Scientists create human-sheep chimera with hopes of affordable organ transplants

A team of scientists has grown hybrid embryos in the womb of a sheep that contain human stem cells, moving the sci-fi idea of developing human organs inside animals one step closer to reality, and sparking ethical concerns.

The development could potentially save thousands lives among people who are in a need of vital organ transplants. Many patients die before they reach to the top of a queue, but scientists have long claimed organs like a pancreas for example, grown inside a pig, sheep or some other animal, could possibly not only save a life but also cure a chronic illness such Type 1 Diabetes.

This week, the team from Stanford University announced they had grown a sheep embryo injected with adult human stem cells for 28 days, including 21 days inside a sheep mother. The news was revealed at a meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Austin, Texas, the Guardian reports. The experiment had to be terminated, as U.S. law forbids developing cross-species embryos, called chimera, for more than 28 days.

Researchers had already created the first human-pig hybrid. The major difference this time is they achieved a much higher ratio of human cells to animal cells in the hybrid embryo, which is one human cell to about 10,000 sheep cells, according to Dr. Pablo Ross from the University of California.

To prevent the natural abortion of the unnatural embryo and create the part-human, part-animal chimera, the researchers use a gene-editing technique. First, they deleted genes needed for developing a certain organ in an animal embryo, then they injected human stem cells to fill the void. In 2010, Japanese scientists were the first to use this method to create a mouse and rat chimera, where the rat cells were introduced into a mouse to form a missing pancreas.

Last year, the same team that is now working on a sheep embryo, announced that it had, for the most part, cured diabetes in mice after transplanting a mouse pancreas it had grown in a rat.

There’s still a long way to go until this could be possible to replicate on humans, the researchers said. Unlike the rats or mice, both sheep and pigs have organs similar in size to those of a human.

“It could take five years or it could take 10 years but I think eventually we will be able to do this,” the study’s co-author Hiromitsu Nakauchi of Stanford University said.

GM babies? How About The Frankenstein Lobby Try A Bit Of Honesty And Call It Eugenics
As the British Parliament debated legalising the use of techniques to create three parent babies and the dishonest champions of scientific fascism claim is is a perfectly safe development to remove faulty genes from humanity and in no way similar to programs with the same aim carried out in Nazi Germany, we challenge them to be honest and admit what they propose is Eugenics, a morally repugnant quest to create a master race. And all three main political parties support it.

Transhumanism and Eugenics
We have said many times that the science community is at war with humanity. Scientists are out of control, evry day we hear of some new scheme to try to control nature, be it human nature or the climate. Given what we ought to have learned from all previous attempts to control nature we can only conclude that scientists are insane psychos willing to risk destroying life to show off how clever they are.
Transhumanism: Join The Resistance
Transhumanism, the creation of – or turning us into – part human, part machine cyborgs is generating a lot of discussion and a lot of spontaneous ejaculations in the scientific community as they contemplate having their brains replaced by a computer. There are no limits on the ambitions of scientists fantasies, they even envisage creating robots that can interbreed with us, but how much is realistic?
Transhumanism: They will get under your skin
We seem to be talking a lot about transhumanism, the process of turing us into human – animal or human -machine hybrids recently. The Daily Stirer thinks such technological visions are nothing more than the fantasies of sick minds, but politicians and corporate leaders, ever eager for more power and control, seem willing to stump up infintie funding.
Technology and Transhumanism
Prof Mark Post, a researcher at the University of Maastricht, has spent several years developing a technique for growing meat in the lab. Yesterday, he unveiled the product of his work: a petri-dish beefburger, grown from stem cells. Genetically, it is beef, but it has never seen a cow. The eye-watering price tag represents the cost of the whole project (Google’s Sergey Brin was picking up the bill). The shamburger was cooked via a live video stream on the internet, and was pronounced as basically meat-like (if lacking salt and fat) by a panel of chefs, who for some reason ate it without ketchup.

Artificial Intelligence: Will It Kill Human Society?
The media, the so called ‘experts’ and politicians hail every technological advance as if it will btransport us from reality to a utopian paradise. but does Artificial Intelligence and related internet and computer technology pose theats to human society that far outweigh any possible advantages? Whateve, Google plan to put machines in our place on top of the food chain.

Is Technology Creating Physical and Psychological Hazards In The Digital Age?
Scientific research used to be the area of work that trailblazers, those with an unquenchable desire for new experience and a hyperactive sense of adventure wanted to be involved in. Now those who label themselves ‘scientists’ seem to have become the high priests of an ultra – conservative religion, determined at all costs to block progess that may lead to understanding that the dogmas of the past are just wrong

The Mummers: The Controlling system And The Illusion Of Freedom
We live in a world of deception, where truth is an ephemeral thing, slippery as an eel and shadowy as a spectre. What we are expected to perceive as reality is just spin and misinformation designed to ensure the elite maintain their control. There’s eff all you can do just get on with your life, say the shills for big government and authoritarianism. But are we really nothing more than slaves of the system?

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Transhumanism – the fascist dictator’s wet dream

I didn’t write this myself but I though it important enough to be speard around – and I have posted a lot on transhumanism and the psychotic insanity of modern scientists recently. You may be surprised to find such an article on a site names farm wars, but farmers know that the intensive cultivation techniques being developed by scientists for Big Ag Corporations are producing nutritionally depleted food.

Reinventing Humanity: That all-consuming quest for the key to eternal life.

Barbara H. Peterson -Farm Wars

Science will control our shapes, our intelligence, even create new breeds of men – violent men to fight our wars, docile men to do our work – hell on earth. (Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde)

Synthetic food, synthetic voice, synthetic body, synthetic memory, synthetic brain, synthetic everything. That is what we are headed for at an increasingly accelerated rate. We are losing our humanity minute by minute and replacing it with technology. This is not an accident. No, it is quite intentional. We are being programmed to accept the theory that technology is somehow better than nature, and that those who use it are superior to those who don’t, when in actuality, we are becoming hopelessly dependent on it.

There is nothing wrong with technology when it is used as a tool for accomplishing worthy goals. However, there is a big difference between using it in a positive, beneficial way, and as a manipulative tool to create terminal dependence as a way of life.

When you become dependent on the machine, those who own the machine own you.

We are increasingly using unnatural means to achieve “real” sounding and “real” looking artificial constructs to replace what nature has provided. Take for example, Auto-Tune technology. This is used to make singers sound on key when in reality they are taking a shortcut to what normally takes talent and years of practice. We have now replaced true human excellence in art with a microwave version of computerized sounds made to appear as human.

In January of 2010, Kesha Sebert, known as ‘Ke$ha’ debuted at number one on Billboard with her album, Animal. Her style is electro pop-y dance music: she alternates between rapping and singing, the choruses of her songs are typically melodic party hooks that bore deep into your brain: “Your love, your love, your love, is my drug!” And at times, her voice is so heavily processed that it sounds like a cross between a girl and a synthesizer. Much of her sound is due to the pitch correction software, Auto-Tune. LINK

This is the society of the future – Auto-Tuned, genetically manipulated, and living in a fantasy world. Not to worry if you can’t do something as good as the next person, or aren’t as physically attractive. Just add this enhancement and that enhancement and in less than the time it takes to say “hey, I want that too,” you will be just as good as the person who has worked for years to perfect his/her talent, nothing required but the bucks to buy the technology. An instant, microwave solution to life.

Read all of this long but informative artice at Farm News

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What Have We Told You About Mad Scientists And The God Complex

DARPA Trying to Create New Life, Attempt Immortality.

indestructible battle cyborg
Indestructible Battle Cyborg (source)

Those people of accuse me of being “anti-science” need to read this. I am not anti – science (science means knowledge so it is not possible to be anti – science. What I am anti is lunacy, giving psychopaths power and wasting taxpayers money – and if that means some twat kills himself because what I write makes him realise he will never walk on Mars or explore distant galaxies, well so what? The world needs less arseholes.)

Yes sci-fi writers hard up for new material should spend an hour or so perusing the Defense Department?s 2015 budget proposal, especially the section covering the far-out research projects underway at DARPA, where the agency?s mad scientists are working to develop brain-controlled drones, biowarfare, engineer new life forms, and possibly attempt immortality.

If last year was the year of battlefield robots, cyborg soldiers, and weaponized drones, it looks like the next couple years will see the Pentagon gearing up for a deep dive into biotech. DARPA announced today it now has an unit devoted to studying the intersection of biology and engineering, the Biological Technologies Office. The agency is betting that the next generation of defense tech will be take a cue from natural life, and as such one of the major focuses of the new unit will be on synthetic biology. It?ll ramp up research into manufacturing biomaterials, turning living cells, proteins, and DNA into a sort of genetic factory.

Continue reading:

UPDATE 6 April, 2014

via News Beacon Ireland:

Irish launch of the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots
Irish School of Ecumenics -Loyola Institute building (facing rubgy pitch)
Trinity College Dublin
April 10th 2014, 7pm

Noel Sharkey

Emeritus Professor of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics and Professor of Public Engagement in the University of Sheffield and Chairman of the International Committee for Robot Arms Control

All welcome
About the Stop Killer Robots Campaign:

Over the past decade, the expanded use of unmanned armed vehicles has dramatically changed warfare, bringing new humanitarian and legal challenges. Now rapid advances in technology are resulting in efforts to develop fully autonomous weapons. These robotic weapons would be able to choose and fire on targets on their own, without any human intervention, raising numerous ethical, legal, moral, policy, technical, and other concerns with fully autonomous weapons. Giving machines the power to decide who lives and dies on the battlefield is an unacceptable application of technology. The Campaign to Stop Killer Robots is an international coalition of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) working to ban fully autonomous weapons.

Organised by Afri in association with the International Peace Studies Programme, Irish School of Ecumenics, Trinity College Dublin

See facebook event page:

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Zombie Apocalypse: Are You Already A Zombie

shaun of the dead and friend flee from zombies
Shaun of the Dead with his best mate flee Zombie Apocalypse Picture Source

Have you been zombied yet. Film and TV shows like The Walking Dead and Shaun Of The Dead aren’t quite clear on how the process of Zombiefication works. Some say it is a virus, others suggest its contagion.

Another possibility is that some kind of brainwashing is involved. And the signs are you could easily have been zombied already. If you are one of those kewl, trendy types who has to have the latest gadget, must be an early adopter of any new technology, even before old cynics like me have had chance to warn you how invasive it is, if you can’t see any reason why a sane person would not want an RFID chip implanted in their skull to interface the brain with Google’s servers because it can only be to our benefit to have one of the greediest, most avaricious and most fascistic organisations ever, spoonfeeding you your every thought, you are over half way to being a zombie.

Really RFID tags are so passe darlings and Google Goggles, the eyewear that gets Google right in your face right around the clock can’t really be considered invasive compared to the shit that’s being planned now.

Infinitesimally small cameras contained in a pill will allow you to take high definition 3-D “selfies” of your insides; electronic tattoos that authenticate your body the way a password does, robot mosquitos to inject us all against the latests pandemics imagined up by Big Pharma in their constant quest for taxpayers money (Big Pharma are like Corporate Zombies, effing useless but always hungry) the future is turning out to be creepier Blade Runner said it would be.

The world is bad enough with vast swaths of disconnected, socially incompetent people wandering through it like techno zombies, ignoring the reality, only interacting with their gadgets.

When you dine out look around the restaurant, half the tables are filled with people who aren’t giving their companions half as much attention as they are giving their gadgets. Can’t they engage with humans or are they afraid that if they piss off their smart phone or tablet it might dump them.

Its the same in the theatre or at a gig., people aren’t watching and listening to the actual show while they are there: they are recording it on their smart phone or streaming it to their mates.

But all this tech addiction pales compared to what makers claim will happen when these sad nerds the new “Android Wear” smart watch that was just announced. Check out the commercial for yourself:

It is a gross misrepresentation of course. The first thing that happens when people become addicted to technology is they stop washing and so quickly start to look and smell like movie zombies. Which means you would not see clean, shiny people getting so close. Full Transhumanism is then just a few short steps away.

Android Wear is a hugely unstylish watch-like device that runs Google Now. The commercial shows people literally talking to their wrists all day as the little smart watch feeds them information about every thing they are doing as they go about their daily lives.

Wired is calling it “Google for your Body.”

Google Now is described by the controlling nerds as an electronic “smart” personal/social assistant that, according to the Wikipedia entry on it, “uses a natural language user interface to answer questions, make recommendations, and perform actions by delegating requests to a set of web services.

I can see someone like me getting so infuriated with it that withing two minutes it would be dust. Predictive text caused me to trash a cellphone one because it never once managed to correctly predict the word I wanted to enter next. And Amazon’s wonderful algorithm has never recommended a book I wanted to read although it has recommended many I had already read.

Technology my arse. OK, if you see any technozombies, you’ve seen Shaun Of The Dead, you know what to do to them. Along with answering user-initiated queries, Google Now passively delivers information to the user that it predicts they will want, based on their search habits.” You won’t just be interacting with the Internet anymore…it will be interacting with you. Preemptively. In real time.

Read more on the latest development in Transhumanism

UPDATE: Mad Scientists More Evil Than Genius

When we get down to the nitty gritty most of the technological developments described above are pretty crappy in reality, the technological takeover has always been more hype than substance and the cliche Mad Scientists, the evil genius behind them is more evil than genius. To get a perspective on how evil we only have to compare the much hyped philanthropy of Bill Gates, the public Kumbayaism of Steve Jobs and Apple, the contempt for users displayed by Facebook’s Mark Cocksuckerberg and the evil things being done by the “Don’t Be Evil” Corpoation Google.

A good place to start is by comparing their exhortations to be good citizens and all live together in peace and lurrrrrrrvvvvvvveeeee, with their own attitude and that of their corporations to the duties on citizenship. A good example of this can be found in their tax avoidance arrangements.

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Another Technology Evil Empire Jumps On Transhumanism Bandwagon

For those who live in fear, everything is a threat


A company has developed glasses that will give users not only an interactive, virtual 3-D display, but also the ability to spot individual faces among a crowd of people, something the company says will aid police in predicting and thwarting “future” crimes.

Capitalizing on the popularity of Apple’s soon-to-be-released hi – tech eyewear for twats, Atheer Labs has created a set of eyeglasses that give users “immersive 3-D,” surrounding them “with information wherever [they] turn and look..”

Similar to Google Glass, the Atheer One, as the glasses are dubbed, connects to the web, streams videos, and can act as a virtual calendar and organizer.

But in a recent interview with CBS Miami, the company’s founder, Allen Yang, touted the glasses as a new crime fighting tool that will give police eerie Minority Report-like future crime awareness.


Second Technology Bubble Has Burst

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Transhumanism: With A Chip Under Your Skin …

With a computer chip under your skin
you can see through walls, do anything,
you can fly around, tunnel underground
you can leap tall buildings in a single bound

OK, I know it needs some work but the technobabble about the benefits of transhumanism is getting so loud and persistent, people need a wake up call.

the benefits of transhumanism
Picture – “The benefits of transhumanism”.

Once we all have chips implanted to connect us via the web to our fully automated cyberhomes we will be able to carry out most task from unlocking doors or turning on the oven to starting our cars, so says fully paid up member of the Hate-Your-Humanity club Frank Swain, who along with other dysfunctional lunatics has been trying to implant the RFID chip from an Oyster card in his body so he can conduct small monetary transactions with a wave of his finger. Maybe in a few years he will be able to send a message to his robot fuck-buddy, “Lube up, I’m on my way home.”

The goal of these so called “grinders” is to implant the chip under their skin, so when approaching barriers at London Underground stations or boarding a bus, buying a newspaper or a sandwich from a shop that accepts Oyster the customer can simply wave their hand and it looks like they are Harry Potter.

Oh yes, they might say they are proving themselves forward thinking, clued up individuals but I think we all know the truth, don’t we possums.

People are already using chips liberated from Oyster cards and installed in jewelry, clothing, magic wands (told you so)and bags but so far implanting a chip under the skin has not been successful.The problem is finding something that will provide a protective coating without reacting with body fluids and triggering an immune reaction.

Apparently quite a few people have RFID devices implanted in the soft flesh between thumb and forefinger.

One of the leading promoters of the never do anything for yourself if, at great expense, you can find a way to make machines do it for you, Amal Graafstra, who styles himself an “adventure technologist” has a re-writable chip microchip his right hand and in his left a simple identity chip to open doors and sign on to his computer. Eventually her believes, we will

Why, one wonders? How hard is it to take a key out of your pocket, slide it into a lock and turn.

Or type a short password into a computer? Graafstra’s business Dangerous Things is in the business of what he calls biohacking. This month (Feb, 20214) they set up a biohacking exhibit at the Transhuman Visions exhibition in San Francisco, The stand offered wannabe humandroids their first tiny step on the road to becoming true cyborgs for the bargain basement price of only $50 a time.

Using a needle of the type used for microchipping animals, Graafstra inserted a ceramic coated RFID chip similar in size to a grain of rice into each sucker customer. By the end of the day Graafstra had created 15 new cyborgs. Others visiting the stand found the idea creepy and said so.

The idea of having implants under their skin that can link up to the internet conjures up visions of totalitarian control, round the clock surveillance and authoritarian Big Brother regimes like the one depicted in George Orwell’s novel “1984”. Graafstra commented, “Every Hollywood movie has told them that implants are for tracking people, People don’t get that it’s the same exact technology as the card in your wallet.”

WTF is wrong with these people? No it is not like the fucking card in your wallet which has to be passed through or placed on a reader and which you retain some level of control over. Not long ago in Britain there was a case of people’s Oyster cards being debited without them having bought anything, just though them standing near a sensor.

Anyway, do you want Evil Empire corporations like Google, whose business is built on gathering, collating and analyzing your activities then selling your consumer profile to corporate marketing departments, to know about every little thing you did that involved spending a small amount of money? And with Google and others talking about implants in the skull that will interface the brain directly with server farms (not feasible but these wankers cannot understand that) we have to wonder how far these amoral, sociopathic geeks are prepared to go. Because if such things are ever realistic you can bet politicians will want to use them in social engineering projects.

Transhumanism – What The Elite And Their Science Whores Have Planned For You
Will your brain interface with a computer
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World’s Most Evil Sick Freak Works For Google

‘Transhumanism -The Human Body Version 2.0 project features none other than arch-Transhumanist and head of development at Nazi Corporation Google Ray Kurzweil as its main proponent. The goals have been openly stated for some time:

“In the coming decades, a radical upgrading of our body’s physical and mental systems, already underway, will use nanobots to augment and ultimately replace our organs.

We already know how to prevent most degenerative disease through nutrition and supplementation; this will be a bridge to the emerging biotechnology revolution, which in turn will be a bridge to the nanotechnology revolution. By 2030, reverse-engineering of the human brain will have been completed and nonbiological intelligence will merge with our biological brains.’

Strange that a Google executive should talk thus. I mean why would any sane person want to let those sickos and freakos and wannabe Humandroids control our bodies. The pissy arsed little geeks can’t even control their own bladderr functions.

But it is time to put a stop to these freakish fantasies. I say kill them all now.

Google’s Big Plans To Make Your Brain Obsolete

Technology is advancing at an alarming pace – perhaps faster now than at any time in our history – and the major technology companies are leading the charge.

One such firm is search and media giant Google, but the tech company isn’t just interested in finding new and better ways to deliver ads and create online communities. No, Google wants much more than that: to make your brain a lot less relevant than it currently is.

According to Wired, the San Francisco-based company is on a “buying spree,” snatching up all sorts of startup firms that are focused primarily on the development of artificial intelligence

Google’s plan to make your brain obsolete

Economic Elite Announce Plan to Replace Human Labor with Machines

Nicholas West – Activist Post

Speaking at the recent Davos economic conference – widely considered to be the elite economic forum to discuss trends and political strategy – an expert in artificial intelligence and machine learning, Jeremy Howard, had some stunning announcements that indicate a major shift in employment is set to occur very soon.

As Howard states in the video below, we have hit a critical threshold where machine intelligence is performing better than even the leading experts in the fields of medicine, science, and banking among others. This has vast ramifications, as this crossover coincides also with the replacement of skilled and non-skilled human labor with robots.

Read more on Plan To Replace Human Labour With Machines

Beware The Internet Of Things

A couple of weeks ago I reported on Google’s acquisition of technology / real-life integration wankers Nest who sll themselves on the idea that they are soon going to be able to build washing machines and fridges that can talk to you, think for you, boss you around and … make you feel like a robot. The Internet Of Things they call it

Now The Guardian no less has caught up with me, having got rid, it seems of that wanker of wankers Ben Goldacre who though that saying “science” enough times would get him back to Kansas make him clever,(wonder if ben still Googles himself every ten minutes to see what people are saying about him) the G seems to be embracing humanity again as the article demonstrates The Internet Of Things.

I particularly like the opening blurb:

“By 2020, more than 30bn fridges, cars and coffee machines will be connected, all synergising and secretly preparing for the day when they will join as one and murder you.”

But as I get told off for taking the piss out of the poor, sad farties who would be happier if their brains were removed and replaced with a computer, here’s something that’s right up your street.

Robot Fuck Buddy

Making Babies With Robot Lovers

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Scientists are insane deviants who loathe and despise their own human qualities. They should all be put down now because it is the only humane thing to do.

You may think that is a tad extreme but I promise you will agree once you have read this item from Activist Post.


Robots to Breed with Each Other and Humans by 2045
Cybernetics experts say it’s possible for robots to breed with each other, and with humans, by 2045.
Nicholas West – Activist Post

The magical transhumanist date of 2045 holds many predictions for how man will attain his final merger with computer systems and usher in an age of “spiritual” machines. Ray Kurzweil has issued a bevy of likely scenarios in his book The Singularity is Near, and continues to suggest that much of those predictions could arrive much sooner. Others have pointed strictly to the economic impact and have marked 2045 has the date when humans could be completely outsourced to robotic workers.

Now cybernetic experts are pointing to the trends in robotics, artificial intelligence, and 3D printing to suggest that the “merger” could go beyond the establishment of an era of cyborgs and into a very literal one: sex with robots.

There has been an ongoing move to create humanoid robots that can more than simply mimic human ability and behavior. Attention is being paid to the social aspect as well. But what is now being proposed has even more serious ethical and existential implications, and very well could bring about the concept of a true “master race.” (As I say at least once a week, Science was ever fascism’s whore.)

Read more:

Now OK, I take the piss out of the kind of malodorous, pointy headed, acne pebbledashed nerds guys who fantasise about having a robot fuck buddy, but making babies with robots, with her for example

sex robot
Don’t fancy yours – a sex robot

is a fantasy too far. Even if someone is only thinking about such things should be grounds for having them banged up in a high security hospital without trees and flowers and chirping birds etc. but with bars on wibndows, electric fences and hairy arsed BASTARDS with AK47s patrolling the perimeter.

Here’s another little snippet from the article that demonstrates (emphasis on the demon) how insance and utterly detached from reality these cupid stunts are. “George Zarkadakis is an artificial intelligence engineer who believes that robots will move toward procreation rather quickly as they will wish to produce superior offspring.”

Fuck me, the poor, sad, dysfunctional bastard really believe machines will have feelings and instincts.

Fear not however, the idea of living, breathing robots with properly functioning wedding tackle by the year 2045 or even 2525 is so ludicrously far fetched, there is more chance of men walking on the surface of the sun than this ever happening.

The fact that people (?) are even thinking about it (and you should see the whooping and hollering such notions are greeted with in science and technology blogs – like a religious revivalist meeting down in Alabama in the 1930s) is grounds for removing them permanently from human society.

When The Robots Rule The World

Humans To The back Of The Bus, The Day Of The Cyborg Is Here

We have reported Google’s plans to implant microprocessors in your head to interface directly with your brain and override everything that makes you human, we have expose neuroscience for the scam it is; a science whore’s con trick to get research grants, did you know for example that neuroscientists using the latest technology have detected meaningful brain activity in dead fishes.

And we have even warned you of scientists plans to replace your other half with a robot fuck buddy.

Scientists say they are on course to free humanity from the constraints of being human. it seems to us as if we are being driven on a runaway train towards slavery in a scientific dictatorship. Almost every day we hear of massive continued investment in replacing humans with robots, both economically and socially.

In parallel we see science making advances in dehumanising us and robbing people of their individuality in global projects like The Emperor Obama’s BRAIN initiative in the U.S. and its counterpart in Europe, the Human Brain Project. These projects will attempt to decode the human brain and tailor it for “treatments,” (a.k.a programming) as well as to enable the realization of full brain-computer-interface technology.

The pace of these developments has increased toward the dizzying, such as a “living” transistor that uses DNA merged with graphene, the advent of quantum computing, the creation of avatars, DNA nanobots, and a range of neuro applications that are beginning to transform our fundamental relationship with the “real” world.’

Now most of this is just scientists, being insane and totally detached from reality as usual, having what passes in the scientific mind for a wank. Ninety – nine out of ten things scientists tell us are “just around the corner” or “about to become reality” are really nothing more substantial than fantasies resulting from scientists inability to distinguish fact from fiction. They think Doctor Who is a travel documentary.

The dangerous thing of course is that these plans to make us all into human – android hybrids are being taken seriously (Transhumanism)by politicians and corporate bosses. Makes one realise what a terrible mistake it was to close the mental hospitals. We used to keep these sociopaths banged up for the safety of themselves and others, now we give them research grants and tell them to find ways of destroying humanity.

Read an article on this at Activist Post

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