More On Russia’s Missile Deployments Around NATO Allies Borders And US Warmongering …

A downsizing of the confrontation between the USA a Russiand looks likely as President-elect Donald Trump continues to build bridges with Vladimir Putin. In spite of this, and because the NATO allies and the European Union also have their share of war – crazy nutters who think they can go it alone against Russian military might, the Kremlin seems to be maintaining  its collision course with NATO.

Though western mainstream media a just catching up with the news we reported in early October, that Moscow has deployed S-400 surface-to-air missiles and nuclear-capable Iskander systems in the enclave of Kaliningrad in retaliation for NATO deployments, confirming previous media reports of Russian intentions to once again blanket central Europe with potential nuclear ICBM coverage.

While Russia has previously said it periodically sends Iskanders to Kaliningrad, until now it has always said these were routine drills. Moscow has not linked the moves explicitly with what it says is a NATO military build-up on Russia’s western borders.

Meanwhile, as Russia is deploying nuclear missiles in response to NATO’s sabre rattling, it’s clean-up the mess time for the US cocksucker president Obama his homies administration as having been caught out by the surprise victory of Donald Trump in the Novembe 8 election, they desperate try to erase evidence of treason and criminal acts by senior members of Obama’s team.

One of the most urgent, and most difficult tasks is the concealment of Team Obama’s links with terorist groups ISIS and Al Nusra.

If you have formed the impression that Barack Obama, the man who promised that as president he would be the peacemaker and joybringer,  was the first US president to not only have pissed off most of America’s traditional allies by consistently taking anti – western, anti – white, anti – Christian positions in world affairs, but to have established close military and political ties with various terrorist organizations across the world, you would beabsolutely right. In spite of Washington’s rhetoric about about fighting a ‘war on terror’, for the pat eight years, under Obama’s presidency US foreign policy has nurtured various terrorist groups across the globe to undermine legitimate governments that declined to toe Washinton’s line. The USA has formented civil unrest, seeking to destabilize nations and has been actively involved in several regime change exercises, including those in Ukraine, Libya, Syroa and Yemen. Strangely in all of these the conflict  and consequent toppling of governments that refused to bow to the  American champions of democracy have been less than sucessful.

That’s exactly how al-Qaeda was created back in 1988 to fight Soviet influence in Afghanistan. That did not work out well but American political leaders never learn from mistakes and followed in Russia’s footsteps by invading Afghanistan to oust the extremist government. Sixteen years later American military personnel are still dying there.  Not content with having inherited the consequences of one mistake from the Bush administration, a quarter of a century later, the Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton repeated it by creating and arming the so-called Syrian moderate rebels that morphed into the brutal and disgusting terroist organisation  ISIS.

It should also be noted that out of a number of various groups that form the core of ISIS, Jabhat al-Nusra has always been the most combat-capable one. It would regularly face the Syrian army units on the field of battle in northwest regions of Syria. In turn, Jabhat al-Nusra is formed by 13 different subgroups, that share a common command structure among them. But should Washington at some point abandon its support of Jabhat al-Nusra, the fighting capacity of these subgroups would be severely diminished and the chances are they will fragment and start fighting each other. That’s why the United States has refused to abandon its ugly ally for years, even when the circumstances would demand otherwise. Obama’s priority was never to oppose terrorism, he loves terrorism, brutality and genocide especially if carried out in the name of Allah.

Back in 2012 the White House was forced into recognizing ISIS as terrorist organization, but that was pretty much it as far as the War on Terror is concerned. US airstrikes allegedly aimed at neutralising ISIS were half hearted at best.

The Pentagon has wasted thousands of tons of ordinance(see below), on pretending that it’s trying to destroy ISIS and its affiliates in Iraq and Syria, but there has been no real struggle as it was officially admitted by the US State Department spokesman Mark Toner. Though Obama often spoke of carrying out air strikes on troops and installations held by the Assad government, Vladimir Putin’s warnings of the likely consequences of attacking Russia’s ally persuaded wised, less ideologically driven heads to dissuade the Prez – dude.

But the Obama administration’s committment to the goal of deposing assad and replacing him with an Islamic theocracy never wavered. Moreover, according to the revelations made by a Jabhat al-Nusra militant in his interview for the German journal “Focus”, Washington has been and is still directly supplying the group with TOW systems to increase its fighting capacity. (

Under international law it is illegal for any government to supply terrorists with weapons.

When Trump surprised everyone by winning the recent presidential election, inflicting a humiliating defeat on Obama’s anointed successor, the warmonger Hillary Clinton, the Obama administration had to start covering up its criminal activities in the remaining 70 days before the new president is inaugurated. Thus, the group that was engaged in a number of fishy schemes of the neocons over the years has found itself in the “to be cleaned up” list.

Now the Washington Post reports that President Obama has belatedly ordered the Pentagon to find and kill the leaders of Jabhat al-Nusra.

Quote: “Should there be an inquiry into the activities of the Obama administration after it’s gone, those terrorist leaders would be able to testify against Obama and his affiliates, that’s why they are being murdered in a hurry now.” …

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