Transhumanism: With A Chip Under Your Skin …

With a computer chip under your skin
you can see through walls, do anything,
you can fly around, tunnel underground
you can leap tall buildings in a single bound

OK, I know it needs some work but the technobabble about the benefits of transhumanism is getting so loud and persistent, people need a wake up call.

the benefits of transhumanism
Picture – “The benefits of transhumanism”.

Once we all have chips implanted to connect us via the web to our fully automated cyberhomes we will be able to carry out most task from unlocking doors or turning on the oven to starting our cars, so says fully paid up member of the Hate-Your-Humanity club Frank Swain, who along with other dysfunctional lunatics has been trying to implant the RFID chip from an Oyster card in his body so he can conduct small monetary transactions with a wave of his finger. Maybe in a few years he will be able to send a message to his robot fuck-buddy, “Lube up, I’m on my way home.”

The goal of these so called “grinders” is to implant the chip under their skin, so when approaching barriers at London Underground stations or boarding a bus, buying a newspaper or a sandwich from a shop that accepts Oyster the customer can simply wave their hand and it looks like they are Harry Potter.

Oh yes, they might say they are proving themselves forward thinking, clued up individuals but I think we all know the truth, don’t we possums.

People are already using chips liberated from Oyster cards and installed in jewelry, clothing, magic wands (told you so)and bags but so far implanting a chip under the skin has not been successful.The problem is finding something that will provide a protective coating without reacting with body fluids and triggering an immune reaction.

Apparently quite a few people have RFID devices implanted in the soft flesh between thumb and forefinger.

One of the leading promoters of the never do anything for yourself if, at great expense, you can find a way to make machines do it for you, Amal Graafstra, who styles himself an “adventure technologist” has a re-writable chip microchip his right hand and in his left a simple identity chip to open doors and sign on to his computer. Eventually her believes, we will

Why, one wonders? How hard is it to take a key out of your pocket, slide it into a lock and turn.

Or type a short password into a computer? Graafstra’s business Dangerous Things is in the business of what he calls biohacking. This month (Feb, 20214) they set up a biohacking exhibit at the Transhuman Visions exhibition in San Francisco, The stand offered wannabe humandroids their first tiny step on the road to becoming true cyborgs for the bargain basement price of only $50 a time.

Using a needle of the type used for microchipping animals, Graafstra inserted a ceramic coated RFID chip similar in size to a grain of rice into each sucker customer. By the end of the day Graafstra had created 15 new cyborgs. Others visiting the stand found the idea creepy and said so.

The idea of having implants under their skin that can link up to the internet conjures up visions of totalitarian control, round the clock surveillance and authoritarian Big Brother regimes like the one depicted in George Orwell’s novel “1984”. Graafstra commented, “Every Hollywood movie has told them that implants are for tracking people, People don’t get that it’s the same exact technology as the card in your wallet.”

WTF is wrong with these people? No it is not like the fucking card in your wallet which has to be passed through or placed on a reader and which you retain some level of control over. Not long ago in Britain there was a case of people’s Oyster cards being debited without them having bought anything, just though them standing near a sensor.

Anyway, do you want Evil Empire corporations like Google, whose business is built on gathering, collating and analyzing your activities then selling your consumer profile to corporate marketing departments, to know about every little thing you did that involved spending a small amount of money? And with Google and others talking about implants in the skull that will interface the brain directly with server farms (not feasible but these wankers cannot understand that) we have to wonder how far these amoral, sociopathic geeks are prepared to go. Because if such things are ever realistic you can bet politicians will want to use them in social engineering projects.

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