Is Europe Waking Up To The Threat Of Globalism Posed by Secret Trade Treaties

sevran rebellion

Wikipedia describes Sevran as a commune in the northeastern suburbs of Paris, about 16 km (10 miles) from the city centre. A nondescript sort of place you might think and pictures like the one above bear out that impression. But in the near future Sevran could play an important role in the shaping of history and like another place few people have heard of which, like Speenhamland, change the direction if the developed world (The Speenhamland poor relief system raised awareness of the urgent ned for social reform in newly industrialised Britain).

One of the dirty little secrets of mainstream consensus politics is that while our leaders blether about democracy and “yoomin rights” they are quietly selling us out to the elitists whose agenda leads to a totalitarian world government.

The Daily Stirrer has reported on the secret negotiations now in progress in which, as clauses of benign sounding multinational agreements like the Trans Pacific Partnership and the Trans Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TATP) by which Nazi puppets like Barack Obama, David Cameron and Angela Merkel and dupes like Ed Miliband and Francoise Hollande will betray the people they were elected to serve by surrendering national sovereignty to Corporate Bosses and Bankers. It is any wonder the political establishments and the academic creeps who advise them have been keeping silent about these treaties (which are about anything but free trade – just take a look at the plans of the unelected world government to control the internet and abolish free speech by making publication of views that dissent from the official line a criminal offence.

Wannabe Weltfuhrer Obama gave the game away with a typically petulant and adolescsent outburst in a meeting with the Malaysian leader in which the Rent Boy President condemned those questioning the treaties as conspiracy theorists:

from Infojustice

At his joint press conference with Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak, Obama addressed concerns that intellectual property provisions in the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) will lead to “higher costs of medical supplies.” His response was that people who raise concerns about TPP intellectual property provisions and access to medicines have a “lack of knowledge” about what is happening in (secret) negotiations, and are therefore prone to “rumors” and “conspiracy theories.”

Obama is reported to have elaborated on that by saying:

If you take an issue like drugs, for example, the United States does extraordinary work in research and development, and providing medical breakthroughs that save a lot of lives around the world. Those companies that make those investments in that research oftentimes want a return, and so there are all kinds of issues around intellectual property and patents, and so forth.”

Obama’s comments could almost be considered an argument in favor of greater transparency, though that was obviously not his intent because leaked texts of the draft agreements for TPP and TATP show that among many corporate and business friendly, people hostile issues concerning patents and intellectual property are proposals to allow corporations to overule laws passed by the elected governments of sovereign nations if it is felt those laws obstruct the achievement of business goals.

So when The Rent Boy President talks of making medicines avaiable in poor counties, what he means is allowing Big Pharma to sue those who manufacture and sell generic versions of drugs in third world nations in order to protect patents and make available to the world’s poor only the most expensive versions of drugs and madicines. The full transcript of the joint Razak-Obama press conference, posted by Inside U.S. Trade, is available here.

We know from experience that the provisions found in the leaked texts are the same types of provisions that have been shown to raise drug prices in other countries that have implemented trade agreements with the United States. Last year’s joint report by the World Trade Organization, World Health Organization, and World Intellectual Property Organization describes the impact of TRIPS Plus intellectual property provisions dictated by trade agreements in Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Colombia, and Jordan. Extensive analyses of the most recently leaked TPP intellectual property text by civil society and academics are available here.

It is also worth noting that the provisions Obama boasts so proudly of will not only allow but assist Big Pharma and Big Ag to obtain patents on plants that have been evolving in the natural world, thus making it possible for corporate lawyers to sue herbalists and purveyors of traditional remedies such as the medicinal herb Fennel (recently the subject of a patent application by Nestle) which has been used by healers for thousands of years and is still an important medicine in poor areas.

Those are just small examples of the shitiness that is contained in the TPP and TATP agreements.

Fortunately for democracy, in Sevran resistance has already begun. Since April 11 the city has been a self-declared area free from TTIP, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. It is up to the rest of us to follow their lead.

A resolution introduced by the anarchistic group Sevran Solidaire et Citoyen has been adopted by a large majority of Sevran’s Council. The city is petitioning the French government to halt negotiations concerning the creation of a free trade zone between America and Europe.

In Sevran they have understood that the treaty “is not so much about free competition and lack of barriers as a threat against the European democratic model and the French way of life: the dismantling of all social and environmental protections, salary structures and regulations preventing price dumping, anti – monopoly laws, in fact the French state will be subject to attack by multinational corporations in law courts and arbitrations tribunals.”

This may paint a grim picture of America’s last shot at establishing a global hegemony, but concern is spreading around Europe in spite of the fact that mainstream European media (controlled by the same dark forces that control US media) has been deafeningly silent on the topic. With European elections imminent the Federal European Superstate camp, facing humiliation by Eurosceptic national parties don’t want to talk about such a divisive issue as their attempt to revive Naziism by dressing it in touchy – feely, caring, sharing mawkish sentiment (“oh but fascism so nice will help the poor” – well maybe, but it doesn’t do much good for the “useless eaters” of Hitler’s political philosophy.)

The way in which Brussels has been trying to present the treaty is typical of a Europe that lacks a political heart; an elitist club whose idea of democracy is to regulate every aspect of life, even a zucchini’s length, or the proper radius for a banana but to disregards the diverse needs of humanity.

Call me a Conspiracy Theorist if you like, Sidi Obama. I’m with the citoyens opposing Corporate Fascism, Go Sevran!.


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