Beware The Internet Of Things

A couple of weeks ago I reported on Google’s acquisition of technology / real-life integration wankers Nest who sll themselves on the idea that they are soon going to be able to build washing machines and fridges that can talk to you, think for you, boss you around and … make you feel like a robot. The Internet Of Things they call it

Now The Guardian no less has caught up with me, having got rid, it seems of that wanker of wankers Ben Goldacre who though that saying “science” enough times would get him back to Kansas make him clever,(wonder if ben still Googles himself every ten minutes to see what people are saying about him) the G seems to be embracing humanity again as the article demonstrates The Internet Of Things.

I particularly like the opening blurb:

“By 2020, more than 30bn fridges, cars and coffee machines will be connected, all synergising and secretly preparing for the day when they will join as one and murder you.”

But as I get told off for taking the piss out of the poor, sad farties who would be happier if their brains were removed and replaced with a computer, here’s something that’s right up your street.

Robot Fuck Buddy

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