Boggart Blog Reveals Cameron / Obama Afghan Exit Strategy

It is widely predicted that plans for UK and US troops to leave their combat role in Afghanistan next year, are expected to be high on the agenda when David Cameron meets Barack Obama this week.

Boggart Blog can exclusively reveal the strategy the allies will adopt to get out of Afghanistan without actually admitting the two most high tech military powers in the world got their arses kicked by a bunch of bearded ragheads.


Click link to see video.

Sadly the time has long passed when the allies could have made their exit with honour, the war was a farrago from its outset and in the last few years has become a debacle. We can only say the dishonour of defeat and surrender falls on the politicians and bureaucrats. The soldiers who served there, who have risked and lost their lives in that blighted land deserves our total respect and the full support of their governments as they try to adjust to civilian life after their experiences.

Obama Talks The Talk But Dare Not Visit Afghnistan In Daylight

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