Jew hating Labour: More Anti-Semitism Claims Rock UK Labour Party

Picture: Breitbart London

Another day, another round of Labour infighting over claims of rampant anti-Semitism, racism and bigotry in the left-wing UK Party.

MP Ian Austin is now facing action after he allegedly said Labour had become a “sewer” under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn. The claim came during a heated debate about the hatred for Jews that is now defining party. The main problem here is the party’s university – brainwashed hard left are not intelligent enough to distinguish between The Government of Israel and perfectly respectable Jewish people in Britain, many of whom are appalled by the way the Israeli government has treated palestinians.

The latest allegation comes after a dossier was passed from the Jewish Labour Movement to the party showing a catalogue of anti-Jewish abuse on Facebook, the Sunday Times reported. Mr. Austin is facing possible suspension after the argument with the party’s chairman Ian Lavery.

The MP for Dudley North, who is the adopted child of Jewish refugees, said it was a “heated discussion” about how the party tackles anti-Semitism.

“Did I scream abuse at anybody? No I didn’t,” he told BBC Radio 4.

He said he called Labour’s anti-Semitism code of conduct – which has been widely criticised by Jewish leaders and some MPs – a “disgrace”.


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