London’s Muslim Mayor Sadiq Khan Attacks Trump for LGBTQ Policies

The hypocritical little shit has obviously conveniently forgotten what his Muslim Brotherhood buddies to to homosexuals in Islamic countries, where there are no lesbians of course because a woman is legally her husbands property and can only have sex when he wants it.

London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan, said yesterday, for no good reason because Trump’s visit to the UK happened weeks ago and was successful despite the efforts of Khan and other left – wing nutters to disrupt it, (and the fact that most od us in Britain did not give a flying fuck whether Trump was here or not,) his city should not roll out the red carpet for the U. S.  president because of his LGBTQ policies …

As usual Khan is ill informed because Trump, unlike his predecessor Obama whose notable only achievements throughout his eight year term of office related to making the LGBTQ community a privileged class by placing them almost above the law. The problem lefties like Khan have with Trump’s LGBTQ policies is that the Alphabetti Spaghetti of sexual preferences get no more special treatment or recognition from him than anyone else does, which is exactly as it should be.

The Left calls Trump a homophobe, but never criticizes Islam because the lefties know that the radical Muslims would attack them. The left ruthlessly attacks Christians and Jews for citing The Bible and The Torah in condemnation of homosexuality but never mentions the more brutal treatment of homosexuals described in The Koran and specified as punishment in sharia Law which describes the activities of the LGBT Community as an Abomination.

The Torah, Bible, and Koran have the Sodom and Gomorrah Story Old Testament. In some Muslim countries homosexuals are thrown off tall buildings, elsewhere they are beheaded, flogged or stoned.



Neatly sidestepping all this, Khan said, “It’s really important we have close relations with the USA and with the president of the USA. What we shouldn’t do is be rolling out the carpet for somebody whose views we disagree with so much.”

He continued, ‘I’m marching tomorrow in Pride. I will speak to the LGBTQ+ community in America but also here, and across Europe, one of the consequences they are facing is some of the language he has used, some of the policies he has espoused, have had a real impact on the LGBTQ+ community in America.”

Obviously the little fool is unaware that Trump has never spoken against gay or lesbian activity, he is less than enthusiastic about the Trans lobby and has acted to present transexuals serving in the army. And when we remember that future American military engagements are likely to be in the Islamic world, where a transexual could expect to be subjected to the most brutal tortures and vile sexual abuse, that is a wise and humane decision.

The problem Khan has with Trump’s LGBTQ policies is that the ‘pride’ mob get no more special treatment or recognition from him than anyone else does, which sounds about right.

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