Drivers Cool About Electric Cars

Have you purchased your new, clean, green, politically correct, all electric car yet?

No? I thought not.

Neither have I. It is not so much that I hate the enviroment or that I do not want to support the fabulous clean, green, sustainable job creating indistries fabulous, clean, green Dave has promised us will lead Britain to a new utopia, nor is my reluctance a result of my severe allergy to paying £30,000 for a matchbox on wheels that if I’m lucky and have the wind behind me will take me and mrs T. all the way to the end of our drive (20 yards) without us needing to stop for a recharge

Those of us who intend to pass on the joys of electric motoring shouldn’t feel guilty, electric cars simply don’t work. The technology is way off being ready to provide a serviceable vehicle. So long as that is the case drivers will not buy them in spite of authoritarian attempts to bully us. America’s Loopyloo state California may have passed a law that will set a clean, green, sustainable quota of 15% of all vehicles on its roads to be electric cars by 2025. Well passing laws is one thing, making people obey them is another.

Evidence of this can be found in Obama’s Brave New World, in the US car making state of Indiana. An electric car manufacturer set up with $100 million of Obama’s stimulus money (it’s called stimulus money because every time Bammy flushes another $1billion down the pan it gives him a hard on)and a battery maufacturing plant to suply power packs for the cars stands idle. 100 hundred cars were made and not one sold. The plant, lanched with promises that it would provide 400 jobs now stands idle and has just two employees, an accountant and a caretaker.

The owners are hoping to find a Chinese buyer.

It seems that drivers have been rather cool on the idea of eletric cars all over the developed world. Somehow I think other drivers, particularly those in sunny California will rebel against this latest green lunacy and will not be buyiong an electric car any time soon because they don’t fancy burning to death in a fiery roadside inferno.


This is what happened when one reckless electric car owner tried to accelerate his milk float new, clean, green, sustainable pride and joy to more than twenty miles an hour.

Geneva Motor Show: Genius Or Geekery Gone Mad
Greenteeth Science And Technology

5 thoughts on “Drivers Cool About Electric Cars

    • Erm … it you that’s the bozo Paul for failing to spot that we are a satirical blog. Only a total moron would take anything here seriously.

      And BTW everything I said is essentially true, the details are exaggerated for comic effect.

      Get you head out of your arse or you will not see the light til someone cuts your throat you G Wiz driving twunt.

      And BTW it’s an electric car, moron. They are known for bursting into flames, the battery technology is flawed. Only a stupid, three hugging, sandal sniffing weirdie – beardie would be ignorant of that.

      Now FUCK THE FUCKING FUCK OFF AND DON’T ANNOY US AGAIN, sad act. And BTW nobody on this blog is a conservative. We are satirists you stupid, self righteous, humourless, skunk felching spawn of a pox whore’s scab louse. You are so pathetic you can’t even insult us properly.

      I hope your electric car incinerates you.


  1. I’ve always been a fan of electric cars. I don’t know why, though. Maybe its because it’s cost efficient? I don’t really know. Only problem I ever have with these cars is, from where I come from, we don’t have a lot of shops here that have the needed equipment when doing tune-ups or fix its.

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