World Cup In Chaos Before They Even Kicked Off


I know there are people here who think I’m a right wing extremists on account of my supporting UKIP’s efforts to take us out of the neo Nazi bureaucratic dictatorship that is the European Union. but actually I am and always have been an anarchist. Not that I think anarchism could ever work as a system of government, there are far too many who are so desperate to stay attached to Nanny State’s tit, sucking up the bitter milk of paternalistic authoritarianism. (Mixed metaphor? Not at all, the dominant male – big governments – pays Nanny to wet nurse those too fearful to face reality and fend for themselves.

You should also not mistake those “occupy” people for anarchists, the media may label them so, to stir up outrage in the counties but really they are bored little rich kids playing at rebellion then going home to Mum in the suburbs for a shower, a hot dinner and a night’s sleep in a warm bed. Pillocks. Anarchism is a well thought out political ideology that like Marxism has no place in the real world.

No, an anarchist dislikes hierarchy, authority, privilege and oligarchy. Those who want respect must earn it. This is why I despise the Labour Party so much, to their crimes of elitism and money grubbing they add hypocrisy. In fact “the people’s party” are more elitist than the Conservatives these days.

As well as elitism in British politics, I also dislike the global elitism manifested in ridiculously expensive sporting jamboree like the Olympic Games and The World Cup, in which the competition is second to the glorification of the upper class old farts who run them, the International Olympic Committee and FIFA who demand that the obscene amounts of money spent on such events reflect the self – importance of super wealthy people, most of whom have never done a serious days work in their lives.

Major sporting events are of course the modern equivalent of the ‘bread-and-circuses’ Roman emperors used to keep the masses, the despised plebians in order

Only recently, with the emergence of the ungaggable warriors of New Media have we started to learn of the hardship and injustice suffered by poor people who are unlucky enough to live so close to venues they might make the glossy television coverage look a tad untidy.

At the World Cup in Brazil, those ungaggable warriors are showing us the anger of poor people who live in the insanitary and chaotic favelas at the obscene amount of money spent on presenting the image of Brazil it’s government wants the world to see, a narratice FIFA officials are happy to promote (in return for what? I think we can all guess.)

Russia Today have been picking up news from bloggers and video bloggers on this story, kudos to them:

Tear gas, stun grenades: Brazilian police disperse protesters hours before WC opener

Protestors gather before opening World Cup game (Russia Today).

Brazilian police have used teargas and stun grenades in San Paolo clashing with about 200 protesters angry with the govt overspending on the 2014 FIFA World Cup. This occurred hours before the tournament’s opening game to be held in the city.

At least one protester was arrested, local television channel Globo News reported. At least five protesters were injured, accoring to local police. CNN reported its producer Barbara Arvanitidis and reporter Shata Darlington were injured as they were covering the demonstration.

CNN journalist Shasta Darlington said on her Twitter, “Thank you to @WyreDavies and cordon of protesters who helped our @Arvanb01 after we were hit by canister at protest #CNNWorldCup”

Many Brazilians are angry with the government spending over the $11.3 billion on hosting the World Cup while the country has been experiencing economic problems.

The Brazilian government has also been criticized for the frequent delays during the construction of the Arena Corinthians stadium that will host the World Cup games. Not only was the $525 million facility delivered six months late, but $150 million was spent over budget. The Thursday opening game will be the first ever to be played in the stadium which is a rude violation of FIFA’s normal protocol for World Cup games.

President Dilma Rousseff has dismissed complaints about the heavy spending and delays saying that the people should be in high spirits giving more support for their home team. (See more images)

Well we agree with those who say that there is no nation in the world that does not have social problems, even Sweden. The concern is that while nations like Brazil have a large proportion of their population living in poverty, so much money is spent on polishing the egos of self important middle aged men. The World Cup, like the Olympic Games has now grown into such a monster there are few nations could stage it without causing hardship among their people. Isn’t it time we reminded the bribe seekers of FIFA, IT’S ABOUT THE FUCKING FOOTBALL

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Is football governing body FIFA Corrupt?

Years too late there seems to be a kerfuffle about the FIFA decision to stage the 2022 World cup in Qatar, a tiny but oil rich nation that has no football stadiums, no football teams, no football pitches, no grass (not of the kind involved in lawns anyway) but shitloads of money and a despotic ruler whose son likes football.

As the decision to hold a World Cup tournament in Qatar in the middle of summer when temperatures in the desert nation can reach a zillion degrees fuckmeitshotigrade was made far earlier than was necessary some curmudgeonly types said bungs had been handed to officials of football world governing body FIFA to help them make the decision that was best for football and for fans who could afford to stay in any of the Kingdom’s many incredibly expensive six star hotels and support their national team.

How very dare you accuse us upholders of the Corinthian spirit of corruption, howled FIFA officials, hastily trying to stuff bundles of banknotes and anonymous bearer bonds into their pockets.

So can we believe their protestations of innocence or is the football governig body corrupt. The clue is in the name. FIFA – a fee fa this, a fee fa that.

World Cup In Chaos Before They Even Kicked Off
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Proof that the Football Authorities Are A Bunch Of C***s

“What have those FIFA loons done now Ian,” you might well ask as if any further proof of what is stated in the headline were needed.

Well, you know that the oil rich desert kingdom of Qatar (population 103) was selected to stage the 2022 World Football (or Soccer for the benefit of our American followers) World Cup?

And you know that Qatar did not have any football teams (apart from those playing in European leagues that have been bought by wealthy Quatari Sheiks)and consequently no football stadia?

For a lot of people in the traditional football playing nations the decision to stage the tournament in a tract of sand dunes was proof enough that the self important bureaucrats of the Federation Of International Football Associations were to a man, cupid stunts.

As if to underline that conclusion, in the design chosen for the Al Wakrah stadium which will host the World Cup final, the complex looks like a lady’s ………….. well, lady bits.

FIFA world cup Al Wakrah stadium
Picture source:

The fact that they are playing in what looks like a gigantic concrete and steel effigy of a minge may not affect most player (Wayne Rooney will not be playing in 2022 and the stadium would be brand new rather than over 50 years old). Such a faux pas does nothing for the credibility of a game which had little credibility left.


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Footie Fans, You Don’t know What Hurt Is…

Ah you footie fans. Every four years you get a chance to have a right good old moan about the forty years of hurt waiting for Engerland to win the World Cup again.

And let’s face it, England don’t get very close, very often.

What about us tennis fans waiting for a British male to win a grand slam, eh?

That’s hurt for you.

Seventy odd years, seventy odd years with four opportumities every year!!!

And how the hope flares when we get a semi decent player!

Marc Cox, Roger Taylor, John “Legs” Lloyd, Greg Rusedski – he made a final I think, American Open late 90s.

St Tim Henman, so near and yet so far, a man who so perfected the art of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

And now our Andy. A truly brilliant player on his day. In the early stages of his career he was the only man apart from Rafa Nadal to beat Roger Federer in one particular season. And he didn’t just beat him once, he did it twice!

He can unravel Rafa on a good day.

He can make Novak Djokovic look like Kim Novak when he’s on form.

He riddles Andy Roddick and doesn’t give a sod about Robin Soderling, so long as it’s not a Grand Slam final.

And so, yesterday, Novak Djokovich whupped him in straight sets, a fine demonstation of superlative tennis – bit of a Murray Walker moment there – and Andy could do sweet FA about it.

That’s hurt footie fans, that is really hurt.

Prince William and the World Cup.

We noticed that after the World Cup fiasco during which he was one of our Knights Paladin, Prince William asked of the democratically self – appointed elites that run football, the Olympic games etc. “why do we suck up to these people.”

A fair point well made Willie – boy. But your family started it all.

Still at least we didn’t send Prince Harry says a forbidden word – does nobody respect British values any more2>Prince Harry who might had called the FIFA committee a bunch of effing dago prudes.

Forget Wikileaks and the World Cup, Shittyleaks combines both.

Forget the World Cup stitch up and Wikileaks story we bring the biggest story of the day involving a crisp addict and (alleged) goody two shoes, the World Cup and a leak. Linnyleaks, we like to call it story, the tale of Gary Linaker’s anal leakage in a past world cup.

Yes the crisp scoffing striker has revealed he shat himself during a big game. And it wasn’t in the penalty shoot out.

Click here to read the full story of Gary Linaker’s dirty secret
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Russia’ Wikileaks moment and England’s fury

Yesterday was a day of mixed fortunes for Russia according to news reports.

The latest Wikileaks … erm … leaks told us that corruption, extortion and violence have made Russia a mafia state. This is a totally unsubstantiated allegaton of course.

Then came the news of the expected FIFA stitch up decision. England’s contingent were furious when it was announced the 2018 World Cup would be held in Russia.

David Cameron refused to congratulate his Russian counterpart Vlad (The Impaler) Putin, David Beckham refused to pose for photographs and Prince William refused to eat his porridge until Nanny had given him a hug.

Many sports writers immediately suggested that the FIFA executive, already exposed as bung seekers, had been handsomely paid to arrive at their decision.

Boggart Blog can exclusively reveal this is not true. Russia (which is NOT a Mafia state, such allegations are completely unsubstantiated we were assured by a gentleman wearking an Astrakahn Fedora and carrying a violin case) presented gifts to FIFA officials which were well within the definition of “acceptable hospitality.”

Mr. Putin merely arranged for ever member of the FIFA panel to be sent a big dead fish.


Wikileaks: American President Gave Britain’s Secrets To Russia To Secure A Deal

Daily Telegraph Exclusive: The US secretly agreed to give the Russians sensitive information on Britain’s nuclear deterrent to persuade them to sign a key treaty, The Daily Telegraph can disclose…

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The Raoul Moat Case: What It Says About Our Society

The manhunt for Raoul Moat reached its inevtiable conclusion to the great relief of most people as it mean there would be no “urgent newsflash” interruptions at vital moments in the World Cup final.

The analysis of how the criminal justice system could fail so comprehensively as to allow, on the recommendation of one psychiatrist, the release into society of a man who was obviously barking mad will go on for a long time.

Another aspect of the case that deserves some comment though is what it says about our society when, attracted by the prospect of a Clint Eastwood style bloodbath as the desperate loner engaged with armed police (oooo-oo-oo-oo-oooooooooh – oo – oo- oo) It seems hoardes of people who should have been obsessing about the World Cup took time out to follow the saturation television coverage on 24 hour news channels and by watching live, real time web feeds.

What is most frightening however, 97% of the people watching web feeds thought Raoul Moat had escaped from the Big Brother House.

The Octopus Predictions And Snack Science

All the media has been making a big deal of the psychic Octopus who has been correctly calling resluts of games in the World Cup. Boggart Blog has, you may recall, over the past two years reported many instances of snack science being used to give the impression that animals are smarter than they are.

Mouse science is well known, the wee sleekit cow’ring timourous beasties will do anything for a morsel of chololate or a pork scratching, crocodiles have been taught to understand their keepers instructions if they are rewarded with a sausage related snack (everyone who was ever a child knows crocodiles live exclusively on sausages) and Pavlov’s Dogs will move mountains for a Pavlova.

We think then we are in a good position to reveal we susect foul play in the case of the psychic Octopus. When each lunch box loaded with a national flag is lowered into the water there is a snack attached to it. So far so good. But our CEO Jenny Greenteeth who is a water spirit reported from the Octpus Tank that while one box has an Octopus friendly snack attached, a bit of fish, a marine mollusc etc. the other has a lump of Ginster’s Pasty.

Discount the Octopus Factor then, I’m not making predictions but I’ll be wearing my Orage socks tomorrow.

We predict the things that will not happen in 2012
Football: So Much More Than A Game

England Players Exhausted

Among the reasons being put forward for the England football team’s abysmal performance in the World Cup is exhaustion.

We have the longest season in the most competitive league in the world and more cup competitions too I read. After that eleven month grind the lads had hardly any time off before they had to join the international squad to prepare for South Africa. No wonder so many of them looked jaded.

Things were so bad we heard that although the FA had organised something to welcome them home the players were so debilitated by their efforts in South Africa they all turned down the invitation to the celebratory pig roast…
(if you are an overseas visitor and don’t get that, roasting is a term used for a gang bang in Britain.)