline no end. Good pair of pins on her too, although she could do with a bit more up top, if you know what I mean. I certainly wouldn’t mind sharing a bath with her at the end of a match, be even better if it had been raining, those polyester shirts don’t half cling when they’re wet….”

The best bit about this story though, is the fact that when the replay was shown Ms Massey’s verdict was shown to be correct, the player wasn’t offside.

Female Match Officials 1
Misogynist Old Has-Been Football Commentators 0

Greenteeth Sport Menu

National Most Depressed About Weight Day

Today is appaently the day that women in the UK are most depressed about their weight.

This conclusion has been reached by analysing the numbers of enquiries for liposuction and other fat reducing procedures received at clinics throughout the land.

It couldn’t have more to do with it now being three weeks past Christmas and there being some room on the credit cards to pay for the treatments,could it?

Just wondering.

Can You Change Your Brain

It’s The Smell Of Alpha Males That Attracts Women

Women Can’t Resist The Smell Of Alpha Males according to new research reported in today’s Daily Mail science section. (If you think Daily Mail and science should never appear in the same sentence just read on, this is good stuff.)

Alpha males have a smell all of their own, one that triggers certain hormonal reactions in women, the research paper reports.

It is thought the phenomenon helps women sniff out alpha males, in the belief they will provide them with healthy children.
The scented signal may also provide wimps with a subtle warning that there is a superior male nearby who is not to be messed with.
It is often said that horses sweat, men perspire and women glow. now we know that real men put out pussy magnetism smells.

Macho men have a different type of body odour to others, research has found …

So that’s another of life’s great mysteries sorted. Now we know why some blokes have a big, red, hairy arse.

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Stone Throwing Chimp Shocks Scientists

Guardian Readers Are The New Daily Mail Readers.

We’ve all gone matey matey now and the coalition means we can’t take the piss out of Conservative voting NIMBYS and people who’re not as posh as they think they are. Even some of the old tribal hatreds that gave us so much pleasure have had to be laid aside. An example is our attitude to Daily Mail readers.

While it is not yet compulsory to love Daily Mail readers we are, in the spirit of national unity, required to we are required to acknowledge they’re entitled to their opinion even if the opinion holds that watching Channel 4 gives you cancer.

Every society. every culture and sub culture needs a hate symbol however (and for Daily Mail readers it’s Romanian gypsy social workers) so having to be comradely to our Daily Mail reading brethren and sistren created a vacuum in the lives of us long time Liberals.

No worries, Deputy Prime Minister and deputy leader of the Lib Dems Nick Clegg decided he should consult Joe Public about what hateful authoritarian New Labour laws ought to be repealed. There were many interesting suggestions: Laws that favour women, speeding laws, the human rights act, parking laws, all health and safety laws, anything related to the EU and the fox hunting ban. So most of the people who are listening to Nick are Top Gear fans or Daily Mail readers. Not all however…

Some respondents wanted to scrap anti – smoking laws, now that one did not come from Daily Mail readers, smoking is linked to cancer and the Daily Mail is as strongly opposed to cancer as it is to Guardian readers, young people, wind turbines and Romanian gypsies in everyone’s back yard.

Another suggestion that seemed to resonate with 90% of visitors to the website, Daily Mail readers included, was that Nick Clegg and his people should campaign to scrap every law that socialists and Guardian Readers think is a good idea.

If this is a sign of things to come I’m glad I’m not a Guardian Reader any more.

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