ISIS, Democracy and the Dickheads

Just about the most pertinent comment I have seen to date on the US Neoliberal favoured method of bringing freedom and democracy to people of the middle east and north Africa who have lived quite happily under the ‘tyrannay’ of dictators like Assad and Gadaffi, knowing full well that should those dictators fall, the theocracies that would replace them were likely to be far more brutal and repressive.

Tyler over at Zero Hedge has a brilliant article out today on how Putin’s geopolitical skills have put Obama, Kerry and the US warmongers in a position where they must support Russia and Iran’s initiative to crush ISIS or admit that the US governnment was never interested in defeating ISIS, a group they regarded as proxies for their bid to topple Assad and turn Syrian into another failed state.

Quite how that would serve American interests is not clear, but Washington foreign policy never had a lot to do with global realities.

Turkey and Sadui Arabia Already Have Troops Fighting In Syria
Even mainstream media has been forced to concede that Turkey and Saudi Arabia are apparently ready to send ground forces to the Syrian battlefield as Assad’s forces, backed by Russian air power and Iranian elite troops but continue to grind down ISIS forces equipped with US made arms and ammunition via Saudi Arabia and funded by Turkey’s illegal oil trade with the terrorist group.
Middle East Violence And Chaos Will Not End With Defeat Of IS

EU Bosses Fear Brexit Domino Effect
European leaders met for the first time today to discuss the deal reached over changes to the conditions of Britain’s membership of the European Union. Public opinion in member states has led to fears that an out vote may prompt other EU member states to follow Britain’s lead.

ISIS Oil going through Raqqa
ISIS and Turkey linked in illegal oil deals
Turkey conveying arms to ISIS
Is ISIS a US Creation
Evidence of Turkey ISIS links

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