Lay Off Our Adele, Limpdick.

Here at the ASccrington end of the Boggart Blog operation we love Adele. She is a talented and original songwriter, has a wonderful voice and comes across as a really fun person who is not up her own arse.

OK she’s not a bag of bones like Lady Gaga or a glorified dancer from Kelley Rowland’s backing group like Beyonce. But she can sing the tits of either of them.

We don’t know how the Barnsley office feel on this topic but they are sophisticated and cultured people so we think there will be some common ground.

Assuming that I speak on behalf of the whole Boggart Blog team then I have to take issue with fashion designer and professional screaming queen Karl Lagerfeld who has been mincing around saying our Adele is too fat.

The fact that Lagerfeld can only design clothes that fit broom handles and therefore has to use semi anorexic coke heads for models does not qualify him to comment on the female form. And given his well known sexual proclivities WTF does he know about it anyway. Give me a proper lady over a broom handle every time.

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9 thoughts on “Lay Off Our Adele, Limpdick.

  1. Absolutely. This obsession with how women look is disgusting. I can name hundreds of male stars that you wouldn’t look twice at in a pub or on the High Street, so why does a woman have to look perfect as well as being a good musician? Here I am, starting to put videos of myself playing and singing on YouTube, and all I can think about is how many comments are going to be about my unfashionable clothes and the size of my nose.


  2. Don’t know who this Karl Lagerfeld tosser is but I dislike him already.
    Adele is a born natural in every way. I deplore the way we start behaving like Californians when it comes to body types. “Because you’re worth it”…..yeah, right.


    • Tosser is right. He design overpriced clothes for anorexics and by wearing dark glasses and have stupid haircuts has turned into a brand loved by those with more money than sense.


  3. Karl Lagerfeld is a prick. Just because Adele isn’t what the fashion industry considers beautiful, does not make her less of a woman.

    It’s a wider problem with his industry, that has a narrow idea of what beauty is and considers anything above size 10 as “plus size”.


    • Or less stupendously talented. But Karl Lagerfeld whose business is about making stupid women look ridiculous in the hope that men will stop fancying themselves, would not recognise talent if it ran up to him and pulled his pisser 😀


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