UK Energy Crisis Deepens as prices and demand skyrocket while supplies shrink to critical levels

by Xavier Connolly, November 2021

Image: Energy suppliers in UK are facing a “massacre” as prices and demand skyrocket while supplies shrink to critical levels; U.S. consumers are next

It is ironic that in the week world leaders and flat faced Swedeish trolls are gathering in Glasgow for an orgy of virtue signalling that will inevitably drive millions of people in the developed world into fuel poverty and result in more industrial jobs being exported from the west to the world’s major produceres of Carbon Dioxide emissions, China and India, the energy crunch that is affecting the whole of Europe is about to hit the United Kingdom extremely hard. With the green policies that have caused governments to neglect reliable sources of energy such as coal to invest in hypothetically sustainable power from wind and sunshine, a weather system knows as an Arctic Plume is lowering temperatures over Britain. Suppliers simply cannot keep up with demand as colder temperatures are already setting in ahead of a bleak winter.

What’s more, energy suppliers, whose retail proces are capped by the government, are going bust at record numbers, and it’s all due to the green lunacy that has gripped politicians who, it seems, are entirely oblivious of the effects of their policies on the people who voted them into power .

“Another 20 energy providers in the UK could go bust in what looks like a ‘massacre’ in the coming months unless the government reviews the energy price cap, the chief executive of one of the largest providers said,” according to a report from

A combination of factors have contributed to the current crisis but all can be linked to poor management at the highest levels and decision making driven by ideology rather than pragmatism. Europe’s gas market is in the biggest mess ever because most of the left-wing governments on the continent have obsessively pumped resources — and pure faith — into unreliable “green” energy and the cult of scientism.

On top of that low gas stocks, and unfavourable weather conditions (wind turbines have quite a narrow window of wid speeds at which they can generate efficiently) have contributed to a decreased level of power generation. Also, “record carbon prices” the price these green blob nations charge levy on producers to generate energy from reliable sources such as coal, oil and gas, (costs that are then passed along to consumers, of course) “have combined in recent weeks to send benchmark gas prices and power prices in the largest economies to record highs,” reported.

A Sky News report on on television threw more light on the situation, the news channel reported:

The UK has a so-called Energy Price Cap in place, which protects households from too high bills by capping the price that providers can pass on to them, but which additionally burdens energy providers.

Unless the UK government intervenes and reviews for raising the price cap soon, “we are in danger of just sleepwalking into an absolute massacre”, Keith Anderson, chief executive at ScottishPower, told the Financial Times.

“We think probably in the next month at least another 20 suppliers will end up going bankrupt,” Anderson told SkyNews.

Meanwhile, thanks to a shortage of natural gas in Europe and throughout the West, coal plants that had been mothballed for several years have been brought back into service and the working life of several ageing nuclear plants has been extended yet again. In other instances across the continent power plants have had to switch to using oil, which in turn is causing a shortage of that commodity as well.

“The surge in prices has swept through the entire global energy chain. Higher energy prices are also adding to inflationary pressures that, along with power outages, could lead to lower industrial activity and a slowdown in the economic recovery,” the International Energy Agency said this month.


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It may be driven by virtue signalling or self hatred but the urge to destroy civilisation in order to save the planet and the ideological agenda that drive the gree movement are too far removed from the realities of life to ever achieve their aims.

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It may be driven by virtue signalling or self hatred but the urge to destroy civilisation in order to save the planet and the ideological agenda that drive the gree movement are too far removed from the realities of life to ever achieve their aims.

Britain can’t cut off domestic gas without other reliable energy sources
An interesting selection of letters to the editor in the Daily Telegraph on an idiotic policy just adopted by parliament’s climate change committee, who are more interested in sucking up to The Islington Screechers and competing with the idiot Macron on France, and the Soros lackey Merkel in Germany to go down in history as the leader who most effectively destroyed the country they led.

SunEdison Plummets On Imminent Bankruptcy; Axiom Sees “The Beginning Of The End” And 85% More Downside

Another item in the ‘legacy’ Barack Hussein Obama plannede to leave the world looks like going down the pan as a solar energy hedge fund he backed with $$$hugenumbers of taxpayers money prepares for bankruptcy.

Shale Gas Salvation? Frack Off ….
A few months ago, before the June oil prices crash, the US oil industry was ebullient. “It is too late for OPEC to stop the shale revolution”, industry pundits squawked, “OPEC can’t stop the shale industry” – screamed banner headlines in the usually restrained financial press. But if a week is a lon=g time in politics, three months is eternity in the oil business.

IMF Attempts to Hide True Cost of Renewables
A new report ffrom the International Monetary Fund (IMF) claims Fossil fuel companies are benefiting from a global subsidy of £3.4 trillion a year. The figure dwarfs that of government handouts aimed at encouraging investors to put money into unprofitable renewable energy sources such as wind turbines. Total subsidies for renewables are stated to amount to £77 billion a year.

House battery to store energy will ‘change entire infrastructure of the world’ – or maybe not
Another costly new product hailed as a breakthough in technology, this time a clutching-at-straws exercise from the failing electric car company Tesla, completely fails to live up to the hype under scrutiny. Hailed as a super battery, a mjor advance in battery technology that will change the world to store power for a household, it turns out to be nothing more than a streamined car battery. It will run the average home for about 2 hours.

Researchers Discover How to Use Living Plants to Generate Electricity.
Most of the hyped green energy solutions to generate electricity from wind or sunshine are so obviously flawed the only thing that makes them economically viable is that governments offer huge subsidies to generators. This in turn makes the sustainables so expensive that consumers cannot afford the intermittent energy they produce.

Renewable Energy: So Useless That Even Green Loons At Google Have Given up on it
The sandal wearing, tree hugging, bearded puritans call it “renewable energy”, the zealots of the Church Of Scienceology call it sustainable energy, those with smarter heads on their shoulder call it “alternative energy” because that’s what it really is: an alternative to energy that actually works (eg nuclear and anything made from cabon-rich fuel from organic matter laid down in pre-history and left to brew for a few hundred million years.)

After Nuclear Phase-Out, Germany Debates Scrapping Coal After deciding to scrap nuclear power, Germany is to debate getting rid of its coal fired generating plant too, Coal is Germany’s biggest energy source but also its top polluter and main threat to the unrealistic climate goals imposed by the EU. Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government is split on the issue, which pits a vocal environmental movement against energy giants and coal mining regions, with only weeks until her cabinet is set to present its next climate action plan.

Fracking Truth: Mainstream media reports only corporate lies and government propaganda.
The government, energy companies and their poodles in the science academy have been trying to sell us fracking as the cheapish, cleanish but ultimately more reliable than wind and mirrors way of meeting future energy needs. Nobody believed them of course, only a complete idiot would believe that nonsense. Unfortunately the idiots believed themselves.

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