Epstein Case:”Jeffrey And I Had Everyone On Video” Ghislaine Maxwell Told Friend

Ghislaine Maxwell, daughter of the disgraced media billionaire who mysteriously fell off his luxury yacht after cetain irregularities in the accounts of his company’s pension fund were revealed, and Jeffrey Epstein’s lover, partner and alleged ‘madam’ and procurer told a former acquaintance that she and the now-dead pedophile had “everything on videotape,” according to The Telegraph.

Socialite Christina Oxenberg, said that Maxwell also told her Epstein bought a private helicopter because commercial pilots were “eyes and ears” he did not need. Oxenberg, 57, revealed she had spoken to the FBI about what she had been told.

She first met Maxwell in the early 1990s and said she would never forget one particular conversation the pair had in while alone in Maxwell’s home.

“She said many things. All creepy. Unorthodox. Strange. I could not believe whatever she was saying was real. Stuff like: ‘Jeffrey and I have everyone on videotape.’”…

Maxwell has been implicated in the running of an elitist paedophile ring by the testimony of several alleged Epstein victims who claim she was involved in both facilitating and participating in sexual crimes. She has vehemently denied the claims and has not been charged with any crimes in connection to Epstein’s activities.

If true, we wonder who exactly was taped?

The Duke has vehemently denied claims by Epstein's alleged 'sex slave' Virginia Roberts (right) that she had sex with the Prince on three occasions, the first when she was 17 and once at the US millionaire's now-notorious 40-room mansion at 9 East 71st Street in Manhattan
And finally, sorry folks, you’ll need a strong stomacj for this one

On a wall in the hall was a bizarre portrait of former US President Bill Clinton in red heels and the infamous stained blue dress worn by Monica Lewinsky when she performed a sex act on him

Elite child abuse rings

Clinton Campaign Team Bribed Republicans To Smear Trum

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