Filth is the most popular thing in Suffolk

If you Boggart Blog readers, like us Boggart Bloggers Fatsally, Cleo Hart and myself, hate public relations campaigns and the whole industry that has growun up around telling us what we have to think and how we have to behave this story us right up your street.

The organisation Choose Suffolk asked people to vote for their favourite Suffolk Icons contest which was designed to promote the county as an attractive place to visit.

Some residents joined in the spirit of the contest by nominating images of jovial rustics drinking flagons of turnip beer coastal beach huts, landscapes, historic buildings and figures like former Ipswich Town manager Sir Bobby Robson.

But when votes were counted the winner by an overwhelming majority was Dani Filth, the self-styled ‘crypt-crawling’ frontman of the notorious death metal rock band Cradle of Filth which was formed in Suffolk in 1991.

Filth, 37, recorded 13,025 votes by having his image clicked on the Suffolk Icons website – over six times as many the next most popular icon.

The great British public eh? You’ve just gotta love ’em.

full story (with picture)

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