The Pastor Was Taken Aback

As I sat sipping my coffee on Sunday morning, half paying attention to the television talk show The Big Question it became apparent the discussion was getting quite heated and therefore interesting. The show brings people of different religious or secular persuasions together to talk about the issues of the day. Homosexuality and religion, the topic under discussion always gets everyone well wound up.

Eventually as two audience members and a couple of talking heads looked as if they were near coming to blows the presenter, Nicky Campbell, stepped in and to calm things down brought into the discussion a woman pastor from a liberal Christian denomination. She was a sweet, rather shy sort of girl, not at all like The Vicar Of Dibley. Though quite attractive her big eyes and high, arched eyebrows gave her a permanently startled look.

“Where do you stand on the increasingly bitter division among Christians over homosexuality?” Campbell asked her.

“I am often taken aback…” she began.

I hoped for someone to say, “Your private life is your own business love,” but nobody obliged. At least I understood why she looked so startled though.

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14 thoughts on “The Pastor Was Taken Aback

      • Sir,

        Rithompson is right in not being sure about sex.
        Have you not heard of artificial insemination? The method was originally developed to help chaste Vicars to procreate.


      • No, no Bull involved (as far as the unserious press can report), anyway… Vicar of Dibley, or else is a designation not so usual in the Catholic, but in the Anglican British Church sitcom.


      • Anbd now you have rekindled my curiosity. Why would a C of E Vicar resort to artificial insemination five times. Have American pop divas and movie stars adopted all the African orphans?


      • A respectable Vicar wants own children (in accordance with Darwinistic principles), with his own wife, and he gets them, but, by chaste Vicars sex isn’t involved in the process(as Rithompson also said she was not sure about sex).


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