Zombies Getting Back Together?

Older punters may remember the Zombies, younger followers of Boggart Blog will perhps have heard their biggest hit “She’s Not There” with singer Colin Blunstone straining his vocal cords to sing way above his natural range and behind him probably the greatest bassline in rock music ever.

Well it seems the Zombies may be getting back together. Old rock stars are coming back from the dead all over the world.

The latest is a man who recently made the news in South Africa by claiming he is the late Zulu traditional music singer Khulekani Khumalo, also known as “Mgqumeni.” The man arrived at the musician’s home last week at Nqutu village in east South Africa’s KwaZulu-Natal province.

News that the musician had returned spread like wildfire, prompting fans to descend on his home. The putative Khumalo claimed that he had fallen victim to witchcraft but that he was rescued by his ancestors. He did not die, he added, but was kept with zombies in a place he could not recall.

There must be something about death that Boggart Blog should be putting in bottles and selling on line. The Zombie Mgqumeni is considerably younger than the one who died in 2009.

Announcing a comeback tour at a press conference the singer said the line up for his new band will include John Bonham, Jimi Hendrix and John Entwistle.

He was later arrested and is currently in custody pending a criminal investigation. Detectives have been questioning the man this morning and are conducting further investigation, said police spokesman Jay Naicker.

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Breaking News – Carrot With Bollocks To be Foreign Secretary

So she has done it then. Esther Rancid has declaed her intention to stand as an independent candidate for Luton South at the next general election.

The idea fills me with horror; aren’t their enough strange vegetables in Parliament already.

It could have been worse though. When I saw that organge hair I thought Hazel Blears had risen from the dead to lead the zombies of New Labour.

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