Moving On

As all bloggers on this platform and most readers are aware by now, will become a dead parrot blogging platform later this year. Will 5000+ posts, well over two million words and five million hits to its credit it would seem a shame to simply abandon Boggart Blog. Worse, the family our founder Jenny Greeneeth spawned (yes, Jenny does spawn, she’ that kind of creature)would be orphans.

So a new WordPress site has been set up and over the next couple of months the Boggart Blog content will be transferred. Once we are up to date, new posts will be put online at:

The Original Boggart Blog

I’m still getting over my recent experience in an NHS hospital where having rushed me in, kept me twelve days, made me feel at lot worse than when I arrived, then having promised to remove the gallstone that was causing the problems, recalled me and failed to find a gallstone, made me even more ill than I had been (but at least sent an absolutely gorrrrrrgeous Indian nurse to look after me as I came round from the anesthetic – I could have snorted cocaine off her bosom for £300 a day any time he said to show he has been paying attention – in fact I would have paid them £300) getting better has taken a while.

So if you have commented, mailed or PMd me or tried to contact any other way and I’ve not replied, well I’ll get there just as soon as I can stop thinking about that Indian nurse.