Officials have lost track of 50,000 illegal immigrants

                                               Migrants trying to get to Britain (source)

The Daily Telegraph reports that the government’s Borders Agency have lost track of 50,000 illegal immigrants who have been ordered to leave the country and then simply allowed to disappear into the ether rather than being put on a boat / plane / piece of driftwood.

Mandie Campbell, director general of Immigration Enforcement at the Home Office, said that immigration enforcement officers are not even looking for the individuals because they can’t be arsed and don’t want to be called racist of limited resources.

MPs on the Public Accounts Committee described the lack of information and apparent lack of concern at the systemic failure as “scary and complacent”.

The Home Office has hired a consultancy, Capita to track down migrants whose applications to remain in Britain has been refused but their whereabouts were unknown. They’d do better hiring Rebus.

These numbers refer of course to people we know about who came here and tried to enter the country ilegaly, were caught, given a ticking off and told to be on their way. What a charmingly Dixon-Of-Dock-Green approach to policing our borders the Borders Agency must have.

Keith Vaz, the chairman of the Commons home affairs select committee, has been quoted as saying: “These figures are of real concern and a worry in the context of the current security situation. It is of particular concern given the threat from returning British jihadists. We should be getting better, not worse, at dealing with those who are absconding. I will be seeking an urgent explanation from the Home Secretary as to why this is happening.”

The Home Office figures appear to show a “hard core” of several thousand illegal immigrants coming to the UK each year determined to evade security.

David Hanson, the shadow Home Office minister, said that the figures showed Britain’s borders “simply weren’t protected”. “Fewer people who abscond are now being tracked down and caught. Only 24 per cent are being picked up. This is totally unacceptable,” he said.

An illustration of this ocurred recently when two groups of migrants were seen trying to force their way onto a P&O ferry bound for Dover as tension in Calais among migrants camped in illegal settlements escalates.

The first group of 85 immigrants forced their way through security and overpowered guards, but were foiled when the ferry ramp was raised and a fire hose was turned on them.

Soon after, another group – this time around 150 immigrants stormed the ferry terminal and got inside – but were repelled by police officers before they could reach the ferry.

Eye-witness Mark Salt said: “Looks like loads of immigrants have managed, somehow, to get into the port.

And Cameron wants us to believe he is doing something about the illegal immigration problem caused by thirteen years of Labour’s policy of simply not enforcing the existing laws?


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5 thoughts on “Officials have lost track of 50,000 illegal immigrants

  1. Re’ your pic – those loveable scoundrels will most likely get housed by the LA of their choice ( after bringing or having family ), ahead of many peeps B & B here ( pun intended ) who’ve been languishing on waiting lists for years.
    The endless tide of E.European human flotsam & jetsam appears unstoppable – hence so are UKIP: Cam, Clegg and Millibland seem incapable of getting any kind of mental purchase on street level meat hook reality in this country, chauffeured and ensconced as they are behind their gated & guarded palatial piles on Planet Cottonwool.

    btw It seems extremely odd that EU stalwart France is allowed by Brussels to operate laws and regulations that are far stricter on EU migrants than UK ( which they obviously must be for them to prefer to sleep with rats rather than register there ), yet our govt are incapable or unable for some reason ( like cheap labour /bigger profits for their Multinat’ pals ).. of doing the same.


    • Being serious for a moment, I’ve been researching the illegal immigration racket (agents arrange everything for a big fat fee, transport in a goods container, fake documents, housing in a portakabin and jobs as Morecambe Bay cocklers on arrival) and then hit the illiegals with extra charges. Poor sods are stuck in an unfamiliar country whose language they hardly speak, without documents and nobody in a position to help knows they are here so they can’t be helped.

      They work long hours at shite jobs for a fraction of minimum wage and have half their pay docked to pay off their debt to the recruiting agency to pay off their ‘debt’.

      The LabLibCon whine about slavery 200 years ago but in calling for unrestricted immigration are supporting the modern slave trade. And they don’t see the irony in that.

      Under New Labour of course, recruiters for Blair’s attempt to change the national demographic put it about that Britain was such a wonderful country the government paid people good wages to do nothing. Did,’t take the crooks long to figure out a racket to profit from that.


  2. […] Officials have lost track of 50,000 illegal immigrants The Daily Telegraph reports that the government’s Borders Agency have lost track of 50,000 illegal immigrants who have been ordered to leave the country and then simply allowed to disappear into the ether rather than being put on a boat / plane / piece of driftwood. […]


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