“EU Member States Should Be Ready To Surrender Sovereignty To EU” – Merkel

Macron & Merkel – he likes them old

In an unprecedented fit of honesty about the true aims of the European Union, Germany’s Chancellor Merkel and France’s President Macron have revealed that in the interests of future peace and prosperity, EU member states should be happy to give the bureaucratic dictatorship in Brussels more power over their laws, economic and social policies, not less as many member states are currently demanding. For that, concessions were necessary – “in an orderly procedure”, a joint communique stated.

In particular, the French President Emmanuel Macron should like this statement as he has been running around screaming about the need for ‘a proper EU army,” can’t think of anything more likely to provoke the Russians myself.

German Chancellor, Hausfrau – Volksfuhrer Angela Merkel has campaigned over many years for the transfer of national sovereignties to the European Union and in retuirn for her sinister efforts has seen the EU membership become more divided and more mistrustful about German economic power. “Nation-states must today – should today, I say – be ready to give sovereignty,” said the outgoing CDU leader on Wednesday at an event organized by the Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation on “Parliamentarism between globalisation and national sovereignty” in Berlin.

“But of course in an orderly procedure,” Merkel curtailed. The states must always be responsible for such contracts, first the respective national parliament would have to make the decision. Which must be just about the most meaningless of all meaningless statements ever uttered by a duplicitous, deceitful, power addicted politician trying to conceal from voters the fact that they are up to no good.

Merkel has previously warned against nationalism in the Bundestag in view of the controversial UN migration pact. “Either you are one of those who believe they can solve everything on their own and only have to think about themselves. That is nationalism in its purest form. This is not patriotism. Because patriotism is, if you include others in the German interests and win-win situations are accepted.”

She could more honestly have said, “Either you are one of those who believe they can solve everything on their own and only have to think about themselves or one like Germany that talks about cooperation while sneakily trying to undermine partners and establish economic hegemony (or The Fourth Reich,) by stealth.

French President Emmanuel Macron demanded more Europe on Sunday at a guest speech in the Bundestag and also a stronger handover of national sovereignty. Every country must share decision-making power, and decide together with other states on its foreign policy, its immigration and development policy, he said, failing to mention that Germany and the cheese eating surrender monkeys of France would share the decision making and everybody else would have the right to agree.


‘Islam Doesn’t Belong to Germany’ – New Interior Minister
While mainstream media was hailing the political mastery of Hausfrau – Volksfuhrer Merkel in negotiationg a new coalition deal to keep her in power for another four years, after Germany had been without a government for almost six months, The Daily Stirrer (and other alt_news sites to be fair) warned that the new government of Europe’s most powwerful economy was fragile and full of holes. Only days after Merkel was sworn in for a fourth term, the holes in her coalition started to appear … Continue Reading”>

Majority of Germans Favour Snap Election as Merkel Coalition Talks Stumble
There appears to be no end in sight to Germany’s crisis of democracy as the European Union’s most populous and economically powerful state continues to stumble along without an effective government. Coalition talks between Chancellor Merkel’s CDU/CSU and the left wing Greens and classical liberal Free Domocrats have stalled over irreconcilable policy demands.

Germany Sees Fourfold Rise in Terrorism-Related Cases
According to a report in the Welt am Sonntag, Germany has experienced a huge rise in the number of terror-related cases in just one year, with prosecutors having dealt with more than 900 cases so far in 2017, compared with 250 cases initiated throughout 2016. Around 700 Islamic extremists now living in Germany have been identified by the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) as posing a potential terror threat.

A Week Before Election 30% Of German Voters Still Undecided

Polling companies in Germany are indicating that support for Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservative Christian Democratic Party is still slipping with the election only one week away. More disturbingly perhaps for Hausfrau – Volkfuhere Merkel is the news that over a third of Germans are still unsure how they will vote. An opinion poll published today (15 September) on Friday showing the number of undecideds was not coming down fueled uncertainty about the kind of coalition that will emerge from an election on September 24.

Merkel Faces Crisis As German Ruling Coalition Collapses

German Chancellor Angela Merkel faces a crisis in her ruling coalition after Bavarian Premier Horst Seehofer demanded she take steps to halt the tide of illegal immigrants entering the country. To have any chance of surviving, the government must present new initiatives for controlling illegal immigration, deal with the critical situation on the Austrian border …

New German Coalition in Peril as Potential Partners Clash over 200,000 Annual Migrant Limit
Reports that German Chancellor Angela Merkel has agreed a proposal from coalition partner and leader of the Christian Social Union (CSU) Horst Seehofer to limit the number of asylum seekers in Germany to 200,000 per year to secure a ruling coalition may be somewhat premature. Other coalition partners are not as positive on the policy.

Merkel Calls for Beginning of Coalition Talks With Greens, Free Democratic Party
German Chancellor Angela Merkel officially announced on Saturday for the first time that her conservative bloc of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and its Bavarian sister party Christian Social Union (CSU) will seek to form a coalition government with the centre right Free Democratic Party (FDP) and left wing loony Greens.

German Elections: Anti – EU party AfD 3rd In Polls

Elections take place in Germany this Sunday, September 24, for the federal assembly (Bundestag) and the presidency (Chancellor). While Angela Merkel looks set to win a fourth term as Chancellor and the most likely outcome of the election is another “Grand Coalition” between Christian Democrats and Social Democrats that coalition will be a much-weakened if late polls are to be believed.
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