A Lesson In Democracy For Obama

Someone on this site once told me I am a fan of Vladimir Putin. It was news to me but the blogger claims he is some sort of University lecturer or Professor or something and having read a few of his posts, he comes across as stupid and detached from reality enough for it to be true.

He of course, as befits one who eats courtesy of us taxpayers, never deviates from the approved line, Russians wear black hats, Americans wear white hats, American might is always right and money doesn’t just talk, it speaks the truth.

Interesting to see how since then, it has been the warmongering neo Con Obama who has fucked Syria and Iraq, shafted the Kurds, launched a tide of Islamic rapists, professional beggars and general arsehole on the people of Europe, while in the face of constant provocation Vladimir Putin has behaved with restraint and dignity and thinks to his having superior diplomatic skills to the ex rent-boy Obama has pulled the world back from the brink of all out war several times.

just after another immature and petulant display of histrionics from Obama Putin even handed out a lesson in what democracy is all about. It also sums up what is wrong with Ameraca’s and the rent boy Presidents approach to foreign policy

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