Mighty Trump Blows Off Rebublican Challengers

But Ted Cruz Lingers Like A Bad Smell.

No surprises in the American Presidential race primaries last night, for the Republicans Donald Trump won seven of the eleven states by large margins. The nonentity Marco Rubio, favoured of the party hierarchy picked up one but lost badly in the rest and must now be considered not a contender but an also ran.
Candidate of choice for Hispanic ethnicity (WTF?) voters and Evangelical Christians, Ted Cruz won three states and is still in the race with an outsider’s chance, should the Republicn party managers manage to convince voters that Trump one slept with Sarah Palin or something.

On the Democrats side, Hillary Clinton won states in the south which have large black populations. Hillary is loved by black voters of course because when operating as First Lady during husband Bill’s reign in The White House she campaigned for and got them lots of free stuff. The race is not over however, when the primaries move to states such as New York and California which have much bigger populations (and thus more delegated on offer) Bernie Sanders is looking strong.


The contest is rigged towards Hillary of course, the superdelegates who are appointed by the party managers to prevent a maverick like Sanders winning the nomination on the popular vote are all pledged to he.

So Hillary’s path to the nomination is assured if only the crook, liar, fraudster, traitor and war criminal can stay out of jail. And that might yet be a BIG IF.

In an effort to present a a softer image than we have seen previously, Mrs. Clinton said, ““I believe what we need in America today is more love and kindness,” she said. What she did not mention was her unshakeable belief in the efficacy of bombing the crap out of third world countries that do not love America enough to do what Washington tells them.

Love and kindness, liberal style (image source)


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