Germany Is Turning Against The EU’s Green New Deal


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Fresh on the heels of a sensible request by France to pause new green regulations comes an even stronger pushback in Germany…

The Spectator asks Is Germany turning against the EU’s Green Deal?

Last week it was President Macron who was rowing back on green measures. In a speech he asserted that Europe has, for now, gone far enough – if it introduces any more regulations without the rest of the world following suit then it will put investment at risk and harm the economy. This week, the European People’s Party – a centre right grouping which includes the German Christian Democrats, the party of Commission President Ursula von der Leyen – seems to be joining in.

The party is reported to be considering withdrawing its support for the European Commission’s Green Deal. That is the set of proposals which includes, for example, an EU-wide target for eliminating net carbon emissions by 2050. Whilst 11 EU countries have already set themselves legally-binding targets to reach net zero by 2050 (or 2045 in the case of Germany and Sweden), if the Green Deal were to go there would be no obligation on the other member states to follow suit.

Germany now seems to be taking over from France as the seedbed of opposition towards zero carbon policies, not least because it has more severe policies – and because its self-imposed, earlier target of reaching net zero by 2045 is increasingly looking out of kilter with reality. 

last week a new party, ‘Burger in Wut’ (Citizens in Anger or BiW) took 9.6 per cent of the vote in state elections in Bremen. As with the Dutch Farmers-Citizen’s Movement (BoerburgerBeweging, or BBB) which came top of the country’s regional elections in March in protest at the government’s efforts to close down farms in order to meet nitrate targets, it was the speed of BiW’s rise which caught many unawares. … Continue reading >>>




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The Green Revolution’s Dirty Secret


Much of the chatter in mainstream media these days revolves around achieving ‘net zero’, completing the transition to a clean, green, prosperity free world in order to ‘save the planet.’ Whether the planet needs saving or not is moot, the powers that be have decided there is big money to be made from ‘net zero’ and the switch to ‘sustainable’ energy and also that granting themselves powers to ban freedom to travel, the right to refuse untested and potentially dangerous medication, and the right to speak our minds, criticise the government’s policies, call out the pseudo – scientific bollocks cited by certain minorities in support of  ideologies that deny basic scientific truths offers a path to establishing the authoritarian, technocratic world government they have craved for almost a century.

 All around the world politicians, banks, global corporations, electricity producers and healthcare providers have merged into a unified machine around the idea that the new, clean, green economy can be achieved via a just transition to a global energy system free of carbon emissions.

Unfortunately there can be no energy transition without critical minerals: no batteries, no electric cars, no wind turbines and no solar panels. The sun provides raw energy, but electricity flows most economically through copper. Wind turbines need manganese, platinum and rare earth magnets. Nuclear power requires uranium. Electric vehicles require batteries made with lithium, cobalt and nickel and magnets. Indium and tellurium are integral to solar panel manufacturing.” And the mining and refining of these minerals is a series of environmentally disastrous processes involving the release of vast amounts of substances among the most toxic known to science being released into the environment. And the manufacturing processes involved in making the products these materials are needed for are even more damaging.

But hey, we’re not talking about measures to eliminate nasty toxic shite from the environment, the real enemy, according to academics, politicians and all manner of experts is Carbon Dioxide. OK, it may be a trace gas in the atmosphere, the presence of which is essential to the continuance of life on earth. The Science has declared CO2 the enemy and so we must strive to eliminate CO2 emissions from all human activity to create a clean, green, brave new world and never again dare to be so arrogant as to question The Science.

But exactly how clean and green is the net-zero economic strategy?  A commentary by veteran Canadian environmental journalist Andrew Nikiforuk. Writing in The Tyee, a Vancouver-based online publication, Nikiforuk reviews the work of academics and a “rising chorus of renewable energy sceptics” who believe that the great transition to a renewable energy future is a green pipe-dream that is “vastly destructive.”

He is not the only one thinking along these lines. The International Energy Agency (IEA) published a special report recently, setting out its proposals for achieving ‘Net Zero’ carbon emissions. One of its headline demands is that gas-fired domestic boilers should no longer be sold after 2025. This echoes one of the main policies in the UK government’s Net Zero plan. This is no coincidence. National governments, including the UK, draw all of their climate policies from faceless global agencies like the IEA (as well as domestic quangos like the Climate Change Committee). This process leaves out one important constituency: the public.

A ban on gas boilers will impose serious costs on ordinary people. A backlash is highly likely. You might think the practicalities of the policy would be of interest to journalists and the media. But journalists have taken the IEA’s proposals at face value, and have mainly reported them without scrutiny.

Nikiforuk is not writing for NetZeroWatch. Nor is he in the same camp as anti-renewable author Alex Epstein, whose book, Fossil Future, rips the renewable alternatives and champions oil and gas. At The Tyee, Nikiforuk continues his work as an anti-fossil-fuel environmental writer whose books include Tar Sands: Dirty Oil and the Future of a Continent, and The Energy of Slaves: Oil and the New Servitude.

In his new commentary, which has received far too little attention in the media and among policy-makers, Nikiforuk spares no one and pulls no punches. “For largely ideological reasons,” he writes, “many greens and ‘transitionists’ have presented the transition to renewables as a smooth road with no potholes.” Drawing on the work of an array of analysts and scientists, Nikiforuk describes the destructive forces that will be unleashed by the global push to replace fossil fuels.

Even If The Climate Threat Was Real And Not Grossly Overstated, Net Zero Is Unaffordable

Trillions of dollars need to be spent every year for almost three decades to hit net zero targets, according to consultancy McKinsey. On top of current spending, the equivalent of half of all corporate profits will have to be invested to tackle global warming, it says. McKinsey highlights that gaining acceptance will be tough, especially from those paying energy bills.

But the alternative is more extreme weather, scarmongering experts warn. Such warnings have been debunked many times of course, statistics show there are no more extreme weather events now than the annual average going back to the beginning of reliable records. The difference is that run of the mill local disasters are sensationalised by media to make them seem like global crises.

The McKinsey report estimated that the annual cost of getting to net zero – when carbon dioxide emissions are completely reduced or offset – will be $9.2tn (£6.8tn).

The world is already spending $5.7tn a year to lower the impact of fossil fuels and use alternatives.

However, an extra $3.5tn, every year from 2021 to 2050, will need to be put towards alternative energy sources and land use including agriculture to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees, it said.

Much of the impact of the renewable crusade should be obvious. Solar panels, windmills or electric cars cannot be built without mining more copper, lithium, iron and aluminium. “That means vastly more destructive scraping and digging of ocean floors, rainforests and tundras on a scale inconceivable to most environmentalists.”

Nikiforuk then highlights the inconceivable scale of the taskes involved in replacing current infrasructure with ‘net zero’ compatible systems, citing various sources, including Simon Michaux at Finland’s Geological Society. Michaux calculates that to replace 46,423 power stations run by oil, coal, gas and nuclear energy would require the construction of 586,000 power stations run by wind, solar and hydrogen.

Another example: “Every electric vehicle contains about 75 kilograms of copper or three times more than a conventional vehicle. A single wind turbine generally contains 500 kilograms of nickel. That nickel requires 100 tonnes of steelmaking coal to be refined. And every crystalline silicon solar panel contains 20 grams of silver paste. It takes 80 metric tons of silver to generate approximately a gigawatt of solar power.”

On copper, Michaux states that current copper reserves at 880 million tonnes are equal to approximately 30 years of production. “But industry will need 4.5 billion tonnes of copper to manufacture just one generation of renewable technologies,” he estimates. “That’s six times the volume of copper mined throughout history.”

When the cost of keeping supply chains stable during the energy transition, as well as broad energy investment is accounted for, calculation of how much the transition to a CO2 neutral energy system is much higher than estimates quoted by economists working for governments.

In spite of these realities more than 130 countries have pledged net zero emissions by 2050. However most of these are socially developed nations that have de-industrialised over the past 30 years because it is cheaper to manufacture in low labour cost nations and ship goods half way round the world (on ships that emit Carbon Dioxide every inch of the way.) Others are small, economically undeveloped nations with small economies. Large carbon dioxide emitters such as China and India aren’t part of the group.

There are also concerns thatof developed countries may shut down even more  their energy-intensive industries, and import these goods from other countries.

That means even if they get to net-zero, the world’s emissions will not be reduced in the process. The whole farrago is so ridiculous it could be the script for a surreal comedy.




Climate Scaremongers Have Taken Over Where COVID Scaremongers Left Off
Boggart Blog can announce that the winners of our coveted Scaremongering Bollocks of The Month award goes this month to BBC News. Not only did the BBC report in one of their regular climate catastrophe scare stories that river levels across the UK have been at record lows, they broadcast that news story on the same day as The London Weather Centre announced that March 2023 was set to be the wettest March since records began.

Eminent Oxford Scientist Says Wind Power “Fails On Every Count”
It could be argued that the basic arithmetic showing wind power is an economic and societal disaster in the making should be clear to a bright primary school child. Now the Oxford University mathematician and physicist, Professor Wade Allison has done the sums. “Wind power fails on every count,” he says, adding that governments are ignoring “overwhelming evidence and resorting to bluster rather than reasoned analysis”.

Europes Tractor Protests Spread To Germany And Now Include Fishing Trawlers
Hundreds of farmers have descended in their tractors on a small German coastal town to protest measures imposed by the European Union as part of the bid to ‘save the planet’ by reducing CO2 emissions from cow farts. 400 tractors reportedly gathered in Büsum on Wednesday to protest what is probably the most insane environmentalist policy dreamed up by the EU idealogues to date …

Germany haemorrhaging cash to keep country running on as ‘net zero’ becomes zeroeconomic activity
Germany was so desperate to achieve ‘net zero’ CO2 emissions that for years the country’s government closed its fossil fuel-fired and nuclear power plants,replacing those plants with wind and solar power — as well as impoorting huge volumes of natural gas and oil from Russia. After the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, when NATO (aka the U.S.A.) mandated that the West impose retaliatory sanctions on Russia, including a ban on importation of Russian gas and oil, Germany found itself in a hole:

Europe’s Cold Spell Exposes Green Energy Policy Failure
So far the autumn of 2022 has been unusually mild which has had eco-warriors getting worked up and gluing their arses to motorways and airport runways to demand that we stop using oil. However winter temperatures across Europe predictably dropped sharply in late November and through most of December to date have been positively arctic. Scientists have offered the opinion that the cold weather spell the ongoing European gas crisis is now “likely” to worsen significantly as usual seasonal weather spreads across the northern half of the continent, bringing with it an increased need for domestic heating.

Minister’s Claim That 40% UK Energy Comes From Renewables Is Technically Illiterate
Britain’s newly installed Secretary of State for Energy, Grant Shapps, is still learning the job so perhaps we should cut him some slack, but even so a statement he made on our energy supply today shows astounding ignorance of technical details relating to his portfolio.
Answering a question in Parliament this morning about Britain’s ability to reach its target of getting 40% of our energy needs from sustainable sources, Shapps sneered that it was not possible for us to reach 40% now as we already get 43% from wind. Unfortunately the sneering sarcasm was misplaced but served to reveal the man in charge of energy policy does not know the difference between energy and electricity.

Amazing Increase in Global Sea Ice Confounds the Net Zero Warmageddonists

Has The Green Blob’s War On Fossil Fuels Been Lost On The Battlefiels Of Ukraine?

German NatGas Consumption Too High To Avoid Energy “Emergency”, Regulator Warns As Norway Increases Gas Production

Europe’s Depleted Gas Storage Might Not Get Refilled Ahead Of Next Winter
While mainstream news reporting of the conflict in Ukraine continues to pump out a torrent of anri – Russia, pro – war propaganda the catastropic effects of this war that could so easily have been avoided are not mentioned. Well why would warmongering governments admit they have inflicted an energy crisis, food shortages and soaring living costs on their people for no good reason …

Has Biden’s Afghan Surrender Handed The Future To China
5 September: The abrupt and ill – considered withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan ordered by President Joe (Dementia Man) Biden and the susequent return to power of Islamic fundamentalist The Taliban hands control of the vast Afghan litium reserves to China and is a blow to the green agenda of the G7 nations

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As politicians in North America and Europe try to deflect from their own failure that have contributed to the current plethora of crises by blaming Russia and Vladmir Putin for all the current problems, while the war in Ukraine is a contributory factor in each, the real blame lies closer to home.

Swedish Media Outlet Publishes Leaked U.S. Document On How to CRUSH Europe Economy via Ukraine War Effort
Swedish news organisation Nya Dagbladet has published a leaked top secret US plans to use the war in Ukraine and an induced energy crisis to destroy European economies. The report claims the RAND Corporation a defence and foreign policy think tank founded by military aircraft maker Douglas has the official aim of improving policies and decision-making, is the source of its evidence.

Has Putin Has Pushed Europe Into Economic Depression, Hyperrinflation and Currency Collapse?
Though it was entirely predictable and indeed had been expected for some time, the news over the weekend that the Nord Stream 1 pipeline which feeds gas from Russia to northern Europe via The Baltic route had been shut down completely by The Kremlin in retaliation for the continued financial and military support given by NATO and EU member states to Ukraine in the conflict with Russia. The European Commission, governing body of the EU, immediately put the community on something close to a war footing, …
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The True Cost Of The Green Energy Boom Is Now Being Realized
For four decades we have been fed a constant stream of propaganda assuring us that green energy was the only way forward if we wanted to secure supplies of the energy essential to a modern society while preventing the environmental catastrophes that would be the inevitable consequence of climate change caused by the Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emitted by human industrial, commercial and social activity. … Continue reading >>>


Green Energy & Net Zero: A Herd Of Elephants In The Room

The Cuadrilla Lancashire gas exploration wells yielded very high-quality natural gas from just a few fractures [ … ]Claims that less than 1\100th of the gas resource of 37.6 trillion m3 could be extracted has been shown to be false, no actual UK data on gas recovery is available the claim was based on pre-2010 US data. Just 10% gas recovery from Bowland shale could supply 50 years’ worth of current UK gas demand.

Just When We Need It Most, Renewable Energy Disappears
In an encouraging sign of a great awakening, million of people in the UK are now, after a week of brutally cold, absolutely windless weather asking “Why have we wasted so much money on wind turbines and harvesting solar energy.”
  Yet when politicians are asked directly: “How do we keep the lights on and our homes warm when the wind does not blow and the sun is too low in the sky to make much impression on photovoltaic cells that do the business in solar panels?

SunEdison Plummets On Imminent Bankruptcy; Axiom Sees “The Beginning Of The End” And 85% More Downside

Another item in the ‘legacy’ Barack Hussein Obama plannede to leave the world looks like going down the pan as a solar energy hedge fund he backed with $$$hugenumbers of taxpayers money prepares for bankruptcy.

IMF Attempts to Hide True Cost of Renewables
A new report ffrom the International Monetary Fund (IMF) claims Fossil fuel companies are benefiting from a global subsidy of £3.4 trillion a year. The figure dwarfs that of government handouts aimed at encouraging investors to put money into unprofitable renewable energy sources such as wind turbines. Total subsidies for renewables are stated to amount to £77 billion a year.

House battery to store energy will ‘change entire infrastructure of the world’ – or maybe not
Another costly new product hailed as a breakthough in technology, this time a clutching-at-straws exercise from the failing electric car company Tesla, completely fails to live up to the hype under scrutiny. Hailed as a super battery, a mjor advance in battery technology that will change the world to store power for a household, it turns out to be nothing more than a streamined car battery. It will run the average home for about 2 hours.

Researchers Discover How to Use Living Plants to Generate Electricity.
Most of the hyped green energy solutions to generate electricity from wind or sunshine are so obviously flawed the only thing that makes them economically viable is that governments offer huge subsidies to generators. This in turn makes the sustainables so expensive that consumers cannot afford the intermittent energy they produce.

Renewable Energy: So Useless That Even Green Loons At Google Have Given up on it
The sandal wearing, tree hugging, bearded puritans call it “renewable energy”, the zealots of the Church Of Scienceology call it sustainable energy, those with smarter heads on their shoulder call it “alternative energy” because that’s what it really is: an alternative to energy that actually works (eg nuclear and anything made from cabon-rich fuel from organic matter laid down in pre-history and left to brew for a few hundred million years.)

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The Tyranny Of Progressivism And The Cult Of Woke

Since it was first published in 1859, John Stuart Mill’s essay ‘On Liberty’ has become a standard reference for campaigners against censorship, authoritarianism, suppression of dissent and the right to freely express opinions and question dogma (free speech,) and other political or religious constraints on freedom whether political, social, religious, academic or interpersonal. A century and a half after his death, Mill’s argument on behalf of an “atmosphere of freedom”, limited only when words or actions result in harm, has become the central pillar of the liberal thinking.

Yet while Mill’s essay was intended to be a defence of the necessary conditions for a liberal society, today it is more likely to be self-described conservatives who are most likely to invoke its arguments.

Ironically while conservatives, traditional supporters of the rule of law, loyalty to the three Fs (family, faith and flag,) and asdherence to the narratives of state and church, today it seems the conservatives have moved to the left to occupy the void created by liberal and socialist groups embracing the principle of the pensée unique, the French concept of a single thought or idea to which all must pay lip service even if they do not necessarily agree.

If it was the free-thinkers in the Victorian era whom Mill was defending against oppression by religious traditionalists (the Thought Police of the era,) today the situation is the opposite. Conservatives and “classical liberals” of various stripes today regularly invoke Mill as a refutation against the oppressiveness of liberals and progressives.

[We should] go back to John Stuart Mill,” an american religious conservative suggested last year. “Having legal protection for free, robust discourse in place is one thing, and it’s a very important thing, and it’s, as I say, a necessary thing, but it’s not sufficient. In addition to those legal norms protecting free speech, we need to build a culture of free speech.”

The progressives disagree of course: nobody should be allowed to challenge the doctrine of change, we must all accept the rewriting of history in a way that makes Africa the cradle of civilisation, the nursery of literature and the arts and the hub of scientific and technical progress rather than, respectively Mesopotamia, the eastern Mediterranean region and northern Europe. We must accept that such huge cultural figures as Michaelangelo, Shakespeare and Beethoven were black and other such nonsense or be ‘cancelled’ for being racist. We must accept the Islamification of secular Christian societies and support ‘open doors’ immigration policies, because stale, conservative, systemically racist old, whilte European societies need to be culturally revitalised by huge influxes of ignorant, illiterate, ineducable, unemployable mightants from third world shitholes.

We must understand the need for change and willingly accept the change imposed on us by cabals of university brainwashed Cultural Marxist, quasi – intellectual academics, we must celebrate rather than merely tolerate homosexuality. We must ‘follow the science’ on climate change, dysfunctional vaccines, adulteration of our food with toxic shite but not on the impossibility of a human changing sex.

Change is not progress, that is change for the better. /but that begs the question, “What do we mean by “better”?

Is “better” merely the opinion of the rich and powerful or the highly educated? If so, then why should we privilege the contrary opinions of a rival group over our own? Instead, we should engage in a contest of power against them. After all, if there is no transcendental standard of the good, why not choose a standard most congenial to our own natures and devise an ideology that glorifies it?

But what if there is an objective, transcendent good that may conflict with our own inclinations? If we choose to put the “I should” ahead of the “I want” (pace C.S.Lewis), then the wisdom of lived experience may be a surer guide than a library’s worth of books that try their best to evade the hard fact that, if we are to live as human beings rather than clever animals, we have to be willing to suffer ourselves into existence.

Just because the person-on-the-street can’t articulate why a particular custom is valuable, doesn’t mean that it isn’t. However, the first stage of decline is when a society does the right things, but does so blindly, no longer having a deep understanding of the universal principles that underlie a specific custom. As time passes and circumstances change, society can no longer apply those principles intelligently. Customs become inapt or they’re modified in a way that violates their spirit. At that point, the revolutionaries can plausibly claim that custom is mere unthinking conformity that unreasonably constrains behavior. Babies get thrown out with the bathwater; e.g. the norms that build strong families are tossed into the same bin as the abuses that sustain empires.

Progress is not the arrow of time, though it may seem that way because knowledge tends to increase and be retained over time, even allowing for “dark” ages (that turn out no to be so dark.) But knowledge isn’t wisdom. Think of the scene in “2001: A Space Odyssey” where the tossed club becomes an orbiting nuclear bomb.

The opposite to modern progressives is not traditionalism. Politics is not a dichotomy of either-or or ‘which side are you on’. Multiple forms of progress are possible, and we do need to reject a claimed progressive movement that has absolutist and anti-freedom roots as anti-progress.

The illiberalism of modern progressives doesn’t mean that other forms of progress are tainted by the same intolerences. It is possible to believe in progress – reduction in poverty, improved living standards, mutuality and tolerance, avoidance of war – without getting trapped by the segregationalist isms of the SJWs. It is possible to see that long-standing heuristics and principles can still have value and should be tested and retained, while still rejecting ritualism – a ritualism that is being increased by demanding deference to compelled speech and conformity of thought.

That is not to say that there is no traditionalist-versus-progressive argument going on. That is happening too. But Spain’s history of progressives versus traditionalists shows us what happens when the middle ground is denied, and it is precisely a middle of tolerance, fraternity, equality, fairness and freedom that we should seek to defend.


Is Human Consciousness More than 3,000 Years Old?
Biologists are archaeologists have argued for decades about when humans first became true humans, creatures that we would recognise as our direct ancestors. The point at which men first stood erect (oops, pardon) was when we ceased to be hairless apes (or hairy -arsed knuckle draggers) but it still took a while for the self awareness and development of complex languages which enable us to communicate ideas and language are still not clear … MORE>

The Genocide Of Ideas
Interviewed on UK Television the director and former Monty Python Flying Circus member Terry Gilliam said he did not like anything among the recent output from Hollywood. While this made a refreshing change from the usual sycophantic, self regarding babble we hear from Hollywood people, Gilliam’s point was had a wider significance that a mere comment on recent movie releases.
“I don’t know what they are about,” he complained, “there is a car chase, a few fights, a threat to civilisation and the hero saves the world.” Continuing to critique the formulaic Hollywood blockbuster genre Gilliam said films, books and plays ought to be about ideas.
His own work has never been short of ideas … READ FULL ARTICLE >>>

The Charge Of The Anti-enlightenment Brigade
I don’t know if many of you remember London’s Atheist Bus a few years ago. It toured the city bearing adverts that read: ‘There’s probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life.’ and was a great success[ … ] this demonstrates the Sheeple – like tendencies of those who claim they have reason on their side: the religious propagandist with the sandwich board saying ‘repent, the end is nigh’ was always the subject of jokes. Why do the opposing side now feel the need to parade high tech sandwich boards saying, “no need to repent, the end isn’t nigh’?

Social Science Degrees Make Great Leaders? More Junk Science.
We’ve had junk science on climate change, genetically modified seeds, many types of medicines and social engineering. The junkiest of junk science however is always commissioned by public service organisations and is aimed at convincing the public that our public servants are doing a good job. Fortunately the public are not as gullible as our leaders suppose.

Electoral Reform in Britain – Is It Time for True Proportional Representation?
After every British election, when around a quarter of voters find the party they voted for is hardly represented in the House Of Commons (In 2015, 8 per cent of the votes equals just 8 of the 650 members, while a party with 13% has just one), people who believe in democracy try to start a debate about reforming the voting system. And as ever, supporters of the two main parties, which benefit most from the current undemocratic system, try to stifle debate.

Reasons Why This Pagan Will Not Vote Labour, Conservative Or Liberal Democrat.
As we prepare to vote in a General Election that we are told will change British Politics forever, Ian looks at a choice of three main parties that basically offer the same set of globalist, multiculturalist policies and consideres which way a pagan should vote.

Elderly face NHS discrimination as new United Nations plan defines death targets for nations
Leaders of the western powers, anxious it seems to divest themselves of responsibility while extending and tightening their grip on power, are happy to promote the United Nations as a de facto World Government. The problem is the United Nations employs as advisers and bureaucrats many people whose authoritarian and racist political position makes Herr Hitler look positively liberal.

Cultural Marxism Curriculum: The Frankfurt School
Western civilization at the present day is in a crisis different from anything that has been previously experienced. Other societies have changed their social or cultural values under the influence of external forces or by gradual development. But none, like our own, has ever consciously faced the prospect of a fundamental alteration of the beliefs and institutions on which the whole fabric of social life rests being imposed …

TThe Idea Of An Infinite Universe Is Fashionable Again
The now little discussed (due to the witch hunt tactics employed by the scientific consensus gangsters) idea of an infinite, eternal, self renewing universe makes a lot more sense than a point at which everything suddenly materialises out of nothing.

To Infinity And Beyond – Big Bang Theory Trashed?
One ‘scientific fact’ Little Nicky has challenged in the past is Big Bang Theory. I have lost count of the times that having offered proof that Big Bang is not a fact, the universe is in reality infinite I have become involved in thousand – comment threads in which the arguments of the Big Bang sceptics were contradicted by science tits screeching, “It is a fact because we say it is.”

Beyond Big Bang: The Idea Of An Infinite Universe Is Fashionable Again
So Big Bang was a proven fact was it. A lot of very noisy science fanboys insisted it was, but of course big Bang was only ever a theory with no more hard evidence to back it up that the biblical creation myth. Perhaps led by the reurn of common sense, the cutting edge research is one again talking about an infinite universe.

Anarchy and Statism: When We Know The Price Of Big Government Is Our Liberty Why Are So Many Prepared To Pay It. Having crossed swords with militant atheists anf fundamentalist science worshippers many times and been gobsmacked by their inability to consider that any opinion other than their own might derserve a hearing, I thought it was time to start demolishing this new quasi – religious faith that spawns so many zealots.

Was CERN A False Prophet – Laugh, I Nearly Shat
Some of you may remember the stick we have taken from The Church Of Scienceology Cult member when in taking the piss out of the over educated idiots at CERN, who are looking for “The Answer To Life, The Universe and Everything,” by comparing their quest for The Higgs Boson to someone looking for a needle in a haystack when …

New Physics Theory Proposes Time Is Disappearing From Our Universe.
I have never understood why we invest so much money in theoretical physics, which basically means blokes with pointy heads sitting around having intellectual wanks as they dream up constantly whackier theories to explain how our universe works. One idea they cling to fondly which I find crazy, is that time is somehow material than can be stretched, compressed, kicked around like a football and made to disappear.

Human DNA Shock: David Icke Was Right all The Time.
Conspiracy theories? A world run by shape shifting lizards? Wearing tinfoil Hats to protect ourselves from radio signals? All craziness? Unfortunately the more we learn the more it seems not. Read below about the mystery non human race that gave us part of our genome.

Britain’s maths policy simply doesn’t add up – but neither does overestimating the importance of maths.
As an engineer, mathematics has been an important part of my career but I have always been aware that it is a tool. In the past there have been many attempts to develop a ‘philosophy of everything’ base on mathematical speculations that took maths into areas it was never designed to go, areas of human thought and enquiry that rightly belong to philosophers. This talk of mathematicians being creative jarrs with me somewhat, inventors, engineers, designers are creative. Mathematics is just part of our tool kit.

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American Braggadocio, English Humour

When I came across the following question posted on by an American race baiter:

Why do the British refer to Chinese takeout as “a Chinese”? From an American perspective that can seem offensive as Americans say just “Chinese food” and “a Chinese” has racist connotations.

English contributor Barney Lane had already replied:

Yup. Our two staple foreign food types are Chinese and Indian. We will go out for an Indian. Or a Chinese. It may very well seem offensive to American ears but it’s not here. It’s just what we say. You have to understand, the American obsession with race and racism, and how it makes you tread on eggshells with words, barely exists here.

But I felt it my patriotic duty to add some typically British humour:

Good comment Barney, I’ve always thought that American braggadocio is a defence mechanism behind which they conceal their national inferiority complex, but when they go as far as to accuse us of racism for referring to crispy aromatic duck or sweet and sour pork as ‘a Chinese’ I think we may have found the chink in their armour.

for more Boggart humour and satire check out our main site.

Furious Londoners fight back as Just Stop Oil EcoWankers Block Roads Again

Members of the public have been taking a stand and fighting back against Just Stop Oil eco-zealots causing disruption in London

Demonstrators have caused chaos by slow marching every day since April 24, frustrating drivers and bus passengers trying to get around the capital – but Londoners appear to have had enough. 

Video footage shows one passerby in a high-vis jacket retaliate by furiously ripping all the banners out of the hands of protesters. ‘Film it,’ he tells the person behind the camera, showing that he will not be deterred as he appears to shout at them in frustration. 

Another video clip shows an angry motorcyclist arguing with the protesters to get out of the way. Eventually they allow him through, but he continues shouting – to which they shout back ‘we are non violent and we are in civil resistance’.

Earlier footage shows the moment a driver appears to ram into a Just Stop Oil protester before speeding off as the eco mob ignored police orders to move.

Protestors, enraged by new laws giving police greater powers to disperse protests have stepped uo their obstructive tactics as police tried to regain control of roads across London and ensure law and order across the capital city as Just Stop Oil, supporters have blocked traffic and halted commercial activity.

Since April 24, Just Stop Oil has caused “significant disruption” on the streets of London, frustrating drivers and passengers trying to get around the capital during commuter rush hour. And in recent video footage, Met Police officers have been filmed ordering activists off of the roads as ordinary citizens, not constrained by the edicts of left wing judiciary, manhandled the civilisation hating nutcases out of their way.


In a press release issued on May 2, the activists said: “We will stop the campaign the moment the government halts licensing any new fossil fuel projects in the UK.”

A-level student marcher, Noah Crane, 18, from Norfolk said: “We have seen time and again that words are not sufficient to bring about necessary social change. The people who are both the most powerful and the most greedy in the world are making billions from selling our futures they aren’t going to stop just because we ask nicely.

“We have to demand it. If throughout all of human history, there has ever been a time to take action, it is now.”

55 supporters began marching from Regent Street and Parliament Square at 7.30am this morning and Just Stop Oil activists have been slow-marching every day since April 24. They continue to take action as they call for the Government to stop licensing new fossil fuel projects in the UK.

Somebody needs to tell these self righteous, self centred little crusties that nobody elected them to speak for the nation, not a single vote was cast in any democratic election for their loonytoons agenda and they should just fuck the fucking fuck off, have a bath and then get proper jobs.


Climate Scaremongers Have Taken Over Where COVID Scaremongers Left Off
Boggart Blog can announce that the winners of our coveted Scaremongering Bollocks of The Month award goes this month to BBC News. Not only did the BBC report in one of their regular climate catastrophe scare stories that river levels across the UK have been at record lows, they broadcast that news story on the same day as The London Weather Centre announced that March 2023 was set to be the wettest March since records began.

Climate Scaremongers Have Taken Over Where COVID Scaremongers Left Off
Boggart Blog can announce that the winners of our coveted Scaremongering Bollocks of The Month award goes this month to BBC News. Not only did the BBC report in one of their regular climate catastrophe scare stories that river levels across the UK have been at record lows, they broadcast that news story on the same day as The London Weather Centre announced that March 2023 was set to be the wettest March since records began.

Net Zero Will Lead To The End Of Modern Civilisation, Says Top Scientist
In a recently published science paper, Dr. Wallace Manheimer said Net Zero would be the end of modern civilisation. Writing about wind and solar power he argued it would be especially tragic “when not only will this new infrastructure fail, but will cost trillions, trash large portions of the environment, and be entirely unnecessary”.

Net Zero Will Lead To The End Of Modern Civilisation, Says Top Scientist
In a recently published science paper, Dr. Wallace Manheimer said Net Zero would be the end of modern civilisation. Writing about wind and solar power he argued it would be especially tragic “when not only will this new infrastructure fail, but will cost trillions, trash large portions of the environment, and be entirely unnecessary”.

Net Zero Will Lead To The End Of Modern Civilisation, Says Top Scientist
In a recently published science paper, Dr. Wallace Manheimer said Net Zero would be the end of modern civilisation. Writing about wind and solar power he argued it would be especially tragic “when not only will this new infrastructure fail, but will cost trillions, trash large portions of the environment, and be entirely unnecessary”.

COP26 Climate Conference – Just Another Elitist Scam To Steal Your Money
If you are one of the people who still relies on mainstream media for information, the ‘on – message’ news reports coming from the COP26 Climate Conference in Glasgow this week, and during the build up to the conference, might have convinced you that the entire world (barring a few crazy conspiacy theorists,) is signed up to the ‘net zero’ agenda and believes that destroying the economies of the developed nations while exporting our jobs, business and prosperity to places like India and China is the only way to save the planet. Continue reading >>>

Green dreams of Heat Pumps Continue reading >>>
When Boris Johnson revealed the UK Government plans for achieving ‘net zero’ carbon emissions by 2050 it emerged the much teased clean, green replacement for gas boilers as our main source of domestic heating is to be heat pumps. The Daily Stirrer counters the pseudo-scientific bollocks and reveals this ‘new technology has been around for a hundred years.

Extinction Rebellion Wants To Destroy Civilization, Not Just Fossil Fuels
Readers may find it hard to believe but while our attention has been focused on the coronavirus pandemic, other things have been happening. Recently the eco – crusties of EkSTIMKtion Rebellion have elbowed their way back into out consciousness and now, with Antifa and Black Lives Matter, form an unholy trinity of Marxist seditionist groups intent not only on destroying capitalism but destroying civilisation …

Worst polluting coal and wood fires banned in fight to cut emissions
Domestic coal and certain types of wood are to be banned from sale from next year in a bid to cut air pollution, ministers will announce on Friday.

Is Hatred Of Greta Thunberg Justified?
As the backlash against the Greta Thunberg cult gathers momentum a lot of lefties are asking why the little Climate Warriorette is so hated by so many people. As usual with the left, they are asking the wrong question. Just as they asked, “Why can’t you believe the scientists, when in fact not only is it always legitimate (and scientific,) to question and challenge scientific theory, so it is perfectly rational and logical to challenge the Cult of Saint Greta ….

Ruling Elites support Extinction Rebellion plan for Marxist world to ‘fight climate change’
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“Why Do European Union Bosses Hate Us?” Livid EU Farmers Hit Back At Green Agenda

This blog has been diligent in reporting the rebellion of farmers and ordinary citizens in EU member states against the imposition by Brussels of loonytoons environmental policies such as ‘net zero’ and now the war on nitrogen (a gas that comprises 78% of the air we breathe.) These policies will not ‘save the planet’, which in any case is perfectly capable of saving itself if the need arises, but will lead to food shortages, rising energy prices, a soaring cost of living driving millions of families into poverty and starvation, and ultimately to economic and social collapse Now we are happy to report stories that show the tide is turning.

via Zero Hedge, 20 April 2023

European farmers are furious over a bullshit plan by the European Union which would force then to be treated as industrial plants, similar to steel mills or chemical works, in order to force them to cut greenhouse gas emissions and other pollution, the Financial Times reports.

Greek farmer Takis Kazanas, 66, and his four sons run a 230-acre ranch with 300 cattle ranch in the mountains overlooking the Thessalian Plain. While the farmers already capture biogas from cow dung, and use homemade manure vs. chemical fertilizer, Kazanas is one of many farmers up in arms over environmentalist bureaucrats who want to impose crippling new rules on them in order to cut emissions by 55% by 2030 vs. 1990 levels.

Takis Kazanas with his four sons on their farm in northern Greece. Regulators in Brussels are discussing rules that will lead to farms like his being treated as industrial plants, akin to steel mills or chemical works

“That’s what the EU says and that’s what I do,” says Kazanas, regarding the ‘earth-friendly’ measures he already employs. “Today, everyone blames cattle for methane production and pollution . . . I have a different opinion.”

The sheer scale of the transformation that the European Commission is asking for in its Farm to Fork strategy — halving the amount of pesticides applied by 2030, cutting the use of fertilisers, doubling organic production and rewilding some farmland — would be remarkable even in less urgent times.

Yet it comes as the war in Ukraine has upended global food markets, and as farmers face a cut in subsidies in the Common Agricultural Policy, the €55bn-a-year programme that has underwritten Europe’s food security since 1962.

The EU argues that the agriculture sector is badly in need of environmental reforms. One senior EU official working on climate policy calls it “our problem child”. -FT

According to Brussels, nitrous oxides found in fertilizer, as well as animal urine and poop, are a large part of the problem. … Continue reading >>>




An Energy Crisis In Tandem With A Food Crisis On Top Of An Economic Crisis And A War. This Cannot End Well
As politicians in North America and Europe try to deflect from their own failure that have contributed to the current plethora of crises by blaming Russia and Vladmir Putin for all the current problems, while the war in Ukraine is a contributory factor in each, the real blame lies closer to home.

[ Climate change ] … [ Climate lies ] … [ Climate CO2 efect overstated ] … [ Energy green Dreams ] … [ Energy net zero reality ]

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Globalism, Crooked Crooks and Lying Liars, And A Nonagenarian Marxist Billionaire

,Sources: Financial Times, Wall Street Journal,

Guess who loves the ”Tougher Carbon Targets” governments are constantly setting, because they’re great news for his billion dollar green investments empire?

Guess who is strongly rumoured to have bought and paid for the UK’s green ‘net zero’ laws that are currently crippling our British economy via his generous donations to political parties and activist groups?

Neither of these questions should be much of a ballacher for people who keep an eye on financial news. It was none other than The Usual Suspect, the nonagenarian, Marxist, multi billionaire, George Soros, who has repeatedly stated is sloe remaining ambition is to destroy western civilisation. Soros, who made hundreds of millions of dollars when his best friend forever (until the man ceased to be useful,) former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, whom Soros met in New York in 1996, sold the Soros property consortium 750 UK state buildings in 2000 at a special ultra low price, and promptly signed a 20 year leaseback contract which was superb for Mr Soros but terrible for the UK’s long suffering, taxpayers who now had to pay rents set by Soros lackeys in order that OUR government could use OUR property to administer the business of OUR nation.

This same nonagenarian Marxist billionaire, Mr Soros, who was apparently star client at (i.e. shadow owner,) US private equity fund, Carlyle Group, when his former forever best friend, Tony Blair, sold off 31% of QinetiQ in 2003 to Carlyle, which very surprisngly employed John Major as a consultant. It is worth repeating that the price agreed for the deal was way below what could have been raised for long suffering British Taxpayers by selling a third of OUR defence research company, in an open bidding process as was proved in 2006 when the Carlyle stake in QinetiQ was sold for £374 million.

George Soros: leading the world to the dark side?

Prior to that sale which was conducted through normal financial market channels, a Soros linked investment business was loaded up, again, this time with a bung of $7.5 Billion in the form of an alleged “defense contract” arranged through shell company operating out of a tax haven. Predictably this sent share prices through the roof prior to the sell off. What happened to the $7.5 Billion? Was some of it accidentally lost in the tax haven ?

We now know that former senior managers of QinetiQ received $100 Million plus in “hush money” suggesting the prize was far higher. Was it all a very clever heist ? Well let’s put it this way, if Hollywood could find scriptwriters capable of making up such fantastical stories, cinemas would not be closing their doors for good all around the western world!

But Tony Blair is not the only leading politician to have been best friends forever with nonogenarian Marxist multi billionaire Soros. Will we ever know what really happened when Gordon Brown’s gold auctions of 1999? With the price of gold at an inflation adjusted record low, the then UK Chancellor Brown drove it even lower by selling off, between 1999 and 2002, 395 tonnes of the UK’s (OUR) gold reserves at a reported price of £275 an ounce, raising approximately £3.5 billion for us long suffering taxpayers. Almost immediately after the sale the price of gold began to rise steadily and by 2012 had reached around £1500 an ounce. Coincidentally sometime between 2000 and 2003 hedge funds controlled by Soros became very interested in gold and built large holdings.

And it was Soros who with the approval of another former best friend, Barack Obama, planned the looting of the American economy, (Obama’s US fiscal expansion policy of 2009 as it was officially known,) and invested billions accordingly before it went public. As Canada Free Press reported (back in the days when Canada was a free country with a free press,):

At the G 20 summit in London, President Barack Obama won rave reviews from reporters, many of whom clamored like school kids for the chance to ask him a question at his news conference, but the official conference document proves that plans are being made for what can only be described as the further looting of American taxpayers in order to feed unaccountable and corrupt global entities.

This is not “global cooperation,” as so many in the media described it, but a massive new expansion of the power and authority of international agencies and institutions such as the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. By embracing the “global plan for recovery and reform,” which is how it was officially described, Obama explicitly endorsed International Monetary Fund (IMF) surveillance of the U.S. economy, creation of a global “Financial Stability Board,” the expanded use of a new global currency called Special Drawing Rights, a new global warming treaty, and costly fulfillment of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

Let’s look at the evidence. There’s no way Gordon Brown could have reduced the price of gold for no reason, he would have to get such a decision past the Bank of England, government ministers and senior officials at the UK Treasury, and the banks and businmess community. And then there was his bizarre claim that gold was no longer relevant when the price per ounce alone proved it was. Someone must have been making mega bucks out of it short selling gold with people on the inside of government decision making processes acting to force prices ever lower when market forces indicated it should go up.

The prime suspect being Tony Blair’s financier friend who, people with long memories will recall, broke the Bank of England in 1992.

And if you have the time and inclination to dig deep into the morass of monetary malfeasance surrounding that inglorious episode known as Black Wednesday you are likely to conclude it too looks increasingly likely obvious that too was an inside job.

In fact all the financial chaos of the past thirty years, when forensically examined reveals an amazing story of collusion, corruption and subversion. British Prime Ministers and prominent Members of Parliament, American Presidents, Senators, and members of the House of Representatives, French, German, Australian, Canadian, Japanese politicians are all well paid and rightly so if they are doing their jobs properly, but they are not obscenely well paid as sports and entertainment stars, CEOs of global Corporate businesses, and such. So ask yourself how have people like Tony Blair, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, John Major, Angela Merkel and Francoise Hollande become multi millionaires (counting their millions in the high hundreds,) within a few years of leaving office. How can the UK’s former Prime Minister Teresa May possibly be worth the $115,000 she was recently paid for a 40 minute speech and shaking hands with a few corporate executives. How can former Prime Minister Boris Johnson have honestly made almost £5 million (at the time of writing,) in the nine months since he left office? How can Hillary Clinton, who had no experience in banking, finance or running a business, have earned over $12 million in fees for speeches delivered at corporate conventions, and to business groups between leaving office as Secretary of State in 2013 and the end of 2015, with her biggest fee for a single speech as eye popping $335,000. Are such fees perhaps the ‘quid pro quo’ for favours done and services rendered while in office?

here is no possible answer to these questions that does not arouse suspicion and warn us that the political systems of the liberal democracies are broken and our freedoms are under threat.

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Immigration crisis is a Soros scam
Media Blackout Of Hacked George Soros Documents.
DC Leaks Hack Of Soros Open Society Foundation Reveals How Billionaire World Domination Freak Plans To Control The Media
Clinton E-mails Show When Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton Allowed George Soros To Dictate Foreign Policy
Globalists Like Soros Are Now Blatantly Moving Forward Their Totalitarian World Government Agenda
Soros Attacks Trump: The New World Order Are Afraid …
Are We Heading For A Financial Crash? Chief Reptillian Soros Is Betting On It

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Are The Elites Planning To Starve Millions To ‘Save The P;anet?’

from BizPacReview, 28 April 2023

‘They’re coming for your food’: Expert warns the ‘fix is in’ and ‘restrictions’ will be next

April 25, 2023 | Kevin Haggerty | Print Article

Globalist social engineering took another step forward in New York City as Mayor Eric Adams (D) rolled out his new emissions goal that led one expert to conclude, “They’re coming for your food.”

(Video: Fox News)

Often boasting of his own “plant-based centered life,” Adams has continued to champion his lifestyle choices as the path forward for residents of the Big Apple. Last week, that included his announcement with the NYC Department of Environmental Protection that the city would be aiming to cut food-based emissions by 33 percent by the year 2030 by keeping a greenhouse gas inventory.

Joining “Fox News Tonight,” Marc Morano, author of “The Great Reset: Global Elites and the Permanent Lockdown” outlined the slippery slope such an endeavor was careening down.

“First they came for your energy. Then they came for your gas-powered cars, your freedom of movement, your cheap flights,” he contended. “Now they’re coming for your food.” … Continue reading >>>

MORE posts on The Great Reset

More Globalist Psychopathy: How the Merging of Humans and Technology Will Define The Furure
A presentation at the World Government Summit (WGS) last week in Dubai, unveiled the conference organizers agenda for a Brave New World. Titled “Government in 2071 initiative” the plan was described as a roadmap for governments to interact with “citizens and stakeholders” in effecting dramatic changes in the way the world is governed and societies are organised. Drivers of these radical changes in the way we live will be Artificial Intelligence, robotics and climate change.

Is Switzerland About To Become First Country To Outlaw A Cashless Society?
As in neighboring Germany and Austria, cash is still king in Switzerland albeit a much diminished one. But the Swiss will soon have the chance to vote on whether to preserve notes and coins indefinitely.

World Eeconomic Forum Fuhrer Klaus Schwab Says Governments Must Harness A.I. And They Will Be ‘Masters of the World’, MWAH HA HA HARRR
Addressing the World Government Summit in Dubai,World Economic Forum Chairman and Scooby Doo Villain lookalike Klaus Schwab said that emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence which will usher in a ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ can become “masters of the world,”

Germany is Now A “Total Dictatorship” Says Dutch Journalist
A Dutch journalist has claimed that Germany is now a “total dictatorship”. This may seem like a case of the pot calling the kettle black given the Dutch government’s plan to evict up to 3000 farmer from their land and return those acreages ‘to nature’ in a bid to lead the way among EU member states, to enforce total compliance with the latest loonytoons EU climate policy which requires EU members to reduce that dangerous pollutant nitrogen, which accounts for 78% of the air we breathe …

Dutch farmers block roads with tractors in protest of government plan to seize thousands of farms over “climate change”
With the cost of energy and food prices already sky high and set to go higher, the , billionaire psychopaths have declared war on the food that sustains us. The European Union having failed to completely remove the gas essential to all lifeforms, Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere, is now setting itself up to remove another esstential gas, nitrogen – which accounts for 70% of the air we breathe.

AI experts are increasingly afraid of what they’re creating
In 2018 at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Google CEO Sundar Pichai had something to say: “AI is probably the most important thing humanity has ever worked on. I think of it as something more profound than electricity or fire.” Pichai’s comment was met with a healthy dose of skepticism. But nearly five years later, it’s looking more and more prescient. College professors are tearing their hair out because AI text generators can now write essays as well as your typical undergraduate

Majority of the British people feel that migration is too high’
As the Conservative government come under fire for their failure to deliver on promises to control immigration and stay the flow of illegal immigrants from France in small, inflatable boats, the topic is once again at the forefront of political debate.
 Among the people raising the topic on media platforms this week is Professor Matthew Goodwin. A Politics academic at The University of Kent, Prof Goodwin declared today that a majority of people in Britain think imigration levels are too high.

The Great Genocide: Dutch Govt Plans to Shut Down Up To 3,000 Farms To Comply With Euronazi Union Green Law
As we reported earlier in the year, in order to comply with new, economically suicidal European Union environmental laws the Dutch government’s plans to force the closure of thousands of dairy and livestock farms in order to comply with the latest and most insane to date batch of EU environment laws which aim to limit notrogen as well as Carbon Dioxide emissions. The European Union green agenda directive has been branded as the “Great Reset turned up to eleven”.

Lockdowns, The Great Reset and the Unfolding Disaster That Is Globalism

In late 2019 and early 2020 and during the COVID era of lockdowns, mask mandates, etc., trillions of dollars were handed over, (via COVID-relief packages,) to elite interests while lockdowns and restrictions were imposed on ordinary people and small businesses.The winners were the global corporations like Amazon, Big Pharma and the tech giants. The losers were small enterprises, communities and the bulk of the population, deprived of their right to work and the entire panoply of civil rights their ancestors struggled for.

EU Vows To Retaliate if Nord Stream Gas Pipeline Blasts Were Sabotage – But against whom, the USA?
Yesterday’s shocking news that the Nord Stream 1 & 2 gas poipelines between Russia and Germany immediately triggered speculation about who is responsible, but as the facts emerge the knee jerk blaming of Russia has failed to convince because the attack bears all the halllmarks of a false flag event engineered by the usual suspects …

Legal Complaint Filed Against Food Retailer’s “Orwellian” Facial Recognition Surveillance System
A report last week that a major UK retailer, The Co – Operative Society (Co – OP) was planning to install in – store surveillance systems with facial recognition capabilities, supposedly to reduce shoplifting by repeat offenders, caused quite a stir in the media and the privacy protection community. Privacy rights campaign group Big Brother have denounced the scheme which would capture and store biometric scans of “thousands of shoppers” is “unlawful” and “Orwellian in the extreme.”

Legal Complaint Filed Against Food Retailer’s “Orwellian” Facial Recognition Surveillance System
A report last week that a major UK retailer, The Co – Operative Society (Co – OP) was planning to install in – store surveillance systems with facial recognition capabilities, supposedly to reduce shoplifting by repeat offenders, caused quite a stir in the media and the privacy protection community. Privacy rights campaign group Big Brother have denounced the scheme which would capture and store biometric scans of “thousands of shoppers” is “unlawful” and “Orwellian in the extreme.”

A Mostly Wind- & Solar-Powered US Economy Is A Dangerous Fantasy
When President Biden and other advocates of wind and solar generation speak, they appear to believe that the challenge posed is just a matter of currently having too much fossil fuel generation and not enough wind and solar; and therefore, accomplishing the transition to “net zero” will be a simple matter of building sufficient wind and solar facilities and having those facilities replace the current ones that use the fossil fuels.

Europe’s Depleted Gas Storage Might Not Get Refilled Ahead Of Next Winter
While mainstream news reporting of the conflict in Ukraine continues to pump out a torrent of anri – Russia, pro – war propaganda the catastropic effects of this war that could so easily have been avoided are not mentioned. Well why would warmongering governments admit they have inflicted an energy crisis, food shortages and soaring living costs on their people for no good reason …

While Crazy Joe Biden Claims Victory Over Russia, NATO’s Expansin Plans Have Been Derailed By PutinJoe Biden (or his handlers because we all know Joe’s mind is gone,) have been trying to spin reports of Russian troops withdrawing from positions close to the Ukraine border as a diplomatic victory for the USA over Putin but in the geopolitical game things are seldom what they seem to be …

Beware the dangers of a cashless society
As the country celebrates tradition and prepares for change, one major shift is closer than ever – our move towards becoming a cashless society. It is hard to imagine money without the Queen’s profile proudly embossed, defining our Elizabethan generation in a centuries-old British tradition, but the monarch’s face is fast disappearing from our pockets.

The Digital Euro Could Usher In State Control Of Everything

Authored by Thomas Glavinic via Remix News,

The digital euro is based on technology that could give the ECB and states extraordinary powers over our lives…

I recently heard one of the most bizarre remarks by European Central Bank (ECB) chief Christine Lagarde that gave me migraines. She said that the eurozone could not go bankrupt, that this is technically impossible because the ECB can provide unlimited liquidity at any time. In plain English, when we run out of money, we print what we need.

I admit I am probably a bit oversensitive. Counterfeiting is the very basis of our financial system, and the fact that the money we have right now is losing more and more purchasing power due to newly printed money need not concern me because I have none anyway.

CBDC stands for “Central Bank Digital Currency.”

PR consultants and journalists prefer to use the term “digital euro,” which is easier to remember and sounds nicer, but the trivialization of the term does not change the fact that behind all of this, total surveillance awaits.

The ECB’s planned digital euro works like Bitcoin on the basis of blockchain technology, but with a few key differences.

Continue reading >>>

Currency Wars

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Do A Majority Of British Citizens Still Think Lockdowns Should Have been Stricter?


It is astounding to think that after all the obvious evidence that lockdowns imposed in the COVID pandemic did nothing to protect anybody or stop the spread of the virus (assuming all those people who tested positive for SARS-COV2 were actually carrying the virus and the numbers were not just made up,) that recent polls have found that the majority of British citizens are still very much pro-lockdown. In a YouGov poll taken in early March, only 19% of respondents said the government’s handling of pandemic was “too strict”, and a remarkable 37% said it was “not strict enough”.

Likewise, when UnHerd asked Brits whether “in retrospect, lockdown was a mistake”, they found there wasn’t a single constituency in the country where a majority of respondents agreed. Overall agreement was 27% – which is barely more encouraging than YouGov’s finding.

The keyword here is respondents of course, polling companies admit that as few as one in ten of the people they contact actually agree to answer questions.

Sensible people gave up on polls years ago of course, but its doubtful that those who would have said lockdowns were a disastrous mistake but couldn’t be arsed listening to a load of stupid questions could have turned the poll round . So what explains Brits’ continued support for a policy that apart from violating the human rights of every citizen and imposed such huge costs succeeded only in trashing the national economy and shovelling taxpayers money into the Big Pharma Cartel’s pockets.

As veteran-lockdown sceptic Dan Hannan has noted with regret, “many of my countrymen couldn’t give two hoots about liberty”. Like the citizens of most Western countries, Brits have long favoured higher taxes, nationalisation of industry and the continued expansion of Nanny State. So their support for lockdown isn’t exactly a major anomaly that needs to be explained, the lazy paskudniaks fancy another year of sitting at home, getting paid for doing nothing. 

Second: as has been noted by many alt_media commentators, the government’s scientific and medical advisers Brits massively overestimated the risks of Covid, particularly the risks to the young. This owes partly to general biases in the estimation of small quantities. But it is also a rsult of the intentional use of fear tactics whose very aim was to increase compliance with lockdown.

Third: the theoretical case for ‘flattening the curve’ was strong. If infections rise too high, hospitals will become overwhelmed, leading to huge numbers of deaths; a temporary lockdown can prevent this from happening. The argument is flawed, of course – not least because it again ignores the ‘costs’ side of the equation. But it seems quite compelling.

Fourth: case numbers did start falling around the time of each lockdown in 2020. Yet as the statistician Simon Wood has shown, infections were already in decline before the lockdown was called – in all three cases. This can be seen in the chart below, which shows the timing of lockdowns in relation to five reconstructions of infection numbers.

The five reconstructions are shown in red, red-shading, blue-shading, grey-shading and dashed, respectively.

Fifth: while the supposed benefits of lockdown were obvious and immediate, the costs were largely delayed. As a result, members of the public are more likely to credit lockdown for its ‘successes’ than they are to blame lockdown for its failures – including debt, inflation and a lowering of education standards.

Sixth: for months, credentialed scientists appeared before the television cameras and informed the public that lockdown was the right choice – that the Government really was ‘following the science’. Meanwhile, dissenting scientists (like those who signed the Great Barrington Declaration) were consistently marginalised. Through a combination of groupthink, deplatforming and biased media coverage, the public became convinced that there was such a thing as ‘the science’ and that it supported lockdown.

For a committed COVID sceptic like myself this is hard to swallow. While it’sfeasible that the majority *were* pro-lockdown when the world was in the midst of the worst and most intensive scamdemic /  PsyOp in living memory, but to carry on clinging to the fear generated by negative propaganda is stretching things even by the standards of Labour voting, Guardian reading herd creatures. In 2021 their brains would have been successfully washed with the elaborate fear porn and propaganda, their thinking too addled by the incessant lies they were bombarded with from all angles, MSM, politicians and other authority figures including doctors and academics. However, with the benefit of hindsight and all the data we’ve accrued and knowledge we’ve gathered through lived experiences, I call absolute BS that it is still the case that the majority of the public support lockdowns. So I do think it’s important to make the distinction between past and present tense here. Are people still as terrified of a virus now as they were in November 2020? Highly unlikely. Michael Senger has done an excellent article relating to this topic;

”Across the western world, governments used propaganda on their own citizens for the specific purpose of ratcheting up fear of the coronavirus and increasing compliance with lockdown measures. State scientists in the United Kingdom later admitted they’d used fear to change minds in a series of interviews with author Laura Dodsworth: “Using fear as a means of control is not ethical. Using fear smacks of totalitarianism.” 

“The use of fear has definitely been ethically questionable. It’s been like a weird experiment.” 

“Psychologists didn’t seem to notice when it stopped being altruistic.”

As one Member of Parliament put it:

If it is true that the state took the decision to terrify the public to get compliance with rules, that raises extremely serious questions about the type of society we want to become. If we’re being really honest, do I fear that Government policy today is playing into the roots of totalitarianism? Yes, of course it is.

Likewise, a report later published by the Canadian Armed Forces revealed that military leaders saw COVID as a unique opportunity to test propaganda techniques on the public, “shaping” and “exploiting” information to bolster government messages about the virus.

As a result of these domestic propaganda campaigns, across the western world, we were all treated to such delightful slogans as “just stay home,” “two weeks to slow the spread,” “follow the science,” and “we’re all in this together”—each of course, in truly Orwellian fashion, being a boldfaced lie.”



The Lockdown Scams Exposed
Excuses are flying thick and fast and panic is the order of the day among elected representatives and salaried pubic servants in the UK government as, day after day for the past week, UK print and online news organisation the Telegraph has published more leaked documents revealing the lies, quid pro quo arrangements, fabricated data, bad science, personal vendettas and dodgy deals that shaped the nation’s response to the COVID hoax pandemic.

Forget The Hysteria, The Real COVID Infection Fatality Rate
For three years screaming headlines in mainstream media have whipped up fear of the mild effects of the SARS – COV2 virus which causes a didseas known as COVID19. Doctors employed by the government repeatedly warned that unless we accepted an untested, experimental medication marketed as a vaccine (though it was anything but,) this disease would surely either kill us or leave us severely delibitated.

Will Swiss court action over vaccine injuries turn the worldwide tide?
CRIMINAL charges have been filed against the Swiss drugs authority on behalf of six people allegedly injured by the Covid vaccination. A team of lawyers and scientists have compiled a comprehensive evidence report and have made publicly available around 1,200 items of evidence, arguing that Swissmedic has created a risk to public health which significantly exceeds that of SARS-CoV-2.
They assert that the authority approved the new gene therapeutics, although the minimum standards required by law were never met … Continue reading >>>

The Conspiracy Theorists Were Right Again: UK Gov. report admits 19.2 million people in England have not had a single dose of a Covid-19 Vaccine,
For two years this blog has insisted that the published data on COVID cases and deaths were fabricated, an essential part of a massive campaign of scaremongering propaganda. There were numerous attempts to make those of us wise enough to refuse the killer vaccines feel as if we are oddballs or freaks. In November 2021 the government’s Chief Scientific Advser, back by the chief medical adviser announced that just 5 million people in the United Kingdom were unvaccinated for COVID, having declined the offer of a Covid-19 vaccine.

How COVID Corrupted Science
Politicians who criticised AstraZeneca vaccine ‘probably killed hundreds of thousands’, says Oxford scientist in an outburst that reveals how the science acedemy have been totally owned by corporate money and thus have been guilty of lying, scaremongering, fabricating evidence, publishing fake statisics and spreadsing misinformation. And the politicians who told us to ‘trust The Science’ are just as guilty.
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COVID cover-up: UK media refuses to report that 4 of 5 coronavirus deaths over the past month occurred in the vaccinatedEarlier this evening Prime Minister Boris Johnson, in a broadcast to the nation, implored British citizens to continue doing what they’ve been told to do throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately everything the government has told us to do: Stay at home, Work from home, Wear masks, wash your hands every twenty seconds, do not touch anything, Shun your friends and relatives especially if they are sick, Get a vaccine, Get a second, vaccine, Get a booster vaccine, … etc, etc, etc,
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A few weeks ago this blog reported a Swedish study which showed that natural immunity provides much better protection against infection by the SARS2-COV virus which causes COVID (COrona VIrus Disease,) than the Pfizer vaccine which is currently hyped as the most effective on the market, though it is no more effective than the others at provinding immunity. The more responsible voices in mainstream media that actually reported the story described by the news as “a bit of a bombshell”.

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Vaccines Do Not Stop COVID-19 Spread As Governments Claim: Legal Advocacy Group

Vaccines are less effective effective in stopping the spread of COVID-19 that governments have claimed, an analysis of government narratives carried out by a constitutional rights group shows. The report was published Tuesday by the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, found that claims made by governments promising vaccination will reduce or stop the spread of COVID-19 are not supported by either medical science or empirical evidence
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The Betrayal Of Humanity By The Corrupt Medical Professions
From day one, back in March 2020 when the pandemic was declared, this blog has been questioning the fake statistics, highlighting the distortion of statistics to serve the scaremongering narratives of the elites and exposing the lies and dishonesty of politicians, sciencetitis (sic) and, surprisingly perhaps if you are of a credulous nature, doctors and the medical professions. … Continue reading >>>