The World Needs Globalization, It Needs Trade says Chinese billionaire

Came across this rather intriguing report online today:

‘If trade stops, war starts’ Alibaba founder who visited Donald Trump warns .. ‘The world needs globalisation, it needs trade’ … Jack Ma met US President Donald Trump last month and announced his company would help create one million jobs in the US. -The Independent

The question is whether Alibaba founder wants to implement trade by force or voluntarily. He doesn’t say it outright, but if he could he would probably want government to pass laws to push markets in the direction he wishes they would go.

Jack Ma would naturally tend in this direction given that he has grown up in a society that utilizes force to create the fairness of which he speaks.

The CEO of China’s biggest online retailer has warned that “if trade stops, war starts”. Jack Ma, who met US President Donald Trump last month and announced his company Alibaba would help create one million jobs in the United States, added: “The world needs globalisation, it needs trade”.

‘But worry doesn’t solve the problem,” he added, Business Insider Australia reports. “The only thing you can do is get involved and actively prove that trade helps people to communicate. We should have fair, transparent and inclusive trade.”

He also said that if trade stops, war starts. But again he did not make clear how he wishes for trade to continue and expand. A voluntary expansion of trade would be a great thing. Involuntary trade, not.

While we don’t know the details of Ma’s business in China and abroad, we would tend to believe that as China’s largest retailer, Alibaba is intimately tied up with the state itself.

Ma is therefore speaking at least partially for the state when he asks for trade that is fair, transparent and inclusive.

But trade is not always fair, and indeed fairness may be in the eye of the beholder. Trade does not have to be transparent or inclusive either. More >>>

The world needs global trade, not global government. Free movement of people is not prevented by immigration controls, only criminals and terrorists need fear passport checks; for the rest of us surely a few minutes inconvenience is not too great a price to pay for the security of many people.

Globalization is a word with many poorly defined meanings but a theme running through them all is “Death of Freedom”, for Nations and individuals. The most addictive drug on earth is power, the power to control the masses. Jesus claimed it for God, Karl marx would have given it to an all powerful central government, some blirts in the computer science fraternity seem to think we should surrender it to machines. History shows that the more centralised and concentrated power becomes, the more dysfuntional the society over which that power is exercised is going to be.

The most powerful tool for acquiring control of the masses is the control of the money supply. This power is largely held by the Rothschild Banking Family located in the TAX Privileged financial centre, the CITY of LONDON, the area within the old Roman city wall in the heart of modern London, U.K.. Rothschild controlled organisations are in complete control of the IMF, The Global Central Banks, the United Nations, The European Union, and the US Federal Exchange. Rothschilds, through their Wall Street subsidiaries, principally Goldman Sachs has the U.S.A. Political System in it’s back pocket. The European Project (the planned transformation of the European Project from a community of sovereign nations into a single federal state) was the test run for Globalization – i.e. The World Government. Brexit, and the Trump Election in the U.S. have derailediscrediting of the fake science behind the Global Warming scare, which was a vehicle for imposing a global, authoritarian government and was endorsed and promoted by Pope Francis, at the U.N., and unanimously ratified in Paris, also has been put on hold because Pres.Trump is backing out, and perhaps even leaving the U.N.

Back in October of 2008, Adi Da made this statement:

“Humankind is in the midst of a process of globalizing itself, and as a result, all the past signals of tribalism are breaking down. And so, in reaction to that, there’s a lot of effort to re-nationalize the mentality of people. People are re-tribalizing themselves because they’re reacting to the chaos associated with the process of being globalized.

“However, the process of being globalized is necessary, inevitable and must become complete. That is the domain of right art now. Right art now is happening in the domain of the process of globalizing human consciousness, human culture, human life.

“The moment is chaos, but it’s chaos not merely because of something negative. It’s chaos because a transformation is happening. It’s a kind of death that humankind is going through right now. But all transformation is; something is passing and something new is emerging. Right at the moment, there’s a lot of struggling to hold onto what’s passing and resist what is emerging.”

We should ask ourselves why is this transformation occurring, and why ‘now’?

What is ‘right art’? and what is the ‘domain of Right art’? is this artwork made by folks on the ‘right’, politically? Some other parts of the comment make sense, but it is mostly just figurative. Jack Ma pulls the same stunt with his comments up top. What he tells us, the information we must work with does not allow readers to understand the concepts behind his reasoning. It could easily be that he is suggesting the west surrenders to Chinese dominance, because one think the current political system will never agree to is a trade system that commits China to anything like what we in the west would consider ‘free trade’.

To understand what Adi Da means we have to know his context, the kind of language he uses. What he is talking about is actually politically motivated in the usual sense of that word. It is very visual, non-verbal, taking us to a level of consciousness beyond the gross psycho-physical suffering world we tend to inhabit. To understand it best, one would need to visit and/or check out the little book, Prior Unity. Yes, Prior Unity would give you a good sense of his meaning.It’s a bit creepy, like something you might hear at a Moonies convention, about how we humans are already a unity, a family–even though, now and all through human time, we have never really acted as such.

Unfortunately this bollocks only serves to underline the difference between eastern and western mindsets and thus demonstrate why there will never be s global nation, a single race with a common culture living under one government and one legal codex.

What the globalists really mean is not so different from what Hitler or Mao Tse Tung wanted and slaughtered millions to achieve, the whole world accepting the supremancy of their nation and living as slaves under a master race. Which does not sound quite as cuddly and all-join-hands-and-sing-kumbaya as the kind of globalisation mainstream media are trying to sell.

Merkel Furious After Trump Refusal To Toe The Party Line Causes G-7 Failure To Agree To Agree On Climate Change
So things dod not go according to the New World Order plan at Donald Trump’s first G-7 summit, where the US president refused to be pushed around by leaders of second division powers including German Chancellor Angela Merkel and new French President Macron. The G7 was downgrated from the G8 because of Vladimir Putin’s obstinacy in resisting Obama’s efforts to depose the Assad regime in Syria, now appearsd to be heading towards further diminuition as the G6.

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