Democrats ‘Russia Hacked Us’ and Failed Recount Campaign is Political Suicide.

The US Democratic Party’s inability to accept that they lost the Presidency to Donald Trump is turning into a slow motion political suicide. The party that has always been quick to scream ‘conspiracy theorist’ to discredit critics of its dodgy dealings with overseas governments and foreign billionaires like Soros has revealed in its efforts to first overturn the result by supporting the idiotic claims of the Green Party that massive errors in the count had handed victory to Donald Trump, and now to claim that Russian hacking influenced voters in favour of Trump.

(An interesting statistic produced by an independent commentator showed that of the election coverage in mainstream media, 70% consisted of news relating to the Clinton campaign and only 30% to Trump. Also, while the bulk of the Clinton coverage was favourable to the candidate, most of the coverage of Trump and his campaign was negative.

By shapeshifting her party from ‘the party of minorities and politically correct ideology’ into the party of whacky conspiracy theories, unsubstantiated allegations, and sour grapes, Hillary Clinton, already the most disliked and mistrusted presidential candidate in US political history, has shown that most of the ‘conspiracy theories’ about her aired in New Media, were not only true, but showed what a terrible President this warmongering crook would have made. Clinton has become the de facto flag-bearer for the nutso-clique of aspiring Statzi operatives at the CIA. Even the increasingly credibility deficient Bezos propaganda tool, The New York Times seems to be losing faith. How is any of this idiocy going to improve the party’s prospects for the long term?

The answer is not at all, because the vast majority of Americans do not want to align themselves with a party of buck-passing juveniles that have no vision for the future but want to devote all their energy to waging unwinnable foreign wars, launching insane witch-hunts and allowing The Clinton crime Syndicate to further prove they and the party they wield too much influence over, are unfit for high office.

The reason Hillary Clinton lost the election is because she is a polarizing, untrustworthy warmonger. Period. Putin had nothing to do with it. he didn’t help, but it is unlikely his comments influenced more than a few thousand votes out of millions.

The same comments apply to the mainstream media organisations that attach themselves to this pathetic charade. Here’s a clip from the NYT headline that tried to claim Trump is a Russian agent.

“American intelligence agencies have told the White House they have “high confidence” that the Russian government was behind the theft of emails and documents from the Democratic National Committee. …

The attack on the congressional committee’s system appears to have come from an entity known as “Fancy Bear,” which is connected to the G.R.U., the Russian military intelligence service, according to an official involved in the forensic investigation…

Clinton campaign officials have suggested that President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia could be trying to tilt the election to Mr. Trump, who has expressed admiration for the Russian leader.” (Computer Systems Used by Clinton Campaign Are Said to Be Hacked, Apparently by Russians, New York Times)

If there was a Pulitzer Prize for fearmongering innuendo or spurious accusations, the New York Times columnist who penned that would win it hands-down. As it happens, the mockery levelled at the NYT in new media forced into  the this shocking disclaimer:

“But the campaign officials acknowledge that they have no evidence of the CIA claims. The Trump campaign has dismissed the accusations about Russia as a deliberate distraction…..”

The accusation were based on NOTHING! All the US Intelligence dickheads had were a few anonymous agents who identify themselves as CIA agents but refuse to identify themselves speculating on alleged hacking incidents that (they surmise) were the work of Vladimir P. Strangelove in his Soviet era Cyber-war bunker. That’s not even enough material for a decent spy thriller.

But, of course, all this bunkum about “Fancy Bear” and “Russian military intelligence” and the “high confidence” of (unnamed) US intelligence agents is enough to scare the hell out of many Clinton supporting NYT readers (well if you are willing to vote for a woman who is beholden to Wall Street and foreign despots, and who campaigned on a promise to start World War Three you’re not going to be capable of making rational decisions)  and leave them with the impression that Russia poses an immediate threat to gay rights in Greenwich Village. The Times editors know they can tap into 40-years of anti-Soviet brainwashing by the CIA and convince the gullible sheeple that Washington and Moscow are still mortal enemies. If the Times had bothered to point out that the US has relentlessly expanded NATO eastward establishing military bases in the former Soviet satellite states, built nuclear weapons sites in east Europe just a few hundred miles from Moscow, and the EU and NATO had broken a 1991 treaty that committed them to not extending membership to former Soviet Bloc or Warsaw Pact nations and had engineered the coup that brought down the Moscow-friendly regime in Ukraine and replaced it with a right wing puppert government.

Russia then is clearly more sinned against than sinning, Washington shows itself unwilling to accept the right of sovereign nations to protect their borders. Unfortunately for the warmongering Washington hawks, Russia now has military superiority, and combimes with China, another cold war enemy the Obama administration has assiduously provoked, could obliterate the American military according to more level headed strategists in The Pentagon.

New Maedia also noted what the NYT failed to mention, that the latest Democrat / Obama administration propaganda  campaign against Russia has intensified as Moscow’s triumph over US-backed militants in Syria became inevitable. The defeat of the CIA sponsored terrorist army and the failure of Obama and Clinton’s bid to depose Assad and replace his secular government with a KSA friendly extremist Sunni Muslim theocracy is a major humiliation for Washington, and following the indecisive campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq. US foreign policy credibility is at an all time low. The whole “hacking” mantra fits perfectly with the Pentagon’s perpetual war strategy which uses fake news in order to shape public perceptions and gain support for another round of genocidal violence in some far-flung location.


Former UK Ambassador Says Obama’s ‘Russian Hacking’ Claims Are Bullshit
Former UK ambassador to Uzbekistan, Craig Murray, who has always publicly opposed the demonization of Russia by United States and European Union official propaganda and has in the past collaborated with WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange to expose western propaganda as being aimed at persuading voters war with Russia and China,is justified has dismissed the CIA’s claims that Russia interfered in last month’s presidential election as “bullshit”

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  1. […] Democrats Russia Hacked Us and Failed Recount Campaign is Political Suicide. The US Democratic Party’s inability to accept that they lost the Presidency to Donald Trump is turning into a slow polictical sucicide. The party that has always been quick to scream ‘conspiracy theorist’ to discredit critics of its dealings with oversreas governments and foreign billionaires like Soros has revealed in its efforts to overturn the result by claimING that Russian hacking influenced voters in favour of Trump. […]


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