Back To School For The Taxman

HM Revenue & Customs is sending its tax inspectors back to college.

After being accused of making “sweetheart” deals with big companies in which they write off billions of pounds of tax outstanding in return for being bought a decent lunch; after spending £8million trying to brecover tax due on £100,000 and losing a tax evasion trial against Tottenham Hotspur manager Harry Redknapp in February; After announcing a crackdown on electricians who receive payment in cash and forget to put it through the books, similar to the ‘highly successful’ war on plumbers that resulted in thousands of investigations (they’re a tad coy about the cost of these) and TEN arrests, the tax authority HMRC has decided something must be done.

So they are sending Tax Inspectors to University. HMRC is to link up with Manchester University to retrain its taxmen.

The joint venture will create a degree in screwing the masses taxation techniques, which it is hoped will yield £2m to £3m in extra tax revenues per graduate over four years. If it costs £2 million for every extra million collected it will really help us out of the economic crisis (NOT)

If people spend £8million to recover £50,000 and think that’s a result, it isn’t University they need, it’s kindergarden.

Government Intelligence Is A Contradiction In Terms

5 thoughts on “Back To School For The Taxman

  1. I can just see it now, think of the joint honours combos

    BA HONS Taxation and Klingon
    BA HONS Taxation and classical fiction
    BA HONS Taxation and Hospitality Management
    BA HONS Taxation and Prehistoric Archeology


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