You’ll be surprised to learn everybody in America does not hate Trump

Read most UK mainstream newspapers or listen to BBC, Sky or ITN television news  and you could easily go away with the impression that everybody in America hates Donald Trump. A moment’s thought would inform you that is nothing more than propaganda from the fake news industry of course, only three months ago Trump was elected President of The United States , winning a landslide victory in the electoral college.

Thing is the mainstream media in the USA as well as Britain and mainland Europe is controlled by globalist ‘liberal’ cultural Marxists. And they hate Trump because as of now he is the main obstacle between them and achievement of their goal or a global, totalitarian government.

Anywhere you look online, you’ll see anti-Trump histrionics that reach a shrill new pitch each day. Here’s a quick analysis of what is actually going on for those of you watching in awe at the unrelenting breathless drama.

Histrionic Personality Disorder is characterized by constant attention-seeking, emotional overreaction, and suggestibility

Individuals with Histrionic Personality Disorder exhibit excessive emotionalism–a tendency to regard things in an emotional manner–and are attention seekers. People with this disorder are uncomfortable or feel unappreciated when they are not the center of attention. 

Behaviors may include constant seeking of approval or attention, self-dramatization, theatricality, and striking self-centeredness or sexual seductiveness in inappropriate situations, including social, occupational and professional relationships beyond what is appropriate for the social context. They may be lively and dramatic and initially charm new acquaintances by their enthusiasm, apparent openness, or flirtatiousness. They commandeer the role of “the life of the party.” Personal interests and conversation will be self-focused. They use physical appearance to draw attention to themselves.

Emotional expression may be shallow and rapidly shifting. Their style of speech is excessively impressionistic and lacking in detail. They may do well with jobs that value and require imagination and creativity but will probably have difficulty with tasks that demand logical or analytical thinking. (source)

That sounds exactly like the liberals, lefties and celebrities freaking out of Trump’s every move in the USA and Europe. But a lot of us have been saying for years that wheras being a liberal was once a political position that suggested one was reasonable, open minded, tolerant and easy going, now it tends to apply to noisy, virtue signalling, attention seeking, bigoted, intolerant, emotionally needy losers.

Which all adds up to mean their anger at Trump is really anger at the fact that the spoiled brats did not get their own was.

For the record, I don’t support Trump, but I have nothing against him (not an acceptable position in the eyes of ‘liberals’ for whom there are only two possible positions on anything) but I do think that after eight years of the economic incompetence, constant warmongering, support for terrorists and contempt for America, its laws and its people that Obama delivered, the world is lucky to have in The White House a nam who at least knows how to close a deal.


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