Swedish TV Anchorman Refers To Immigrants As ‘Kebab Technicians’

Anchorman apologizes – referred to immigrants as “kebab technicians”
5 June, 2015 1 Comment

Sweden Television news anchor Fredrik Ahl found himself in trouble when, during a rehearsal he referred to immigrants as “kebab technicians”, sang the opera and spoke in funny voices. Somehow the footage leaked into the public domain and went viral in Sweden.

The clip was posted yesterday (4 June 2015) evening and has just under 2 million views on Facebook (at the time of writing). Not bad for a country of just 9.6 million people.

The word “kebab technicians” was uttered by Ahl as an aside after he read a news item about “thousands of well-educated migrants fleeing to Sweden”.

The same news has been published on Sweden Televisions (SVT’s) website with claims that “the number of engineers from abroad has more than doubled in a year”.

Here’s a link to the video but it is in Swedish which is not a lot of good to most British people.

The word “kebabtekniker”, coined by Ahl, seems to have resonated with many Swedish people, it already has 45300 hits on Google and has inspired many amusing comments on social media. For example:

Where are you going to study when you grow up? – Royal Technical Institute of Kebab – Erik Almqvist on Twitter

Now that the word hen and racified are used vigorously in the debate, It’s high time we add kebab technician. – Hanna Lindholm on Twitter

In Husby they plan on building the Kebab-tehnical Museum. Looking forward to it eagerly – Jonas Ström on Twitter

If the Social Democrats are going to reach the goal of EU:s lowest unemployment in 2020 we must increase the demand for kebab so as to employ more kebab technicians. Kebab tax cuts? – Erik Almqvist on Twitter

Swedens Television indoctrinated viewers with “well-educated Syrians”. But the news anchor calls them “kebab technicians”. – Patrik, Ängelholm on Twitter


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