Not Qualified To Press A Button

Janice Woodward spent 75 minutes trapped with her granddaughter in a lift at her local ASDA store at Portland, Dorset, after health and safety rules stopped staff pushing a button to rescue them according to Boggart Blog reporter embedded in the supermarket’s head office.

Mrs Woodward, 55, presssed the alarm button when the lift at the Asda store stalled with her and two-year-old Lily Mai inside.

Although staff attended immediately they couldn’t touch a control button to release the lift doors because they had not been trained to press buttons and so weren’t qualified to release Mrs Woodward.

Managers told Mrs Wodward’s daughter who was not with the other two having been to the kiosk that a fully trained button pushing technician would have to be called to release the pair. When the fully trained and certified button pusher arrived he completed a 40 page risk assessment and arranged a meeting with the store’s health and safety officer simply pressed the button marked emergency door release to free them.

Mrs Woodward said her daughter, Lily Mai’s mother Becky, who had to wait outside the lift, was told by staff they could not have helped because of health and safety rules.

When questioned by a Boggart Blog reporter an ASDA Head Office Droid spokesperson said: “Mrs Williams was not trapped for an hour and fifteen minutes, that is an exaggeration. Our incident book shows it was only a hour and thirteen minutes.

These people are just compo seekers, they know damned well if any harm had come to them as a result of an unqualified person pressing that button ASDA could have faced a personal injury claim. Do you have any idea how much compensation claims from people like this cost a company the size of ASDA each year.

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