Cerne Abbas Giant To Be Castrated?

Nobody, so far as we know, has yet come out and called it Political Correctness gone mad but the story that caught our eye today must be the craziest piece of Politically Correct Thought Police brainwashing of the year (and so late in the year that’s quite something.)

Lincolnshire County Council have announced they intend to roll out a scheme to replace the green man on light controlled pedestrian crossings with a more non gender specific “green figure.” Read full story

Now we are sure the green man of pedestrian crossings will not be too bothered about this, he is after all a fairly androgynous character having no willie. But what if this idea catches on and is aplied to that other Green Man, the male spirit of the British nation.. What if it is taken up by Dorset Council for example. Will that mean the Cerne Abbas giant getting a sex change.

cerne-abbas-giantCerne Abbas Giant – Unashamedly male

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6 thoughts on “Cerne Abbas Giant To Be Castrated?

  1. yet another case of of political correctness gone mad! I must be honest and say i never even thought about the ‘green man’ actually being a man, to me it’s always been just a green figure.

    Perhaps ‘they’ will be going round smoothing off willies and removing breasts on statues next so that they will be neither man nor woman!—-where will it all end? when will they realise that most of us don’t care, we’ve got more important things to worry about.


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