A Seasonal Miracle?

South African Mr. (got that, Mr.) Charles Sibindana has been fined ZA$140 for making a fraudulent claim for sick pay.
Mr. Sibindana submitted a certificate from his wife’s gynaecologist to back up his claim that he took a week’s sick leave because he was pregnant.

Now in my book that beats virgin birth by a distance.

But of course in this politically correct world among people obesessed with supirious ‘human rights’ issues we should perhaps not joke about his Deception 101 failure but vote him THE RIGHT to be pregnant. Here’s how it is done …



Comedy, Humour

7 thoughts on “A Seasonal Miracle?

    • Would you believe EB that in years gone by when I was an itinerant market traders I used to stand several markets run by a firm called Spook Erection.

      Phantom pregnancvy jokes abounded.


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