Julie Burchill’s Woke Publisher Pays Her Advance In Full After Cancelling Her un-PC Book

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Julie Burchill’s publisher has agreed to pay her in full and relinquished all rights to her manuscript, following an intervention by the Free Speech Union. Last week, Little, Brown announced it would not be publishing Burchill’s book, Welcome to the Woke Trials, after she got into a Twitter spat with literal communist Ash Sarkar. The hard left pundit had attacked Rod Liddle for making light of child rape, having dug up an eight-year-old Spectator article in which he said he had avoided becoming a teacher because he couldn’t trust himself not to try and have sex with his teenage pupils. Burchill told her that was a little rich coming from a Muslim, given that Mohammad’s wife Aisha was a child when he married her. “I don’t WORSHIP a paedophile,” she said. “Lecturer, lecture thyself!” Little, Brown promptly cancelled the book.

As Brendan O’Neill commented: “Julie Burchill was hired for being Julie Burchill – and then Julie Burchill was fired for being Julie Burchill.” Guido doesn’t like to criticise other people’s faiths, however it should not be an offence to be blasphemous…

Luckily for her, Burchill is a member of the Free Speech Union and reached out for help. Following an intervention by the FSU’s legal team, Little, Brown has now agreed to pay Julie’s advance in full and returned all the rights in the book to her so she can take it elsewhere. According to her agent Matthew Hamilton, several publishers have contacted him expressing an interest in the book.

Toby Young, FSU General Secretary, says: “For a publisher to cancel a book on cancel culture because a self-proclaimed communist has denounced the author is completely unacceptable. This is Great Britain, not Stalin’s Russia. I’m glad we were able to help.” Julie is unrepentant. “I’ve been upsetting bourgeoise bed-wetters since I was 17 – now I’m 61 and nothing has changed. Last time I checked, that wasn’t against the law. I am indebted to the Free Speech Union for stepping in to protect my rights.” They would have got away with if it weren’t for that pesky Free Speech Union


Big Tech tyranny is the biggest threat to democracy in our era
This weeks main story, pushing Coronavirus aside at last, has been the attempt by Twitter to censor U.S. President, classifying his somewhat rabid tweets as misinformation. Whether you love or hate Trump or any other occupant of The White House, their utterings can never be dismissed as ‘misinformation’ because they represent what one of the most powerful people in the world is thinking.

French Intellectual Jailed for Calling Mass Immigration an “Invasion”
French intellectual Renaud Camus (above) has been conditionally sentenced to 2 months imprisonment for arguing that mass immigration in Europe represents an “invasion.” Summit.news reports: The writer, who is the author of Le Grand Remplacement (The Great Replacement), was charged with “public incitement to hate or violence on the basis of origin, ethnicity, nationality, race or religion.”

There Is No Freedom Without Transparency

The Democrat / Republican political puppets in the USA would be supported by European leaders including Prime Minister David Cameron in the UK, France’s Francois Hollande and Germany’s Angela Merkel who, even as I type, are preparing massive interventions in Libya and Iraq, both turned into chaotic and lawless failed states by previous US / European interventions
There Is No Freedom Without Transparency

The Self Righteous Minority That Threaten Free Speech

Until recently Universities were places where any ideas were welcome and any economic, social, or scientific theory, no matter how extreme would be given a fair hearing and debated openly. So where did it all start to go wrong? How did the idea that there is only one set of acceptable answers to society’s problems (the ‘pensée unique’ to use a French phrase I am fond of, redolent of The Borg in Star Trek and much more demeaning than “Social Justice Warriors”) and that those who challenge the orthodoxy should be silenced and prevented from broadcasting their ideas in print or verbally.

The Self Righteous Minority That Threaten Free Speech

The Imporantance Of Free Speech And The Right To Offend

Our right to free speech is under threat from intolerant, authoritarian left wingers or ‘progressives liberals’ as these illiberal reactonaries like to style themselves. The ‘Politically Correct Thought Police’ as I have somtimes called them in acknowledgement of Geoge Orwell’s novel ‘1984’, are determined that in they egalitarian dystopia they dream of (but that fortunately could never be) nobody will be able to say or do anything that may offend s member of any racial, sexual or social minority. This kind of fascistic tyranny is justified by invoking politically correct ideals, but it is having a deeply damaging effect on human society and could eventually result in civil conflict in the developed nations.
The Imporantance Of Free speech And The Right To Offend

Free Speech being superseded by Sharia Law in Germany?

In Germany, where the open doors immigration policy insisted upon by Chancellor Merkel has flooded the country with Islamic fundamentalists, Christian activist Heidi Mund was recently charged with “agitation against the people” for speaking our on aspects of Muslim Sharia Law that are unacceptable in western societies (e.g. permitted wife beating, rape, forced marriage.Germany is sliding towards fascism as Hausfrau – Volksfuhrer Merkel outlaws free speech for Christians. All criticism of Islam and discussion of Muslim crimes is hate speech it seems, but the ranting of Islamic hate preachers as they call on Muslims to kill all infidels is acceptable rhetoric.
3Free Speech being superseded by Sharia Law in Germany?

Why Are Governments Scared Of Truth? France Begins

Crackdown on Conspiracy Theories

We reported several weeks ago that the French government was planning a clampdown on conspiray theories by shutting down certain dissident websites. Since then we have learned the French government have shown they are prepared to go even further in attacking citizens right of free speech, they are now shutting down sites that question the government’s ability to deal with the immigration crisis, the problem of Islamic extremism, the country’s dire economic situation or burgeoning unemployment.
Why Are Governments Scared Of Truth? France Begins Crackdown on Conspiracy Theories

Google, Facebook and Twitter Yield to German Govt Demand to Censor Anti-Migrant ‘Hate Speech’ (aka Free Speech)

YouTube removes lockdown sceptical interview with researcher Dr Mike Yeadon
One of the themes that has emerged from this “winter of our discontent” has been the fact that social media and big tech companies are heavily involved with governments and corporate interests in censoring content on the internet [ … ] the suppression of dissenting opinions and the reporting of inconvenient facts which focuses on several themes: the covid – 19 pandemic, climate change, racial tensions and anything supportive of President Trump in the US election.

Hausfrau Volksfuhrer Merkel Confronts Facebook’s Zuckerberg Over Policing Hate Posts
It has long been recognized that German chancellor Angela Merkel models her leadrship style on those og Hitler and Stalin. What is not so well know is that Facebook CEO Zuckerberg is collaborating with Merkel, Obama, Cameron and other leaders sympathetic to global fascism to introduce censorship of internet content. Avoid Facebook, Zuckerberg is a Jewish Nazi, how sick is that

Facebook Negotiating Multibillion-Dollar US Fine As UK Labels “Digital Gangsters”
Facebook and its executives were labeled “digital gangsters” by a UKParliamentary inquiry into the social media giant’s abuse of users privacy. The company should immediately be subject to statutory regulation the report published at the conclusion of the 18-month investigation by the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport  parliamentary committee recommended …
also read at Boggart Abroad

Facebook Rattled After Report Claims 50% Of Its Users Are Fake

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