Jus Primae Noctis

It came as no surprise to Boggart Blog to hear IMF Chief Dominic Strauss Kahn is on suicide watch in the notoriously tough New York Prison where he is temporarily domiciled.

In is not the same of being arrested for sexual assault that has got to the internaional bureaucrat but the shock of finding out he cannot do what he wants, when he wants, to whom he wants.

Strauss Kahn is one of “our new unhappy lords,” those faceless and almost anonymous elitists who wouls establish a new world order under which national and cultural identities would dissapear. He is one of the leading proponents of a global government and a global financial system.

Such people simply cannot cope with learning the feudal Lord’s right of right of Jus Primae Noctis* has not been recognised since the twelveth century.

*The right of first night – the Lord got to shag every young woman who lived on his estate on the night of her wedding.

Pimping the economy

4 thoughts on “Jus Primae Noctis

    • What puzzled me is from what I know of New York it’s safe to assume there is no shortage of ‘escorts’ and at the top end of the maket (for travellers whose pacadillos are funded by us poor taxpayers and why therefore are not constrined by the £2000 a night price tag) they tend to be stunningly attractive, sophisticated and free from disease.

      Or if DSK is the type who likes a bit of rough I’m sure that over in Noo Joisy some associate of Tony Soprano could procure him a tuppenny upright for whatever the current going rate is.


  1. Dominique Strauss-Kahn, or DSK, denies all charges that he forced himself unto a maid in a luxury hotel in NYC.

    He says he was just collecting an interest payment on IMF Loans to Guinea, her country of origin.

    Fair point :>


    • With interest rates as low as they are and Guinea having a smaller GDP that Stan’s Snack Van on the Preston to Skipton road maybe the amount of interest only covered a hand job.

      (Personally I think the whole business is a fit up)


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