Fars News: Iranian Missiles Strike American Base North Of Baghdad

Following the ritual exchange of threats over the past few days, following the assassination in a targeted airsrike of Iran’s top soldier, General Qasem Soleimani, we are picking up unconfirmed reports that at least 5 Iranian missiles missiles have struck a US base, Taji camp, situated about 17 miles north of Baghdad. US troops are known to be billeted at the camp.

If this is an Iranian attack, as seems likely, the timing, at the end of the four days of mourning for General Suleimani. The drone strike which killed the General and several more Iranian military personnel is reported to have been ordered by President Trump himself while Suleimani was attending a meeting in Baghdad.

Thanks to our friend Amna Ibezil for translating the Urdu / Farsi language tweets from Fars News threads for us.

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