In A Berlin Brothel

Sex workers in Berlin are doing double shifts to keep up with demand during the World Cup, the German tabloid Bild has discovered. A girl called “Joy” was quoted as saying she was sometimes putting in a 16 hour day.
“We are earning as much in one day as we normally would in a week. But after the World CUp I’ll need a holiday,” she added.

And something for chapped “lips”, Jenny Greenteeth suggests.

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3 thoughts on “In A Berlin Brothel

  1. Chapped lips? What can Jenny be implying? She’s a terribly rude woman.

    Keeper has this weird theory about Sunday mornings, before about 12, he reckons you only see ugly or old women out on the streets. After that the pretty ones emerge from their beds after the swinging night before – but are all seen to walk with a slight limp. Outrageous!

    I’ll have to keep a watch on our street this Sunday from my tassled cushion lookout post atop the living room drawers; and see if he’s right!


    • In my experience Cathead, it is not so much a limp but a bow – legged gait, similar to that of newly mated lady cats.

      Tell your owner that since Jenny has been appointed consultant to the Immortal Egos project she has had to allow herself to be photographed in her young, beautiful Kelpie aspect. She will be sending him a copy of the pic just to let him see what a fool he was for giving her the knockback when she was compelled by the rules of supernature to adopt the appearance of a slimy old boggart.


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